Friday, 14 December 2018

OVD022 - 023 - 024 - 025 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Extended

Cover art all pics by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD022 - 023 - 024 - 025 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - Extended

As the first versions of 'The Art of going Nowhere' were only 40 minutes long pieces (see OVD019OVD020 and OVD021), Pierre decided to remix them and add another 20 minutes. 
Much better to have one hour exactly to find your way to Nowhere, therefore 'Extended', for your pleasure...or not! 

A Bandcamp only release! 

Thursday, 13 December 2018

OCD038 Radian Imprints album #8 in best Jazz albums in The New-York Times and #11 in the best Jazz albums 2018 in Rolling Stones Magazine!

Best jazz albums of 2018:

8. James Brandon Lewis/Chad Taylor, ‘Radiant Imprints’ 
On this duo album, James Brandon Lewis honors John Coltrane by isolating parts of his compositions, diving into the source material with strident, ennobled conviction. Whether charging on the drum set or playing the hypnotic mbira, Chad Taylor knows where to find Mr. Lewis at his best.
Editors’ Picks

James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor, ‘Radiant Imprints’
For this duo session with percussionist Chad Taylor, saxophonist James Brandon Lewis drew overt inspiration from John Coltrane, alluding to classic compositions such as “Impressions” and adopting the tenor-drums format heard on 1967’s legendary Interstellar Space. But the similarities end there. This pair often zeroes in on a kind of mighty, hurtling swing, closer to uptempo bebop than turbulent free jazz. And on pieces like “First Born,” Taylor switches from trap set to mbira, offering a crystalline complement to the saxist’s peaceful melodic revery. In and out of jazz, Coltrane tributes are legion; this was the rare one that put forward a highly developed, refreshingly personal perspective in place of run-of-the-mill reverence.

Full review Here!

And you can still discover the album HERE!

Friday, 7 December 2018

OJP032 : Wananabani-en / Sugai!

Cover art by Tadashi Kumada

OJP032 : Wananabani-en / Sugai!

Second release from this avant-garde Japanese band (see also OJP003). 

Based in Tokyo, it's mainly up to their drummer Tadashi and hand-made ribbon Yuichi to compose the songs. A lot of rhythm and two basses makes the base while Yuchi add his typical playing. The result is ...well Japanese sounding, with various touches of after rock, post-rock, prog-rock, fun-rock, funk-rock and banana-rock! Just Go for it, it's SUGAI!!!

Yuichi, Tadashi, ALI and Yukiya

Back cover of their Japanese cd:

Digital release on the 7th of December 2018.

Track listing:

1: Matching
2: Kara-Age
3: Red Banana
4: Giant & Dwarf
5: Such a Niche
6: Asuka
7: Rice Ball Vendor

Friday, 30 November 2018

OAR004 : Bob Seytor / Bob Seytor

Cover art by Stephan Barbery

OAR004 : Bob Seytor / Bob Seytor 

Originally released as a cassette on the Camera Obscura label (K008) in 1983. 

Bob Sector was the original drummer of the first Brussels punk band called 'X-Pulsion' in late 1976. He then founded and was the frontman and singer of 'Streets' (both bands released a single on Romantic Records in 1978) and later went to play with 'Chainsaw'. 
The three of them can be heard on the compilation 'Everything is Shit: Punk in Brussels 1977-1979' (Sub Rosa). 

He founded Contingent in the early 80ties which whom he toured a lot (releasing one album at the time) and still do extensively, recording a single in 2014 and an album in 2015. 
The cassette was self recorded, self played and mixed at home and shows the talent of Bob to write immediate, incisive, sometimes political or emotional texts in French. 
There is also a lot of humor in his words. So is his music, like a machine gun guitar and a rhythm box going to full speed to help to deliver his messages! 

Bob Seytor

Remastered by Pierre Vervloesem.

Digital release on the 30th of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: Facettes
2: Vipères
3: Démence
4: L'Homme
5: Ma Ville
6: Lache pas la maille
7: Pas un murmure
8: Laurent Lironic
9: Errance Zombi
10: Coups de fouet
11: Cadence Macabre
12: Ambiance Cataclysme
13: Tout seul ce soir
14: Titans Diurnes
15: Adieu Junkie
16: Le son des Rebelles

Bandcamp only release:

Friday, 23 November 2018

OCD042 : The Wrong Object / Zappa Jawaka

Cover art & pic by Nadia Romdhane

OCD042 : The Wrong Object / Zappa Jawaka

 "Belgian group The Wrong Object are adept at mixing Canterbury styled prog rock with Zappa-esque jazz fusion and Frippertronics to produce a beat that has elements of the past and the future thundering through it. Stories from the Shed cleverly fuses all of these various musical elements together, expertly twisting various world music styles into the mix to produce a varied and unpredictable set of original material."
                                                                                               —Edwin Pouncey,  Jazzwise

Blending the cosmic energies of Nu-jazz with modern rock sensibilities and live electronic devices, the music of the Wrong Object is influenced by a vast array of artists ranging from Canterbury Scene prog rock à la Soft Machine and Gong to Squarepusher, Béla Bartok, Amon Tobin, Aka Moon, Sun Ra, Charlie Mingus and Frank Zappa.

With their aesthetics still rooted in an array of storied inspirational models, Belgian prog jazz heavyweights The Wrong Object (website) ventures further into hybrid musical territories - pushing the boundaries of progressive jazz, rock and contemporary music.

After more than fifteen years of an existence marked by extensive touring, recording and numerous collaborations with international jazz and rock luminaries (Elton Dean, Harry Beckett , Annie Whitehead, Alex Maguire, Robin Verheyen, Ed Mann, …) and a recent collaboration with the Brussels Philharmonic and the Vlaams Radio Koor ( 200 Motels – The Suites), Zappa Jawaka marks the band’s first tribute release to the Grand Zazou, one which contains idiosyncratic, fiery version of such favorites as “I’m the Slime” alongside lesser-known and rarely performed works.
This album is sure to please hardcore FZ geeks as well as the uninitiated with a fresh ear for alternative popular entertainment.

Marti MELIA: tenor sax, clarinet, backing vocals
François LOURTIE: tenor & soprano saxes, vocals
Michel DELVILLE: guitar, Roland GR09, vocals
Antoine GUENET: keyboards, vocals
Pierre MOTTET: bass
Laurent DELCHAMBRE: drums, percussions, objects, samples

All tracks recorded by Maxime Wathieu @ Studio 5, Liège. 
Mixed and mastered by Pierre Vervloesem @ Studio Fiasco.

Physical and digital release on the 23rd of November 2018.

Track listing:

1. Wonderful Wino 4:16
2. Mr Green Genes/King Kong 7:57
3. Big Swifty 4:38
4. This Town is a Sealed Tuna Sandwich/The Sealed Tuna Bolero 5:11
5. Apostrophe/Chunga’s Revenge 6:24
6. Sleep Dirt 4:29
7. Wedding Dress Song/Handsome Cabin Boy 5:49
8. I’m the Slime 4:47


Wednesday, 21 November 2018

ODG095 : Ze Zorgs / ZZCC141118

Cover art by A.L.

ODG095 : Ze Zorgs / ZZCC141118

Recorded live at Café Central - Brussels on the 14 of November 2018, ZZCC141118 shows again the chaotic, nervousness, almost punk and no wave approach of Ze Zorgs (see also ODG044) when playing live! From chaos to almost metronomic krautrock to chaos again... A non stop hurling and speedy distorted guitar leads the dance with a baritone sax adding some musicality and phrasé lines while the drummer goes with typical rhythmic kraut and the bass follows everyone with frenzy! 
14 minutes of Zorgism!

From three players, Ze Zorgs are now a four pieces band:
JJ Zorg Duerinckx: sax baryton
PJ Zorg Vranken: electric guitar
Anatole Zorg Damien: bass
Gaspard Zorg Sickx: drums

Digital Bandcamp only release on the 21st of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: ZZCC141118

In Bandcamp:

Friday, 16 November 2018

OAR003 : Michel D / Psychoative Itch

Cover art by Stephan Barbery from a Michel selfie

OAR003 : Michel D / Psychoative Itch

Michel Duyck (aka Michel D) was a Brussels based guitarist actif in many bands and experimental oufits. 
Started in the 70ties and played among others in X-Pulsion, Digital Dance, Gamial Trio and formed The Joint Between with Gabriel Séverin in the late 90ties which became Babils later. 

Psychoactive Itch was recorded on a 2 tracks tape machine, using at times cigarette paper to obstruct parts of the machine in order to make dubbing possible! Some crazy and lengthy work from a fabulously crazy musician. It shows his non stop creativeness with only a guitar, a rhythm box and a few effects. 

Originally released as a C30 cassette tape number K005 in 1983 on the Stephan Barbery 's label Camera Obscura (see all discography here).

The fabulous Michel D

Remastered for your pleasure by Pierre Vervloesem.

Digital release on the 16th of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: P1
2: P2
3: P3
4: P4
5: P5
6: P6
7: P7
8: P8
9: P9
10: P10
11: P11
12: P12
13: P13
14: P14
15: P15
16: P16
17: P17

Bandcamp only release:

Friday, 9 November 2018

ODG091 : Solomon Kimrey / Things That Grow

Cover art by Solomon Kimrey

ODG091 : Solomon Kimrey / Things That Grow

Solomon Kimrey is a composer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago. 
After playing in bands around the city for a number of years as a bassist, he began to record and self-release various EPs and singles. 
The first of these releases centered on bass focused compositions, found sounds, and synthesis. Each work following brings together these elements and various other structures and approaches. 
The latest and coming entries have been focused on doing so via electronic composition, with the intent of generating personally effective music which encourages listeners to occupy distinct head-spaces, be they more downbeat and atmospheric, or upbeat and present.

German review in Jazz'halo here

Solomon, pic by Zachary Lee

Digital release on the 9th of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: Things We Say
2: Diving
3: Trees
4: This, That, and the Other
5: Heavy Thoughts
6: Curiosity

And in Bandcamp:

Friday, 2 November 2018

OJP031/OUC015 : Atsuko Hatano / Endless Birthday - Yellow Boys

Cover art by Atsuko Hatano

OJP031/OUC015 : Atsuko Hatano / Endless Birthday - Yellow Boys

Astuko Hatano (website) is a strings musician, arranger, composer, producer, and improvisational session player based in Tokyo, Japan. She has played the violin for 37 years and is well versed in the viola, cello, keyboards, oscillator, and analog synthesizer.
She also plays in her strings project TRIOLA. Recently, Atsuko plays the five-string viola with electronica in her new solo project.

Atsuko has released three solo albums 'Water for 13', 'Maria' and 'Cells #2'.
She also has released an album as the founding member of TRIOLA, as well as, an animation DVD with artist Nakaban.

The cinematic quality of her sound has lead her to make music for Film and Television.
In 2009, Atsuko founded ORDER MADE MUSIC, a custom made music service.

Atsuko Hatano

This album is made of two long contemporary pieces mixing piano, strings and electronics and shows the talent and creativity of Atsuko as she composes, plays, records and mixes all by herself.

Digital release on the 2nd of November 2018.

Track listing:

1: Endless Birthday
2: Yellow Boys

And on Bandcamp:

Friday, 26 October 2018

OJP030 : Sanpin / Handmade Instruments Duo

cover art by Yuichi Onoue

OJP030 : Sanpin / Handmade Instruments Duo 

Another project by prolific Tokyoiste Yuchi Onoue (see OJP003, OJP017, OJP019, and OJP026) is Sanpin. 
This duo sees him again with his two favorite house made instruments and add Yuzo Hisada who plays handmade percussions.
The band plays original songs as well as traditional songs from different countries.
They play live extensively all over Tokyo.

