Thursday 8 October 2015

ODG043 : Anal + / Artaud +

Cover art by A.L. from Marcel Duchamp pic.

ODG043 : Anal + / Artaud +

ANAL + is born out of the founding speech from Antonin Artaud: "Where 
it smells like shit, it smells like human being!" as a metaphor for 
the timeless revolt of mankind. 
Based on this, on the “body without organs”, quoting French philosopher Gilles Deleuze, 
all experiments become possible and Anal + does not hesitate to explore the endless 
meanderings of experimentation! 

And indeed, this album entitled "Artaud +" appears as very diverse,  
traveling cheerfully from EBM to No Wave through dub and psyche! 

All this sprinkled with historical references to Marcel Duchamp, 
Alfred Jarry, Kurt Schwitters and JFK, referring in particular to a 
current criticism of the new potential dictators - no need to name 

A video from their song ' Les Russes Attaquent':

Digital release on the 09th of October 2015.

Track listing:

1: Artaud+
2: Kurt S.
3: Psychic Lithium
4: Erotic Animal
5: Les russes attaquent

And in Bandcamp: