Friday 19 April 2024

ODG187: Unfasten Slowly / Grabbing Olivia's Purse


Cover art by Jordan Veres

ODG187: Unfasten Slowly / Grabbing Olivia's Purse

Unfasten Slowly is the nom de plume of Jordan Veres. 
Jordan is a Jewish musician/songwriter/composer/lyricist/producer, photographer, published poet, sculptor, painter/artist, and welder from the Upstate of South Carolina. 

Jordan's music tends to defy classification as he has a proclivity for blending genres such as modern composition, post-rock, sound art, sound collage, conceptual art, mixed media, avant-garde, experimental rock, dark ambient, elektro, musique concrete, musique actuelle, electro-acoustic, post-minimalism, drill 'n' bass, and experimental electronic to list just a few. 

Several artists and groups who have inspired how he writes and records include but are not limited to Fire-toolz, the Residents, Thelonius Monk, Merzbow, and Matmos.

About his album Jordan says:
"Grabbing Olivia's Purse" is very much a conceptual album. That being said, or rather written in this case, there is quite a bit to unpack. The opener, "Dr. Eamz" owes heavily to the incomparable George Carlin in that, "they call it the American dream because you have to be asleep in order to believe it." The next ditty, "The Phenomenon" is about how Trump secured the nomination for the GOP. Trump is, in fact, the Commodore (which is ironic because he dodged the draft several times because of his bone spurs.) Obviously, Donald is more crooked than a coat-hanger, and so the album goes into detail about his lack of a moral compass and his various misdeeds (including his overtly racist policies and violations of the Emoluments Clause, hence the Pop Sutters plugs peppered throughout the album.) Once Trump was given the thumbs up by the electoral college, part of me was relieved because I was under the impression that Republicans would no longer have anything to remonstrate about considering the fact that their man was in the Oval Office and that the GOP held majorities in both the House and the Senate. Needless to say, I couldn't have been more wrong. Even though the far right got what they wanted, they ended up kvetching even more (you give a mouse a cookie...) And their repining wasn't about the concerns of the working man like the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, which was directly related to Trump's policies. Rather their enmity was focused on targeting the most infra dig matters (supposed cultural wars.) And day after day, it was one scandal after another in Trump's cabinet (so much for his hiring of the best people.) There were so many major scandals that it was nearly impossible to keep up with them all. The Trump presidency was truly a joke. Then again, if you elect a clown you better expect a circus (cue "I Guess They Got What They Wanted.") And granted his tenure as president was a horrible joke, but it was a joke that did immeasurable damage. The song "His Highest Honor (In Memory of Audrie Parsons)" is about the confirmation of Supreme Court justice Brett Kavanaugh. Brett clearly had an unscrupulous past, checkered with very plausible accusations of lascivious violence. The whole situation made me think of Audrie Plott and Rehtaeh Parsons, who were both victims of sexual assault and rape. Tragically, both girls were never able to fully recuperate from the unimaginable trauma, and before graduating from high school, they took their own lives (refer to the title of the song.) "Last Chance" is essentially a last call for everyone to get out of dodge. Transportation is an important and recurrent theme on this album. Throughout the record, there are various audio clips of rocket ships, cars, submarines, horses, planes, and trains (especially trains.) "Last Chance" is also a reminder of the moment when the administration told Americans overseas that they would not be allowed reentry to the United States due to the COVID 19 outbreak (which according to the Commander in Chief was a liberal hoax yet it could be eradicated by ingesting bleach.) What followed was complete beldam in airports worldwide as Americans rushed to get their first ticket back home. "Panda Mic'' is clearly a testament to how Trump and his team bungled the whole COVID pandemic. In this previously mentioned ditty, is a snippet from a speech by Ayn Rand who equates socialism with Nazism (which is interesting considering how most Neo-nazis belong to the far right movement, and the wall they were so adamant about building would have been funded by taxpayers which is the very definition of the term socialism.) As for the next song, I am not going to claim that I vaticinated the insurrection on January sixth, but I did record and upload “Control” before it actually happened. It was truly an ignominious and terrifying moment in our nation's history. Democracy, as we knew it, hung on by a thread thanks to a bunch of lunatics who couldn't accept the results of the election (whatever happened to their shibboleth “fuck your feelings”) and tried to stage a coup to get their cult leader back in office. (The party of law and order? Give me a break.) The last stretch of the album deals with the collapse of civilization. Those in power can not control those below because the peons realize that the law no longer applies to the politicians so why should it apply to them (so long rules for thee, but not for me.) What ensues is some facsimile of a Mad Max dystopia before the last of the Commodores' followers regroup and orchestrate one last strike that is essentially a suicide mission and ends with nuclear weapons being deployed across the globe. Those who survive the initial blasts have to deal with nuclear winter and fallout. Food and clean water become scarce and mothers can no longer produce potable milk (the reason for all the babies crying in "What Once Was.") But you need not worry, the wealthy manage to hop on an airplane that takes them to a spaceship that will find a Goldilocks planet for them to live out the rest of their days (the second and last Pop Sutters commercial you hear.) Looking back at the Earth, there remain only two things: the sun and the sea."

15 tracks to start to very slowly understand the real 'Artist' he is though 30 would have been better!


Digital release on the 19th of April 2024.

Track listing:

1: Dr. Eamz
2: The Phenomenon (Sometimes the Stars Align in All the Wrong Ways)
3: And So We Wait, Forevermore
4: Our Hero Arrives
5: Sumthing iz Afoot
6: I Guess They Got What They Wanted (A Hankering For Milk)
7: No Return Policy
8: His Highest Honor (In Memory of Audrie Parsons)
9: Last Chance (It's As Simple As That)
10: Panda Mic
11: Control (Tugging On Wires)
12: Into the Wasteland (The Desert's Foreboding/Christmas Eve/Closed Forever/The Twilight)
13: As I Have Previously Mentioned (Arnold and Gabriel)
14: What Once Was
15: The Son and the See

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Friday 12 April 2024

OUI036 : Ya Maa Diali / Ya Maa Diali

Cover art and pic by Daniele Morelli

OUI036: Ya Maa Diali / Ya Maa Diali 

A new proposal from Daniele Morelli is always a thrill. In solo, duo or here in trio, he always drives his guitar in a jazzy world approach. 
This time, teaming with an Israeli on bass and a drummer from Chiapas/ Mexico... 
On this album they present us with original compositions and 2 reinterpretations /arrangements from a traditional Egyptian and a Serbian songs. Enjoy! 

Daniele, Lat and Abraham

Daniele morelli is an Italian jazz guitarist who spends his time mostly in Mexico where he plays a lot with various formations from solo to quartet. 

He composed and released already 3 albums on Off (see also ODG047ODG147 and OUI008) and 2024 will be quite thrilling for him with 4 new albums coming every two months and starting with this one. 
When not in Mexico he spends his time in his beloved Toscana or play live in a lot of different European cities with always different formations. 

Liat Bar is a bassist originally from Israel, living in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. 
She’s a self-taught bass player participating and accompanying a variety of local and international groups in their live performances and recordings. 


Abraham López Calderón drummer is originally from SanCristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas. He studied drums inMexico City at the DIM music school with teachers such as Beto Díaz, Hernán Hetch, Gabriel Puentes, among others. 
He has developed his drumming within jazz, rock and pop, playing in numerous festivals inside and outside Mexico. He has participated in more than 20 musical productions, such as the album "la metamorfosis » by the pop singer Reyli Barba which was nominated for the Latin Grammy 2020 and for whom he has been drumming since 2016.

Digital release on the 12th of April 2024.

Track listing:

1: Conlimon
2: Ta'aluma
3: Enta Omri
4: Puntas
5: Ajde Jano

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Friday 5 April 2024

OUI031 : Eric Petzoldt - Joshua Weitzel / Post Factual Bop


Cover art by Luis Krummenacher

OUI031 : Eric Petzoldt - Joshua Weitzel / Post Factual Bop

Eric Petzoldt and Joshua Weitzel – both from Kassel, Germany – work together since 2011. Post Factual Bop is their first duo release, combining influences from electro-acoustic music, punk rock, Jazz, and Moroccan music. 

Improviser-composer-songwriter Eric Petzoldt is a musician and scholar, who interrogates the guitar and saxophone in various formats and contexts in Europe and North Africa. His academic work concentrates on the critique of interculturalism, cultural diplomacy, and jazz. He lives in Kassel and in  Rabat, Morocco. 

The work of Joshua Weitzel is based on a social understanding of art and encompasses Improvisation, electro-acoustic and experimental composition, installation art, jazz, inter-media projects, curating and art mediation. He is a member of the groups Takatsuki Trio Quartett and Tan Bone and has participated in numerous releases, concerts and exhibitions in Germany and abroad. 

Eric Petzoldt – Tenor Sax, Flute, Oud 
Joshua Weitzel – Guitar, Analog Synthesizer, Shamisen, Sampling 
Recorded in Kassel and Lohfelden, 2023. 
Mixed and Mastered by Joshua Weitzel. 

All Music by Joshua Weitzel (GEMA) and Eric Petzoldt.

Digital release on the 5th of April 2024.

Track listing:

1: Souk de Wehlheiden
2: Acknowledge the Niche
3: Obey the Lawn
4: Soft Bop
5: Synthi Bop
6: Wack Work
7: Swing in X
8: Cultural Musicology

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Friday 29 March 2024

OVD080 : Pierre Vervloesem / Non-essential


Cover art by A.L. - pic by Caroline Lumia

OVD080 : Pierre Vervloesem / Non-essential

Pierre says:
"I have been told that I am not essential. OK then !"

We say:
"Non-essential music for Pierre which is absolutely essential for us! 
One more album to absolutely not miss... like the whole of his discography if you were still wondering!!!"

PV : all
Maurice Ravel : Pavane

Digital release on the 29 of March 2024.

Track listing:

1: Hot Chiken Wings
2: Low-Fille
3: Visual Ingestion
4: Amsterdam
5: Pavane Pour Une Infante Défunte
6: Fantastique
7: Courage
8: Controvertial

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Tuesday 26 March 2024

OUI033 : Ya Maa Diali / Conlimon


Cover art by Daniele Morelli - pic by Anny Zúñiga

OUI033 : Ya Maa Diali / Conlimon

Conlimon is the first single from the forthcoming new album from Daniele Morelli here in trio and always driving his guitar in a jazzy world approach. 

This time, teaming with an Israeli on bass and a drummer from Chiapas/ Mexico.

The album (coming in April) will feature original compositions and 2 reinterpretations /arrangements from a traditional Egyptian and a Serbian songs.

Daniele Morelli: Guitar
Liat Bar: bass
Abraham Lopez Calderon: drums

Recorded and mixed by Alas Blissett - Tecolote Records
Mastered by Alessio Lombardi and Simone Pozzolini

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Thursday 21 March 2024

OUI030 : The Shonai Collective / Epiphany


Cover art by Steve Meyfroidt

OUI030 : The Shonai Collective / Epiphany

The album works as a portal into the artist's inner world, with melodies, grooves, and sounds conveying a range of feelings translated into music with themes such as missing someone, hope, the beauty of simplicity, and the impermanence of life. 

"Epiphany" offers a rich and diverse soundscape, incorporating elements of folk, bebop, impressionism, waltz, minimalism, and hip-hop/R&B. This eclecticism adds a unique flavour to the album, showcasing The Shonai Collective's creative minds through collaboration, acceptance, and open-mindedness. 

At its core, "Epiphany" can be classified as modern jazz and is a testament to the power of music in conveying complex emotions and universal truths. 

The album concludes with a minimalistic composition featuring two quotations by Swami Vivekananda, a prominent philosopher from Bengal. This track serves as a philosophical reflection on the betterment of humanity and society. 

“Every idea has to become broad till it covers the whole of this world, every aspiration must go on increasing till engulfed the whole of humanity nay the whole of life within its scope.” - Swami Vivekananda

“Take off the veil of hypnotism which you’ve cast upon the world. Send not out thoughts and words of weakness into humanity.” - Swami Vivekananda

Shonai: Piano/composition - Bengal 
Shonai is a modern jazz pianist, composer, and an educator based in Delhi and the founding member of The Shonai Collective. 
Following a brief period of studying Western classical music, he turned to jazz. While traditional jazz being his main influence, his music also incorporates elements of other genres, including impressionistic music, R&B, soul, funk, folk, pop and blues. 
In addition to performing in and around India, he has given numerous performances in renowned venues and festivals throughout Europe and SE Asia. Shonai is actively engaged in working with original music in the local indie scene. In addition to his involvement with this collective, he is also a member of an experimental jazz ensemble and works as a music educator. 


Shantanu Sudarshan: Drums - Kerala 
Shantanu Sudarshan has been working as an active session musician for both stage and studio scenarios since 2017. Proficient in many styles of music, he has had the opportunity to work with/for LIFEFORM, Bollyjazz, Saby Singh, Senor Elephante, Syncopation, The Copycats, RollsRoy's, Angad Katari, Abhilasha Sinha, Rie Ona, Nathalie Ramirez Tovar, Jose Neil Gomes, Bowjob, Nik And Nat, The Lyric Ensemble of Delhi, Kamakshi Khanna, IOISH, Gaurav Chintamani/The Dirt Machine, Shadow and Light, The Rahul Misra Enquiry Commission, Ujwal Nagar, Grain and the Shri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication. 


Shifumi Saito: Double bass - Japan 
Shifumi's musical odyssey began in 1998 when she discovered her passion for the double bass in Kanagawa, Japan. Before her India sojourn, Shifumi played extensively in Japan. Relocating to India was a bold step, reflecting her unwavering dedication. In India, she seamlessly blended Japanese and Indian musical traditions and symbolizes music's power to unite cultures. 


Also part of The Collective is Steve Meyfroidt- (Visual Artist/Technologist/Scientist) a UK based artist who works at the intersection between science and visual arts and made the logo for the Collective and the album cover art.

Digital release on the 21st of March 2024.

Track listing:

1: Absence
2: Hope
3: One fo the Lil One
4: No Dose
5: Hymn Of Dreams
6: The Reverend Man
7: Syogyo-mujo
8: Freedom Jazz Trance

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Sunday 17 March 2024

ODG192 : Mati Pirsztuk / Mitternacht


Cover art by Lady Von

ODG192 : Mati Pirsztuk / Mitternacht

About the album, Mati says:

"The landscape around us changes every time, but the soundscape remains intact. We can feel it, hear it; but we can’t see it.
This record managed to capture the parallel spectrum that happens at midnight (or Mitternacht, in German) when everyone is sleeping. And others... just existing. 
I recorded the songs in different spaces such as animal biopark, the exact spot of the Highway where I was hitted by a bus ten years ago and almost died (only unconscious for a lapse of time) and my studio."

Tracks 2 & 4 recorded at Temaiken Biopark, Feb 2024.
Track 3 & 6 recorded at General Paz Highway, Dec 2023.
Tracks 1 & 5 recorded at Elektrisch Flamingo Studios, Jan-Feb 2024.
All tracks recorded, performed & mixed by Mati Pirsztuk.
Recorded between 2023 & 2024 using contact microphones, power electronics, synthesizer and olympus voice recorder.
Artwork by Lady Von.
Mastered at Elektrisch Flamingo Studios, Mar 2024.

Mati Pirsztuk is an Argentinian experimental musician, composer and audiovisual artist. He incorporates different styles such as avant-garde, field recording and Berlin school. Along with music, he works as a film director. His works were published in different countries like Greece, Netherlands, Germany, Czech Republic, UK, Japan, USA and Croatia.

This is a  BANDCAMP ONLY release.


Digital release on the 17th of March 2024.

Track listing:

1: Fractal Bodies
2: Natural Birds Expression
3: Lost Highway
4: Natural Birds Re-Expression
5: Untitled
6: Mitternacht