Yuichi Onoue and Yuzo Hisada

Yuzo Hisada:
Handmade Darbuka on 1, 3, 6, 9
16" frame drum 2, 9 / handmade frame drum on 4, 7
Riq on 4, 8 / Jew's Harp (made by Norimitsu Metsugi) on 5
Frame'd Lapos (frame drum with spring) on 4
Bell, bird whistle and more... on 8.

Yuichi Onoue :
” Kaisatsuko on 1, 2, 5 (1st half) ,6, 8
Ribbon Controller on 1 (partly), 3, 4, 5 ( 2nd half), 7, 9
Bass on 1, 3, 4, 7

Operator and advisor - Natsuki Ishikura(Otolab)

Recorded at Shin-Koenji Otolab Studio, Torigoya Sound
between February and June 2017

Digital release on the 26th of October 2018.
Track listing:
1. Kara-Age (Yuichi Onoue)
2. Still Life (Yuichi Onoue)
3. Rice Ball Vender (Old Taiwanese song)
4. Floating Clouds (Yuichi Onoue)
5. Contrail (Jo Kitsukawa)
6. Within You Without You (George Harrison)
7. Shepherd Woman (Uyghur Trad.)
8. Three Penny Circus (Yuichi Onoue)
9. Rumeli Karsilama (Turkish Trad.)

And in Bandcamp:

Monday, 22 October 2018

Pierre Vervloesem Bandcamp page

There is now a dedicated Bandcamp page with all the music Pierre Vervloesem has ever composed. This includes a number of bonus tracs, never released album or songs and free downloads!

Just press here: 

Friday, 19 October 2018

ODG093 : Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 2

ODG093 : Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 2

Volume 2 of the Intermission Pieces (see Vol. 1 here) brings us again on a mixture of field recordings, ambient or industrial noise and drones, but after the intensity of the 2 first tracks, the music starts incorporating more bright and peaceful atmospheres, acoustic guitar and pop elements as well in a piece like 'El Sol' and the following tracks.
The album culminates with the beautiful songs 'Oh Love, Pt.2'.

Digitally released on the 19th of October 2018.

Track listing:

1: I Dreamt of Utopia in Prisms
2: Scraping the Interior
3: El Sol
4: Waves of Ambition / Waves of Ambivalence
5: Vehicle Fire of the Mind
6: Oh Love, Pt. 2

And on Bandcamp:

Friday, 12 October 2018

ODG092 : Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 1

The artwork is an edited version of Black Lines by Vasily Kandinsky

ODG092 : Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 1

Volume 1 of 2 from American musician Boxface (see also the magnificent ODG066 'Life is Fluid' and the subtil ODG076 'Doors'), 'Intermission' is a collection of different moods and genres. No better one than Boxface himself to talk about his album:

"Intermission Pieces is the result of a lack of time in a busy portion in my life to sit down and work over every detail of a track. The music created here is 100% improvisational and combines drone music, noise, and field recordings to create an environment filled with many microsounds to explore. The acoustic parts found on Oh Love and Love Returning were created without forethought, as in I hit record before even picking up the guitar. Everything put onto the canvas of my music software is a first-take. I went in trusting myself with every sound I created, allowing the moment to control the pieces. In doing so I managed to capture the mood of the room and the emotions I put into it. I highly suggest giving this a listen in headphones as there are many details to uncover. I have named it Volume One as I plan to return to this space one day and capture another moment of my life. Until next time. -Boxface"

Volume 2 will be available on the 19/10/2018.

Digital release on the 12th of October 2018.

Track listing:

1: Smattering
2: Blown Out
3: Oh Love
4: Stardust
5: Let the Capitalists Run to Their Bunkers in Fear
6: Morphine
7: Pink
8: Love Returning​ / ​the Abyss

And on Bandcamp: