Friday, 12 October 2018

ODG092 : Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 1

The artwork is an edited version of Black Lines by Vasily Kandinsky

ODG092 : Boxface / Intermission Pieces, Vol. 1

Volume 1 of 2 from American musician Boxface (see also the magnificent ODG066 'Life is Fluid' and the subtil ODG076 'Doors'), 'Intermission' is a collection of different moods and genres. No better one than Boxface himself to talk about his album:

"Intermission Pieces is the result of a lack of time in a busy portion in my life to sit down and work over every detail of a track. The music created here is 100% improvisational and combines drone music, noise, and field recordings to create an environment filled with many microsounds to explore. The acoustic parts found on Oh Love and Love Returning were created without forethought, as in I hit record before even picking up the guitar. Everything put onto the canvas of my music software is a first-take. I went in trusting myself with every sound I created, allowing the moment to control the pieces. In doing so I managed to capture the mood of the room and the emotions I put into it. I highly suggest giving this a listen in headphones as there are many details to uncover. I have named it Volume One as I plan to return to this space one day and capture another moment of my life. Until next time. -Boxface"

Volume 2 will be available on the 19/10/2018.

Digital release on the 12th of October 2018.

Track listing:

1: Smattering
2: Blown Out
3: Oh Love
4: Stardust
5: Let the Capitalists Run to Their Bunkers in Fear
6: Morphine
7: Pink
8: Love Returning​ / ​the Abyss

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Friday, 5 October 2018

ODG087 : Terretektorh / 11:11

Cover art by Zouan Kourtis

ODG087 : Terretektorh / 11:11

Terretektorh is a Greek experimental noise band by Zouan Kourtis. 

The name comes from one of the famous Greek composer Xenakis music composition. 
Zouan Kourtis is a movie director and an animation graphic designer. 
11:11 is his first album under the name of Terretektorh and the whole album was composed like it was for a movie soundtrack based on a story taking place in the near future under a new order. 

Zouan Kourtis

a video for Vision:

Zouan Kourtis : composition, vocals / Nadia G. : vocals
Digital release on the 5th of October 2018.
Track listing:
1: Prologue
2: Vison
3: Under Construction
4: The Game Is On
5: Welcome To The New Order
6: Iron & Steel
7: The Age of Machinery
8: Sound of Arctic
9: Escaping the Nightmare
10: It's Raining
11: Sunset Highway / We're Going Home

Friday, 28 September 2018

OUC014 : Adam Matlock / Solo Piano

Cover art by Adam Matlock

OUC014 : Adam Matlock / Solo Piano

Adam Matlock is a trained classical accordion player (see his marvelous album Lungfiddle ODG050) who constituency tries to engage in various modern styles such as jazz, pop, contemporary classical or avant-garde. 

He also spend quite a lot of time on the piano, improvising music on the spot either in his place or on stage. 

Adam explains: "Solo Piano is the first evidence of the barriers between worlds dissolving. Let me explain: for many years as an artist, I tried to keep things separate - electronic music under one name, songs under another, experimental music under still another. At some point the pressures of keeping these things separate began to mount, and I began to try and combine some of these elements - improvising within songs, lending compositions from one project to another and seeing what was left after the inevitable combustion. 

“Improvisation 32517” is a meditation using themes from “Longest Night” by Nahadoth, a project of lo-fi electronic keyboard music. It would’ve been impossible to accurately capture the original composition on solo piano, and, using piano preparations and channeling the melancholy of the spring morning during which this was recorded, the journey very quickly left the intended path. I don’t think I will see this path again soon..."

'Improvisation 32517' a 26,34 minutes thrill for the listener!

Digital release on the 28 of September 2018.

Track listing:

1: Solo Piano - Improvisation 32517

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Friday, 21 September 2018

OPV013 : Pierre Vervloesem & Alinovsky / Invisible Quality

Cover art by Djeromebosch, pics by Pierre Vervloesem 

OPV013 : Pierre Vervloesem & Alinovsky / Invisible Quality

From September 2017 to December, Pierre Vervloesem (Flat Eart Society, Orchestra Exotica, XLegged-Sally…see his Off collections here for the physical and here for the digital) spent 3 months editing, mixing adding guitars and basses, keys and noises,spices and magic to a few recording sessions he did with Alinovsky (see ODG004ODG059 and OR002) who provided on command or improvised beats, percussions and keys.

The album features also Caroline Lumia, an electro acoustic artist who gave a full range of field recordings and house noises that Pierre used on most of the tracks.

The results is the album ‘ Invisible Quality’ which is a versatile mix of country - blues and Vervloesemesque guitars, dub basses, fantomatic or funky keyboards, experimental avant pop and even disco!

Take your time to listen as there are so many little variations in each songs that you’ll need at least ten hearings before enjoying the invisible quality of the album! Enjoy!

A beautiful teaser:

 Caroline Lumia

The cover

Pierre Vervloesem: guitars, basses, keys, editing, mixing and mastering.
Alinovsky: beats, keys, percussions.
Featuring Caroline Lumia on tracks 1/3/4/5/7/9: field recordings, house noises.
Recorded and produced at Studio Fiasco 2 between September and December 2017.

Physical and digital release on the 21st of September 2018.

Track listing:

1: Disque Oh
2: En Trois Temps
3: Blouse Normale
4: Le Prince
5: Le Premier
6: V’la Au’t Chose
7: Loupe
8: Blouse Longue
9: Eddy Merckx

digital only bonus track:

10: Truc 1


Friday, 14 September 2018

OJP029 : Shinpal / Promised Land

Cover art by Shinpal

OJP029 : Shinpal / Promised Land

Shimpal is from Osaka, Japan.
In his youth, he has been deeply influenced by German electronic music such as Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk and also by Krautrock, then by English acts like Brian Eno or New Order. 

Now, he listen to a lot of new electronic genres such as EDM, Dub techno and ambient music. 
He composes and plays exclusively with a modular system and hopes to produce emotional and heartfelt  electronic music.

'Promised Land' is exactly that: ethereal music with emotions that works day or night, in the light or in the dark... Listen and stop thinking!


His modular system

Digital release on the 14th of September 2018.

Track listing: 

1: Sign
2: Particle Flow
3: Sun Bright
4: Evening Sky
5: Silent Land
6: Pray
7: Someday

And on Bandcamp:

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

A new Spotify playlist to enjoy!

All the latest releases on a new Spotify playlist!
Off Three! : 64 tracks, 4h19 minutes of exciting music!
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Saturday, 8 September 2018

ODG085 : Chisto Pole / Boria at Home

Cover art by Chisto Pole

ODG085 : Chisto Pole / Boria at Home

Chisto Pole aka Grin Shadowtrick is from St Petersburg. Most of his music consists of an habile mix between drones, fiel recordings, noise, electronics, abstract sounds and acoustic instruments.
He also performs under the pseudonym of TLFN (see here) doing a much more cyborg style of music, mixing natural analog sounds and crystal digital waves.

In 2015, he collected sounds from one of his friend. This is what inspired him to compose 'Boria at Home'.
This is what he wrote at the time:
"St. Petersburg, the end of winter, beginning of spring 2015. This is a true and sad story about the last days of the fragile world in which he lived, my friend Boris and his neighbors. 
I came to him and began to write down everything that happens on the recorder, trying to catch the ambient atmosphere of that time.  And what came out is memories, about the time and place that changed my life."

Chisto Pole

Digital release on the 8th of September 2018.

Track listing:

1: Leach
2: Kitchen
3: Room
4: No Job No Home

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

OAS009 : Lastboss - Emerge / Lastboss X Emerge

Cover art by Lee Prescott

OAS009 : Lastboss - Emerge / Lastboss X Emerge

Another dual release with the excellent Beijing based label Nasty Wizard Recording (see their Bandcamp here) presents the coupling of Lastboss (China) and EMERGE (Germany). Sci-fi ambient beats on the opposite side of immersive industrial drones, packaged with the artwork of British artist Lee Prescott.

The first track is from prolific German experimental composer EMERGE aka. Sascha Stadlmeier. 
The EMERGE sound is not one that can be easily pigeonholed as by design the work is not meant to fit into a narrowly defined categories. Instead by drawing inspiration from the traditions of experimental and noise music EMERGE aim to make listeners focus on the sounds, from which atmosphere and soundscapes quite literally emerge, being unique to the perceptions and biases of the individual listener. 
The choice of sound sources used is usually very limited. In most cases only rudiments of the original sounds are recognizable due to various treatments. EMERGE also uses and recycles raw material from a variety of artists/musicians.
In this instance we are presented with ‘Re-emanate’, a recycling of a digital download only track that was released on the Australian label Misspelled records. 
Yet this isn’t a simple re-issue, rather a mutation: sounds were neither added or deleted, instead reworked and to create something totally fresh. In the artist’s own words: “As all these original works are quite old it’s kind of dealing with my past, it’s a kind of going back to roots by treating sounds in a more contemporary way”.
The contemporary here is akin to a chilly dungeon of doom groans and low end rumble, through which fragments of beats drift, giving way to ambient drones that draw you closer to the center of something unseen. Over the course of the seventeen minutes and nineteen seconds EMERGE invites you to lie back and let your imagination play with the sounds, and see what wonderfully twisted places you might end up.

