Friday, 22 June 2018

ODG081 : Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Collage Works

Cover art by A.L.

ODG081 : Brekekekexkoaxkoax / Collage Works

Second release on Off after the fabulous ' Fuck Yeah There Will Be Lemurs' (see ODG075).

Brekekekexkoaxkoax since 1996 has been a sound project by Austin-based artist Josh Ronsen that moves between instrumental, collaborative improvisations and solo
electro-acoustic compositions. 
Video projections and performance art have also been conducted under this name. 
There is no common thread of reason which links all Brekekekexkoaxkoax events.
Instead, each one opens new methods of creativity, exploring new modes of internal (unconscious?) desire.

This is how Josh describes the three tracks from the album:

“The Erred”

Inspired by the works of the Hafler Trio, in 1996 I set out to create a collage work based on a new way (for me) of organizing sound on a four track recorder. At the end of each recorded sound, a split second decision would be made as to the next sound or method. I tried not to think of how one typically chooses sounds, but rather to grasp at the first thing that came to mind. This is the only time I have ever used this method.

Analog synthesizer, tapes, voice, clarinet, digital synthesizer, prepared guitar, AM radio, electronics, turntable, CD player: Josh Ronsen 
Hungarian radio recordings: Juliette Redl
Text: G.X. Jupitter-Larsen


“I've Forgotten All Your Names”

This collage piece is similar to many of my electro-acoustic works, in that it is a collage of various layers, usually of drones transformed from acoustic instruments, but typically melded in a simmering cauldron of ad-hoc, searching choices. For this piece I knew it was going to be based on recordings of Laura Brackney practicing on gamelan instruments, and recordings made on Alex Keller's
synthesizers. It then becomes a careful weighing of sound qualities
with countless adjustments and further processing to each element; the reverse of a puzzle box where we look for the one way the pieces fit together.

Electronics, modular synthesizer, bass clarinet: Josh Ronsen
Bonangan: Laura Brackney
Modular synthesizer lent by Alex Keller, thank you.


“On Education”

Using mostly stolen samples from musicians around the world, a unified whole was attempted out of specifically Jewish and goyish music. Rarely do I use sampled material, besides spoken text, that is so easily recognizable as to the source.
The use of popular music is also an odd experimentation.

Turntable, CD players, voice, clarinet, electronics: Josh Ronsen


Digital release on the 15th of June 2018.

Track listing:

1: The Erred
2: I've Forgotten All Your Names
3: On Education

Friday, 15 June 2018

OCD040 : Morgen Wurde / Als Je Zuvor

Cover artwork by Lars Julien Meyer

OCD040 : Morgen Wurde / Als Je Zuvor

After Letzten Endes (see OCD027), this is the second release on Off from Morgen Wurde.

"Als je zuvor" is Morgen Wurde's latest electroacoustic opus of free-flowing emotive cinematic grandeur. 
It builds on the compositional approach of his 2015 album "Letzten Ende", which
was about space / doom / jazz music of majestic as well as threatening qualities:
first composing on the piano, then "clothing" these basic versions with organic electronic sounds and the input of long-term collaborators: elysian vocals by Maria Estrella Aggabao and trumpet playing of wondrous versatility by Tetsuroh Konishi (see OJP001OJP002OJP021 and OJP027).

After this conceptual predecessor, there were two Morgen Wurde albums on Time Released
Sound, California: "Brach auf", an album about the dark romanticism of the awe-inspiring forces of nature, and "Assassinous Act", a dark ambient / neo classical / jazz noir soundtrack for a fictitious crime film. These ones were conceptually based on collages of processed samples, in contrast to the more classical approach of "Letzten Endes" and the new album on hand.

Ascending to new expressive peaks, the alliance of acoustic and electronic forces give birth
to iridescent sonic realms, constantly shifting and progressing, feeling its way for deeper truths.

As the richness of this material is also a versatile source for remixes, certain promising producers broadened the experience by their own unique interpretations:
Illuvia is Ludvig Cimbrelius, Sweden's most prolific creator of transcendent electronic music of this decade - for his remix, he revelled in enraptured minimal dub bliss, bringing in acoustic guitar.
Nightkites from Brighton lets blossom one of the tunes into sweet dream pop electronica.

Gate Four from Vancouver brewed a striking dubby, future garage and bass music infused remix.
Brimming techno remixes come from Cie, a veteran of Cologne's electronic music scene, and from Mastrev, a shrewd emerging artist from Berlin.
Finally, Zweig & Pyrococcus from Germany dive into atmospheric drum'n'bass for their sweeping remix.

A nice review in Beach Sloth here :
“Als je zuvor” goes for a freewheeling, celebratory grace, proving Morgen Wurde to have a true ear for melody.

Written and produced by
J. Wolfgang Röttger (1 - 8)
Trumpet lines by Tetsuroh Konishi (1 - 5)
Vocals by Maria Estrella Aggabao (5 - 7)
Remixes by Ludvig Cimbrelius (9),
Nightkites (10), George Tam (11),
Cie (12), Paul Rohwerder (13),
Markus Kalb & Pyrococcus (14)
Artwork by Lars Julien Meyer
Special thanks to Oliver Schmidt

Physical and digital release on the 15th of June 2018.

Track listing:

01 Ermächtigte sich
02 Durchdrungen von
03 Verstehen würde
04 Sehen konnte
05 Beendete es
06 Bewusst wurde
07 Sich löste
08 Werden wollte
09 Sich löste (Illuvia Dubsolution)
10 Beendete es (Nightkites Remix)
11 Bewusst wurde (Gate Four Remix)
12 Beendete es (Cie Remix)
13 Ermächtigte sich (Mastrev Remix)
14 Sehen konnte (Zweig & Pyrococcus Remix)

CD Price:

Friday, 8 June 2018

OUC013 : Quasi Una Fantasia / Live in Saint-Servais Church Brussels

Cover art by A.L.

OUC013 : Quasi Una Fantasia / Live in Saint-Servais Church Brussels

QUASI UNA FANTASIA (see also ODG046) is a duo including La Diva Christina and Pierre-Jean Vranken influenced by the minimalism and by composers such as Feldman and Cage. 

This album shows their ability to take from a small stage to, in this case, a church. 
Pierre-Jean playing the great organ of the church gives their music the 'grand à propos' missing on small places. 
It's grandiose like the voice of La Diva Christina!

Pierre-Jean Vranken in action!

Digital release on the 8th of June 2018.

Track listing:

1: Apatride
2: Look into The Mirror
3: Balthazar
4: Falling Deep
5: Leierman
6: No No
7: Roses

Thursday, 31 May 2018

ODG082 : Tadash / Jachère

Cover art by Tadash

ODG082 : Tadash / Jachère

Third album for this French duo based in Paris (see ODG039 and ODG068). 
Still singing in French or English but with a surprise title sing in Hindi (Private Sky), still a mix of dark wave, ambient soundtrack, post-rock and post-punk! A bit darker in music and words than on their two previous albums.

Here are the words from three of the songs from Jachère which give you the general atmosphere: 

Out of revenge, 
The shadows find the light, 
The waves lose their shine, 
Out of revenge, 
Bodies become equal, 
Tears and blood and sand. 
Out of revenge, 
The children have wrinkles, 
Hands speak to us.

La Technique
Je m'étais dit que j'ferais jamais d'la politique 
Que j'serais toujours meilleur à l'élastique 
Je m'étais dit. 
Je m'étais dit qu'avec mes bouclettes de beatnick 
J'arriverais pas à cultiver mes tendances cyniques. 
Je m'étais dit qu'avec un peu d'aérobic 
Je pourrais faire passer quelques idées pas trop techniques. 
Et maintenant je suis président de la république 
Et j't'emmerde, tête de bite. 
Je m'étais dit qu'en me rapprochant de Brigitte 
J'avais des chances de passer au niveau olympique. 
Je m'étais dit qu'avec cet air si sarcastique 
On me prendrait plus au sérieux, la technique. 
Je m'étais dit qu'avec ces intonations lyriques 
On aurait plus confiance en moi, la technique. 
Et maintenant je suis président de la République 
Et j't'emmerde, tête de bite. 

fainéants, salauds, illuminés, scélérats !

A l’Envers
Ils nous réservent une nouvelle forme de désespoir 
A base de statistiques, de roman national, de neurones miroirs. 
Dans ton rêve érotique, ils ont plongé leurs doigts dans l'encre noire, 
Pour en tirer le suc, et laisser les corps vides et hagards. 

Dans un moment de doute, tu aurais faire semblant d'y croire. 
Egaré dans les flux, avec pour seul refuge un vieux manteau noir. 
Dans ton âme anarchique, ils ont tenté de planter leur étendard, 
Pour en tirer le suc, et te recouvrir de vide et de fard. 

A l'envers.


Digitally released on the 1st of June 2018.

Track listing:

1: Venganza
2: Control
3: La Technique
4: Private Sky
5: A l'Envers
6: The Ghost Road

Friday, 25 May 2018

ODG084 : Ghettovators / Ghettomorphosis

Cover art by Shane McBrain

ODG084 : Ghettovators / Ghettomorphosis

Ghettovators is a 3 piece power trio from Surrey, British Columbia. 
Their sound draws influence from a wide variety of genres (ska, post, punk, prog, avant fun...), often applying light hearted humour to controversial subject matter, frequent key and tempo changes, alternating time signatures and complex lyrical placement over bass driven tracks. 
Enjoy or dont. It's not for everybody... but it's for everybody!

Justin Sullivan-Brown: vocals, guitars,saxophone, keys, percussion
Toxic Mike: vocals, bass, kazoo, tap dancing, percussion
Taylor Johns: drums, percussion

One song and the original cover:

And the band performing live:

Digital release on the 25th of May 2018.

Track listing:

1: Ghettomorphosis
2: Strange
3: In Prog We Trust
4: Pigeons
5: Suspiciously Overpriced Chili Dog
6: Nightwatch
7: Jackakheneriov
8: Scrap Mirage
9: Outro

Friday, 18 May 2018

OUC012 : Ben Bertrand / NGC 1999

Covert art by Zeloot

OUC012 : Ben Bertrand / NGC 1999

Ben Bertrand (see also ODG065 and OUC004) is armed with a bass clarinet and backed with sound effects, aiming in the direction of the contemporary classical section of your record collection. 
Dreamlike compositions that take you to his warm and minimal world. 
In the musical sauna, Ben Bertrand sits in between Gavin Bryars and Jon Hassell. 

For ‘les albums claus’, Ben Bertrand made 5 compositions overflowing in a musical crescendo, unfolding it’s character and talent in an unified primitive/futuristic sound combining features of world ethnic styles with advanced electronic techniques.
Ben Bertrand was influenced by fellow minimalists such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley, and in his work, he combines simple musical patterns, offset in time, to create a slowly shifting, cohesive whole. 
He makes use of his clarinet - effects and loop pedals - to construct modal, hypnotic grooves, over which he plays microtonally-inflected clarinet phrases. The use of loops
permits to phase patterns on which simple and audible processes let him explore musical concepts. Rich harmonies are built, always increasing in density, before the whole thing gradually fades out leading the auditor back on earth.

a nice review in Vital weekly :
"Les Ateliers Claus in Brussels is a fine space to see exciting concerts... Bertrand’s 
music is not as loopy or bouncy as the early works of the American pioneers. In the five pieces on this album Bertrand is more interested in playing a mellow tune, more ambient and the comparisons made by the label to Jon Hassell and Gavin Bryars make in that respect quite some sense. The bass clarinet is not always easy to recognize here; most clearly it sings in ‘V380 Orionis’, with some nice melody played over a repeating phrase. In ‘Sanctus Hubble’ the bass clarinet is introspective and the loops is kept simple. In the three other pieces the clarinet sound is much obscured by these effects and it becomes a bit blurred but in a very pleasant way. This is some truly fine minimal ambient music...
Hopefully there will be a follow-up album soon then! (FdW)".

The album was also part of the ninth MOJO playlist of 2018 along with new records of Brian Eno and Jim O'rourke !

Ben Bertrand by Julie Calbert

Composition, arrangement, bass clarinet, electronics : Ben Bertrand.
Voices on Post Scriptum to Valentina Tereshkova by Anne-Charlotte Bisoux & Manah
Recording, mixing and mastering by Christophe Albertijn.
Recorded live at les ateliers claus, October 2017.

This debut album comes out on vinyl and cd in a limited edition of 300
copies on the Les albums Claus label, cat lac011. 
All compositions are made and played by Ben Bertrand solo.
The design has been made by Dutch graphic designer Zeloot (New Yorker, DeMorgen, VrijNederland) and has been silkscreened.

Digital release on the 18th of May 2018.

Track listing:

A1 - Orion Molecular Cloud
A2 - V380 Orionis
B1 - Malkauns on Kitt Peak
B2 - Sanctus Hubble
B3 - Post Scriptum to Valentina Tereshkova

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

OVD021 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 4

Cover art by A.L., pic by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD021 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere

Final part of Pierre's tetralogy ' The Art of Going Nowhere' (see Part.1&2 on OVD019 and Part. 3 on OVD020) is another 40 minutes long masterpiece. 
This time Pierre is enlarging the ambient atmosphere with a lot of drums and percussions making this part almost danceable and the more commercial of the four. 
He's using also his guitar in a more agressive way which gives a very different vibe to this Part than the 3 other ones.

The best way to enjoy this Part is like the three previous ones: in your house or in the fields, in the dark or in the daylight, quietly or at full volume!
Try also to play the four Parts as one long album... it's quite an experience!

This our Pierre as we like him!

Digital release on the 16th of May 2018.

Track listing:

1: The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 4

Friday, 11 May 2018

OVD020 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 3

Cover art by A.L., pic and feet by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD020 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 3

Third chapter of the tetralogy 'The Art of Going Nowhere' is another 46 minutes long piece of bravery multi guitars layers, ambient noise and synthesizers. After the Part.1 and 2 (see OVD019), Pierre Vervloesem shows again that he is probably one of the most brillant musician in Belgium! Again to listen in the dark, in the day time, quietly or at full volume, through speakers or headphones, but definitively to listen to! Enjoy!

The inimitable Pierre

Digital release on the 11th of May 2018.

Track listing:

1: The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 3

Thursday, 3 May 2018

OVD019 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part.1 and 2

Cover art by A.L., pic by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD019 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Art of Going Nowhere, Part.1 and 2

Another masterpiece in 4 parts from Belgian maestro Pierre Vervloesem! 

The idea behind this new project was to record 4 pieces of exactly 40 minutes of ambient  and avant-garde ambient, numerous guitar layers played in one shot or note after note treated each in a different way, synthesizers and mellotron!

This first release (the 2 other parts are coming next and the week after) are the 2 first parts of this amazing project: inspiring music and typical Pierre virtuosity, though you have some heavy moments with drums, percussions and a Moroccan band! 

To listen quietly or at full volume, in the day time, in the dark, in your bed or in your car, but to listen for sure and enjoy for 40 or 80 minutes of pure pleasure!

Mister(y) Pierre!

Digital release on the 4th of May 2018.

Track listing:

1: The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 1
2: The Art of Going Nowhere, Part. 2

Thursday, 26 April 2018

ODG080 : Matador / Matador

Cover art by Santiago Bogacz

ODG080 : Matador / Matador

"Matador is a solo project by uruguayan composer/guitarist/singer Santiago Bogacz. Starting in 2014 and having already recorded 2 EPs, 2 LPs and a live album the music presented in it combines Latin American and Northafrican, among some Eastern, folk music with ideas that are more related to contemporary classical, experimental, free jazz and improvised music. None of these are influences, but more like inspirations. 

Santiago Bogacz uses nylon and steel-string guitars, always detuned to the lower zones of these instruments, in order to make the sound more about the materials rather than the notes, about the strings itselves. Voices are the second important instrument of this project, non-lyrical, onomatopoeic. Somehow, both guitars and voices are treated as one, trying to be melted, in order to create one big non-stoping visceral flow. All these are a mean, in the end, to establish an ambient, a ritual. A dark and intense one (maybe even scary), but, for Santiago Bogacz, a very freeing one."


Digital release on the 27th of April 2018.

Track listing:

1: 20
2: FFF
3: Queaufio
4: Shinù
5: Wouwe-É
6: 9 Cuerdas
7: 7/8-4/4-X/X
8: S'Cúrroa
9: Yoy Yoy Yey Yey
10: Chucapúm

Thursday, 19 April 2018

OMT003 : Didan & Petit Pierre / Ata Ndele (Tôt ou tard le monde va changer)

Cover art by DJeromebosch

OMT003 : Didan & Petit Pierre / Ata Ndele (Tôt ou tard le monde va changer)

Second album on the Off-Matonge series by Didan & Petit Pierre.

At the end of 2017, after composing the music of Quentin Noirfalisse's film / documentary "Le Ministre des Poubelles" (see OMT001), Didan & Petit Pierre brought together a bunch of eminent musicians to record five songs that they dedicate to their country of origin: the DRC.

Established in Belgium not far from Matongé (the Brussels African neighborhood that adjoins the European institutions), the group is composed of renowned artists who played in some legendary big bands in the history of Congolese rumba (Franco and the TPOK Jazz, Vévé of Verckys, Zaiko Langa Langa, Dizzy Mandjeku, etc.).

Didan Dibwidi (tenor saxophone), Pierre Monongi Mopia (rhythm guitar), Malage de Lugendo (vocals), Muki Muindila (trumpet), Alonzo Nzau (percussion) and Toms Ntale (guitars and musical direction) have concocted a small wonder that brings together different musical styles that established this famous rumba born between Kinshasa and Brazzaville after the second world war.

Between bakolo miziki and soukous passing by the song of charm or the bolero, these musicians of great talent tell us the fate of "mikili", those who are supposed to have reached the Eldorado, in other words Europe for those who remained in the country. This fabulously rich Congo, which has gone through colonization, independence, dictatorship and wars, is now at the heart of international geopolitics. The resources of the DRC arouse all the envy of a crazy planet launched in an absurd race subject to dictates of financial returns.

But here's the good news: Ata Ndele!
"Ata Ndele Mokili Ekobaluka!"
"Sooner or later the world will change!"

Push the volume: it is still allowed to dance irresistibly or to dream tenderly.

5 songs dedicated to Congo DRC :

- Mon Congo (Rendez-moi Mon Congo!) :
Created in 2013 by the talented Jean Mikili (his punk / soukous album is worth to investigate). This version multiplies the interpretations probably because the world is complicated. Not enough to pull the mouth, you can check it through the clip available on You Tube.

- Ata Ndele :
Composed by Adou Elenga in 1955 this "protest song" addressed to the Belgian colonial power of the time remains surprisingly modern and has even gained international relevance.

- Motema Ya Nkolo :
The superb tenor saxophone by Didan Dibwidi unfolds an instrumental bolero that balances spirituality with invigorating lyricism.

- Le Temps Des Cerises :
It seems that there are no cherries in Congo. But this ballad that was written at the end of the 19th century seems cut for Malage de Lugendo, singer of irresistible charm to many expert ears. The disturbing and bloody text also owes its fame to the legendary fate of its author (Jean-Baptiste Clément) who participated in the insurrection of the Paris Commune in 1871.

- Monga Mweku :
Pierre Monongi Mopia is the author of a melancholic text that illustrates the existential tearing of the "Mikili" cut off from their family by emigration. He mentions the death of his father and his dismay at being at this moment 8000 km from his family.

Didan Dibwidi & Pierre Monongi Mopia 
featuring Malage de Lugendo, Toms Ntale, Muki Muindila, Alonzo Nzau.

Musical direction : Toms Ntale
Production : DJeromebosch

Physical and digital release on the 18th of April 2018.

Track listing:

1: Mon Congo (Rendez-moi mon Congo!)
2: Ata Ndele
3: Motema Ya Nkolo
4: Le temps des cerises
5: Monga Mweku