Sunday, 21 May 2017

Off 10th anniversary starts this week!!!

Hello to all!

May 25th 2007 saw the first ever release on Off!
In order to celebrate this anniversary, Off starts this week with 1 DJ mix on Bandcamp:
Off-10 years in a nutshell is a mix by German musician and DJ Morgen Wurde which celebrate the 10th anniversary of the label. It's a 4 parts mixes based on ambient, downtempo and rock with a total of no less than 50 tracks representing around 65% of the label's music! 

So enjoy, listen, discover and don't hesitate to look for more once you like one of the artist of this gigantic mix!

And for those who prefers just to stream, Off have a playlist with a huge choice of music covering 85% of the label releases that you can download or follow here:

And for all of you who wants still the real thing, you can order 2 cds for the price of 15€!!!
You can choose any cds from OCD001 to OCD030 (except OCD024) or OPV001 to OPV011including worldwide shipping.
The box The C.K. Theory OBX001 is 15€ including worldwide shipping.
20€ for OBX001 + 1 cds from OCD or OPV series including worldwide shipping.
The rest of the catalogue comes at the normal price.
For 3 cds order, you will receive a free dvd of Lomahongva.

For 4 cds order, you will receive a free box The C.K. Theory OBX001 and a dvd of Lomahongva.

You can just paypal at:
and write which cds you wish!

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