The next four tracks are from U.K. born, China-based producer Lastboss aka. Tate McNeil, currently residing in Zhuhai, China
As part of the UK/Europe based ’Not Music’ collective, Lastboss helped establish the ‘Breakcore’ genre in his hometown of Manchester in the early 2000’s.
He then left for Japan, a period which saw a definite progression in both production and live performance, with Lastboss on the weekly Shinjuku based ‘Dogwalt’ event roster. Lastboss also won the Laptop Battle Tokyo event in 2008.
Post Japan saw the gradual immersion into more soundscape arenas, and also coincided with his current China journey.

It is from this point that the present aesthetic can be really derived from. The China experience has seen Lastboss partake in several multimedia events including the Shanghai Decompression pre Dragon Burn event, Art Exhibitions, Radio Shows, DJ Nights and Workshops.
As a multi talented producer whose work spans almost every electronic genre thinkable, here we see Lastboss showing off his flair for ambient bliss, murky drones, and sci-fi atmospheres with four cuts that serve as the perfect introduction to Lastboss for the unfamiliar, but also some new surprises for fans and peers. 
It opens with ‘Crow’,a recreation of track produced over a decade ago, a dark and brooding atmosphere piece that would sit right at home in the Bladerunner 2049 soundtrack. Next the ironically titled live recording ‘Linguistic Imperialism’ descends to murkier depths to the dark side of ambience. ‘Hanging Horse’ picks up the pace with a cyber-industrial piece that speaks of future-shocked Asian cities with a beat lurking somewhere under the surface. Finally ‘Journal’ welcomes you into the inner sanctum of soothing church organ mingles with harps and off kilter drums before hard edge bass rises up and the beat shuffles around you, rising and rising up and up, and nicely bookending this side of the release. 

Finally, on the cover we find the artwork of Lee Prescott, a China-based British artist and a long term collaborator with Lastboss. Influenced by the minimalism of Bauhaus and Russian Revolutionary era art, Lee’s style is typified by simple motifs and sparse but striking use of colour, which is probably why his work has paired with Lastboss’s so well (the Lastboss Bandcamp page is like a permanent exhibition of Lee’s work). The piece used for this release also nicely complement’s the EMERGe track, given the non-linear quality of both, the journey from inception to completion being as much a mystery for the artist as the audience. As Lee explains “ I knew I wanted something geometric. With geometric stuff it all depends on the first shape that I draw. Everything stems from that. I draw the first few shapes and then I think of how I can work within those shapes. I’ll have more of an idea of what I want to do at this point. I’ll then start working into the initial shapes. Once that’s finished, I can draw the rest of the shapes and then work within them.”

Digital release on the 5th of September 2018.

Track Listing:

1: Re-Emanate - Emerge
2: Crow (Felled Recording) - Lastboss
3: Linguistic Imperialism Ready - Lastboss
4: Hanging Horses - Lastboss
5: Journal - Lastboss

Thursday, 30 August 2018

OAR002 : Olrik - Lew (Alinovsky - Benjamin Lew) / Orient et Mécaniques

Cover art by Benjamin Lew

OAR002 : Olrik - Lew (Alinovsky - Benjamin Lew) / Orient et Mécaniques

This was originally released on cassette (50 pieces) on Digital Records as Digital 005 in January 1982. 

It was recorded live on the 27/12/81 with one mini mike inside a very old detuned piano in a then very popular bar called 'La Papaye' while waiting for the opening. 

Benjamin Lew (see ODG004ODG059discography) was then the barman of the place while Alinovsky (Olrik, ODG004ODG059discography) was the Dj. 
They recorded the album in less than one hour, the time the cassette stopped.
All tracks were completely improvised with Benjamin taking the left part of the keyboard while Alinovsky took the right. 
The tape had originally 6 titles though they are 9 tracks on it... 

