Sunday 28 June 2015

LAS vegas new video : Haku!

Here it is, the latest video from LAS vegas : 'Haku', a song from this wonderfully intriguing
album, featuring Eugene Robinson from Oxbow!

Wednesday 24 June 2015

ORT014 : Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Book 1

ORT014 : Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Book 1

First release of the trashjazzfreedub improvisation super group fronted by Teun Verbruggen and Andrew Claes.


Teun first picked up the drums by the age of eight and starting 1999 became one of the most in demand sideman in lots of different bands and musical styles in no time. His search for a personal touch and wanting to explore all possibilities of playing music and drums, his lack of boundaries and styles and trying to find fresh sounds and freedom in collective improvisation made him work (as sideman)with:
Alexi Tuomarila 4tet and Trio
Jef Neve Trio
FES (IPECAC/CRAMMED) Fes did the first part of Mike Patton’s Fantomâs during 10 Europe dates.
VVG trio
Karanova (featuring Hilmar Jensson, Johann Johannssonn from Iceland and Mauro Pawlowski from Belgium), Molo Trio, Jambangle, Rackham, Pascal Schumacher 4tet, “4”, JojoBa, Streams, Silent Song, Jozef Dumoulin Trio,...

He worked as a sideman and leader with musicians such as Paolo Fresu (with Jef Neve trio), Uri Cain (With FES), Erwin Vann, Jean Phillippe Viret, Hilmar Jennson, Ernst Reyseger, Jimi Tenor, Toots Thielemans (with FES), Fred Vanhove, Trevor Dunn, Magic Malik, Shelley Burgon, Andrew d’Angelo, Fred Vanhove, Marc Helias, Giovanni Mirrabassi, Edouard Ferlet, Eric Vloeimans, Benny Lackner, Anton Goudsmidt, Harmen Fraanje, John Watts (Fischer Z), Matts Eilertsen, Michel Hatzi (aka moon),Louis Clavis (with FES), Peter Hertmans, Natalie Lorriers, Diederik Wissels, David Lynx, Bart Defoort, Kris Defoort, Arif Durvesh (Knitting Shawney), Kevin Armstrong (Iggy Pop), Pierre Vervloesem, Bart De Nolf, Manu Hermia, Sal La Rocca, Erik Vermeulen, Antton Walgraeve, Tom Wolf, Monsoon, Pieter Embrechts, Point Zéro, Cesarius Gadzina, Marco Locurcio,jacques Pirroton, Steve Houben, Melanie de Biasio, Toine Thys, Nic Thys, Hein Van de Gein ... Teun goes on tour with some of these bands a lot. 


Andrew Claes started playing the classical guitar at the age of 9, adding electric bass a few years later. Upon hearing John Coltrane for the first time, he decides to focus solely on the tenor sax. 
After his studies, he goes for a full-time musical career. His broad musical taste opens doors into a motley variety of groups and ensembles: from BRZZVLL’s electronic jazz fusion, the present-day jazz of Hamster Axis and the one-click Panther, over the psychedelic electronics of Internal sun to STUFF’s futuristic nu-soul.
You can already listen to them live with added musicians on ORT010 and ORT012.
Already released as a cd on Rat Records here.
Digital release on the 24th of June.

Track listing:
1.  Duke Bound by the Ever-changing Marsh
2.  Forgotten Inquisitor That Rules in the Manse and is Immersed in Enchantment
3.  The Grandfather of Perfection and Snares
4.  The Fourth Vermillion King Who Steals Dissolution
5.  Screaming Duke
6.  The Courageous Dark Bodyguard Who Steals the Traitor
7.  Eighth Infernal Sultanna of Enchantments and Magnificence
8.  Third Blasphemous Grandfather That Gambles in the Titanic Pit
9.  The Infamous Wicked Sleeper Who Betrays Fortune
10. Voulge of Bronze
11. Clock of Thunder
12. Perfection of the Purple Temple
13. The Angry Tsar with Eyes of Turquoise Who Abandoned the Ensorceled Citadel
14. The Seventh Wicked Hero of Atrocity and Magnificence
15. Javelin of the Tunnels
16. OK dan

Andrew Chi Claes: Sax , Labtop
Teun Verbruggen: drums Labtop

Pierre Vervloesem : Editing, Mixing and mastering
Nachi : artwork

Thursday 11 June 2015

ODG039 : Tadash / Shadow of Dreams

ODG039 : Tadash / Shadow of Dreams

Tadash is a sonor manufacture created by Cyrod Iceberg (see ODG038 here) and Clément Malherbe.
Those two French musicians are found of urban sounds which they mix with psychedelic synthesizers, dark Italian melodic curves, new-wave basses, post-punk drums and fantomatic voices.
This album was recorded, mixed and mastered at home between 2012 and 2014.
Balancing between typically pre new-wave pop songs (Commère La Mort) to French pop (Nikon) and French modern new-wave (Un étant donné) to melancholic movie music (Toujours La Même Histoire), ambient (Ailleurs d'en Face) or dark wave folk (Ulo).
At times it remind you of a lot of different bands, genres and periods but at the end they definitively find their self identity behind this wall of sounds which happens to be also a very visual music.

Cyrod & Clément

Digital release on the 12th of June 2015.

Track listing:

1: Shadow of Dreams
2: Commère la mort
3: Toujours la même histoire
4: Filature
5: Creuser ta tombe
6: Ulo
7: Interlude
8: Nikon (Exclusive endoctrine)
9: Ailleurs d'en face
10: Little Hope (Ouvrir canal)
11: Théorème en grain
12: Un etant donné

There is also a limited cd edition only available here (see under).

And in Bandcamp: