Thursday, 26 April 2018

ODG080 : Matador / Matador

Cover art by Santiago Bogacz

ODG080 : Matador / Matador

"Matador is a solo project by uruguayan composer/guitarist/singer Santiago Bogacz. Starting in 2014 and having already recorded 2 EPs, 2 LPs and a live album the music presented in it combines Latin American and Northafrican, among some Eastern, folk music with ideas that are more related to contemporary classical, experimental, free jazz and improvised music. None of these are influences, but more like inspirations. 

Santiago Bogacz uses nylon and steel-string guitars, always detuned to the lower zones of these instruments, in order to make the sound more about the materials rather than the notes, about the strings itselves. Voices are the second important instrument of this project, non-lyrical, onomatopoeic. Somehow, both guitars and voices are treated as one, trying to be melted, in order to create one big non-stoping visceral flow. All these are a mean, in the end, to establish an ambient, a ritual. A dark and intense one (maybe even scary), but, for Santiago Bogacz, a very freeing one."


Digital release on the 27th of April 2018.

Track listing:

1: 20
2: FFF
3: Queaufio
4: Shinù
5: Wouwe-É
6: 9 Cuerdas
7: 7/8-4/4-X/X
8: S'Cúrroa
9: Yoy Yoy Yey Yey
10: Chucapúm

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