Friday, 24 March 2023

ODG168 : Parallel Worlds feat. Kostas Boukouvalas / Intermodulations


Cover art by Kostas Boukouvalas

ODG168 : Parallel Worlds feat. Kostas Boukouvalas / Intermodulations

During the 90s and 00s, Kostas Boukouvalas participated in several lives of Parallel Worlds (the main project of Greece’s pioneer of electronic music Bakis Sirros). 

Between the rehearsals Kostas and Bakis recorded two sets of live-in-studio improvisations. 

Here is the second set (see also ODG156) consisting of five electronic improvisations which expand the  gloomy and dark universe of “In Respect…” adding some IDM and Berlin school elements.

Bakis and Kostas live

Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) plays: Yamaha CS15, CS5, CS01 & BC2 breath controller, Roland SH101, JX8P & PG800, Akai AX80, Novation Bassstation Rack, Korg Wavestation, Mono/Poly, Native Instruments Generator.
Kostas Boukouvalas plays: Piano, Korg Wavestation, Akai AX80.

Digital release on the 24th of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: Intermodulations l
2: Merging Structures
3: Sequence Of Events
4: Possible Chaos
5: Intermodulations lI

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Monday, 20 March 2023

OUI007 : Daniele Morelli / Marimba


Cover art by Daniele Morelli

OUI007 : Daniele Morelli / Marimba

First single from the forthcoming 'Ars Musica' album from Mexico based Italian jazz guitarist Daniele Morelli.

Using only guitars and a few effects to translate an ode to Marimba.

Digital release on the 20th of March 2023.

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Friday, 10 March 2023

ODG167 : The Sad Bandits / Nobody Believes in Happiness Anymore


Cover art by Silas Plum

ODG167 : The Sad Bandits / Nobody Believes in Happiness Anymore 

The Sad Bandits is a Mexican duo formed by two ex Zapatistas brothers: Emiliano and Pancho Ribero. 

'Bandits' because that's what they were for a while in their search of revolutionising their place and politics. 'Sad' because they never really succeeded and lost their faith in the today's society. 

They send a demo with 17 ideas of songs to another revolutionary American friend John Americus Witt (see particularly his political gesture in his fabulous Pangloss album - OUW012) who added some textures. 
John then emailed the files to Alinovsky who was at the time recording streets noises in Mexico and who added some spices and noises. 

Nobody Believes in Happiness Anymore is indeed a sad soundtrack of a drifting world...

Emiliano Ribero: everything 
Pancho Ribero: anything 
John Americus Witt: forever 
Alinovsky: whatever

Emiliano and Pancho

Digital release on the 10th of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: Emergence From The Sea
2: First Tentative Steps Upon The New Land
3: Build Build Build Build Grow Grow Grow Grow
4: The Sun Is God. The Tree Is God, The Sky Is God
5: Industry Tears Through The Land
6: The Golden Age Rises
7: Machines Begin to Speak
8: Progressing Ever Onward, Towards A Small Moment Of Peace
9: The First Great Schism
10: Revolution!
11: An Empire Of Cold And Darkness
12: Different Trains - People Become What They Are Told They Are
13: Propaganda - Poison The Well
14: After Many Years, A Quiet Peace
15: The Edges Fray, We Decay
16: Collapse, Deconstruction, A Splintering of Will
17: A Wake At The End Of The World

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Friday, 3 March 2023

OCD053-OUI005 : We Will Intersect feat. Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Nick Calligeros - Nicholas Meredith - Miles Thomas / We Will Intersect


Cover art and design by Eddie Boyd 

OCD053-OUI005 : We Will Intersect feat. Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Nick Calligeros - Nicholas Meredith - Miles Thomas  / We Will Intersect

Adrian (see also OCD036) and Nick originally met 15 years ago under the dynamic of teacher and student, respectively. After finishing school, Adrian became a mentor to Nick and 15 years on from originally teaching him the fundamentals of improvisation, they have formed this group together. 

This album was conceived in one take, with only one simple, predetermined structural element guiding them. Everything you hear on the album is completely improvised.

Nick says: "I feel my musical approach is very much influenced by Adrian, having been taught improvisation by him at an early age and listening to all his projects for so many years. And so, because of this, it felt like we immediately had a strong shared musical language and this natural sympatico when playing together. Listening back to the takes, I could nearly convince myself we were playing a written tune, it's so together in some moments. This is partly because Adrian is such a strong musical listener in these settings and his ability to catch and react to so much, as well as playing some of the most beautiful passages you'll hear from an improvising pianist."

The band also brings together two of Adrian's close collaborators in electronic artist Nicholas Meredith, who from a single drum rigged up to his laptop, is able to get an entire palette of otherworldly electronic sounds, and drummer Miles Thomas, who always brings a fresh and unabashed approach to drumming in these open setting.'

Nick and Adrian

Adrian Lim-Klumpes: piano, composition, editing 

Nick Calligeros: trumpet, live electronics, editing 

Nicholas Meredith: percussion, live electronics 

Miles Thomas: drums 

Adrian-Lim Klumpes: Adrian Lim-Klumpes (formerly Adrian Klumpes) is a performer and composer from Sydney, Australia. He per-forms primarily on piano with electro acoustics and preparations. Adrian has composed a range of works and has undertaken commissions for chamber ensembles, choreographers and filmmakers. As a member of several improvising post-modern jazz ensembles including Triosk, 3ofmillions and currently Tangents, he plays piano, rhodes electronics, and mallet percussion. Adrian has released several albums including two solo albums, Be Still and Yield. 

Nick Calligeros: Nick Calligeros is an improvising trumpeter, sound artist and educator from Sydney, Australia working at the intersection of jazz, exploratory music and electronic music. He co-leads esteemed composer-improviser collective Microfiche, as well as ambient/post-rock group Soft Spot, and more recently improvising quartet We Will Intersect. He is a sought after trumpeter for recording and commercial sessions, and can be heard on records for some of Australia's most popular music acts including Tangents, Middle Kids and Human Noise. Nick also creates ambient electronic music under his own name, with the release of an E.P in 2019 and growing list of contributions to various original projects. 

Miles Thomas: Sydney based Miles Thomas is one of Australia’s first call session musicians, from an orchestra, singer songwriter, jazz ensemble, modern improvised music, to a punk band. This versatility has come from working in the studio from the age of 15, both as a studio drummer and a recording engineer. This ability to be “both sides of the glass” has given him an enormous amount of experience playing and tweaking sounds to get them “just right” for the given work. He has performed and/or recorded with Montaigne, Lior & Nigel West-lake, Winterbourne, Japanese Wallpaper, Clayton Thomas & Chris Abrahams, Ronan Keating, Sons Of The East, Clare Bowen, Gus Gardiner, Timothy James Bowen, Gerard Masters, Brett Hirst, Hamish Stuart, and many many more, as well as the numerous film and television cues. 

Nicholas Meredith: Kcin is the solo project of Australian drummer/producer Nicholas Meredith. His sound-world, although wet through with electronic and digital elements, draws significantly from the natural world: monolithic structures, human biology, water. Working with themes of uncertainty and environmental change. His music is deeply personal and highly visceral. Moving from moments of stillness to complete sonic de-struction. Meredith's history as a jazz drummer and improviser combined with his embrace of the infinite op-portunities offered by technology infuse these compositions with a freedom of rhythm and structure that is energising.

3 small good reviews: Herehere and here.

Physical and digital release on the 3rd of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: We Will Intersect I

2: We Will Intersect II

3: We Will Intersect III

4: We Will Intersect IV

5: We Will Intersect V

6: We Will Intersect VI

7: We Will Intersect VII

8: We Will Intersect VIII

9: We Will Intersect IX

10: We Will Intersect X

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Friday, 24 February 2023

OVD067 : Pierre Vervloesem / Underwater Adventures


Cover art by Thierry Mondelaers 

OVD067 : Pierre Vervloesem / Underwater Adventures

Digital release on the 24th of February 2023.

The new imaginary soundtrack from Pierre. A reminder of our childhood when instead of Netflix we had those black and white series like Nautilus etc... Lot's of vocalises as well in an underwater language! Enjoy!

Track listing:

1: Underwater Adventures
2: Love Shark
3: Deep Blue
4: King Swing Fish
5: First Dive in the China Sea
6: The Brazilian Cave
7: De Funes vs Byrne
8: Bad Deal with Mermaids
9: That Time We all Died
10: Don Cabillaud

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Friday, 17 February 2023

OJP070 : Wananabani-en / Third Garden


Cover art by Yuichi Onoue

OJP070: Wananabani-en / Third Garden

Third album from this original Japanese combo (see also OJP003 and OJP032) including 2 bass players, a drummer and the fantastic Yuichi Onoue (see also OJP017OJP019, OJP026 and OJP030) playing his hand made instruments.

Once again the band plays a polyrhythmic music which mixes rock with Japanese influences to give us a unique sound.

8 new tracks going further than their previous albums.

Bani Invader:

Tadashi Kumada : Drums
ALI : Fender Bass
Yukiya Taneishi : 5 String Bass
Yuichi Onoue : Ribbon Controller(M1,2,3,4,6), Kaisatsuko(M5,6,7)

M1,2,4,5 are written by Onoue 
M3,6 by ALI, Kumada, Onoue, Taneishi
M7 by Chumei Watanabe
M8 by ALI, Taneishi
All songs are arranged by Wananabani-en  

Recorded at G-ROKS studio on Aug 2021 & June 2022
Mixed by Onoue
Front Cover by Onoue
Back Cover by Over Light Show(Liquid Light), Rokka Ando(Photo)
You can buy the cd on their website:

Digital release on the 17th of february 2023.

Track listing:

1. Door Door 
2. Bani Invader 
3. Wanna NOH 
4. Small Mountain 
5. Carnivorous Plant 
6. Flow 2.4
7. SAZAE Goes to Wananabani-Garden 

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Friday, 10 February 2023

OJP069 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Flight From Tokyo


Cover art by Tetsuroh Konishi

OJP069 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Flight From Tokyo

The majestic return of Japanese trumpeter Tetsuroh Konishi (see alsoOJP001OJP002OJP021OJP027OJP034OJP052OJP059OJP063 and his beautiful trumpet on OJP050OCD027OCD040 and OCD045is again close to cinematic and relaxing songs.

This time it is also quite different from his previous ones even though it stays typically Tetsuroh's music.

Lots of pianos, lots of arrangements, more rhythms and percussive elements than before and a very distinctive Japanese sounding like on number 2 with the flute and the percussion!

Once again a splendid album that will comfort your ears for hours!

Teaser for the album: 

And the beautiful video for Revontulet:

Digital release on the 10th of February 2023.

Track listing:

1: Revontulet
2: Wind Forest
3: Monochrome Island
4: Lullaby
5: Blue Sunset
6: Island Without Sea
7: Outer Ring
8: Rest

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