The title of the album was chosen when opening the Belgian phone's white pages and pointing randomly at a name. In this case 'Orient et Mécanique' being a garage's name. 

The sound has been cut into tracks now instead of 2x15 minutes sides, cleaned and re mastered by Pierre Vervloesem.

The original outside and inside of the tape:

Digital release on the 31st of August 2018.

Track listing:

1: Morto nel fiune
2: Fausse aveugle 1
3: Fausse aveugle 2
4: Turkish and American Blend
5: Amphisbène 1
6: Amphisbène 2
7: Broken phone booths 1
8: Broken phone booths 2
9: Kailua

In Bandcamp:

Friday, 24 August 2018

OCD039 : Ben Sluijs Quartet / Particles

Cover art by Laurie Van Elsacker

OCD039: Ben Sluijs Quartet / Particles (feat. Ben Sluijs, Bram De Looze, Lennart Heyndels, Dre Pallemaerts)

Ben Sluijs (se also ODG086 and his extensive discography and bio here) is undoubtedly one of the most lyrical and poetic jazz saxophonists of our country. 

The artist can claim a solid experience at the head of different quartets. At the 2016 edition of the Jazz Middelheim festival, he created the surprise by performing with his new quartet, the Ben Sluijs Quartet, alongside drummer Dre Pallemaerts (website) as well as the two outstanding young talents Bram De Looze (website) and Lennart Heyndels (website). 

This album, recorded in 2018, shows their art of performing at their best. Long compositions that evolve from quiet moments to enthusiastic solo and powerful playing.

Take your time to listen peacefully and to discover the various Particles of the album! Enjoy!

From left to right : Lennart, Be, Bram and Dre - pic by Cees van de Ven

Teaser for the album:

'Particles' live at Flagey:

And very nice video of the Quartet live at Middleheim 2018 here!

“ 'Particles' is a perfectly balanced Album. A fragile, intimate and personal album in which every group member flowers. The music feels strongly as a heart-warming and extreme engagement for authenticity. Those who are looking for an incredibly fine jazz album to immerse themselves completely as listeners, know what to do. Great class of Ben Sluijs & co ". (Written in Music-Ph De Cleen-5-10-2018).

And a very long review in French in JazzAround Magazine here.

Physical and digital release on the 24th of August 2018.

Track listing:

1: Particles
2: Song For Yusef
3: Miles Behind
4: Air Castels
5: Cell Mates
6: Mali
7: Jemima
8: Ice Chrystal


Friday, 17 August 2018

OAR001: Instead Of / Jungle Journeys In Sarawak - People & Penguins from the faraway Falklands:

Cover art by Stephan Barbery

OAR001: Instead Of / Jungle Journeys In Sarawak - People & Penguins from the faraway Falklands: 

The new 'Archive' series is based on K7 tapes that were released between 1979 and 1985. They come mostly from the Camera Obscura collection (see complete discography here), a label created by Stephan Barbery then guitarist of the defunct Belgian band Digital Dance. Some are from various personal collections. When possible, the original sound will be remastered by Pierre Vervloesem.
All the releases will be available only through Bandcamp except this one.

First release is the amazing K7 from Instead Of.
Instead Of was founded in 1982 by Stephan Barbery and Tvic, then respectively guitarist and bassist of Digital Dance (see bio ans discography), as a platform to try other musical experimentations. They released 2 cassettes and this is their third release, only this time as a trio with the addition of Robert Leff (also from Digital Dance) on drums, TR 606 and casio. 

The album was recorded live in a garage in one afternoon of 1983 and was completely improvised. The recording was done then with very little, a cassette recorder in the middle of the room. 2 more tracks recorded at home on a 4 tracks cassette were added later. The whole stuff was then mixed with a few guitars overdubs by Stephan who added vocals as well. 

Instead Of music is a mix of post-punk, heavy dub, avant jazz and experimental!

It was then released on 50 K7 on the Digital Dance label ' Digital records' under the number K006. 

It has been remastered by Pierre Vervloesem.

Original cover and booklet:

Digital release on the 17th of August 2018.

Track listing:

1: Faraway Falkland
2: Jungle's hard monster
3: Jungle journey in Sarawak
4: Only penguins
5: People & penguins
6: Special dub version
7: Special journey in Sarawak

In Bandcamp:

And in the usual digital platforms: