Friday 26 August 2022

OUC041 : Alinovsky feat. Phoebe Tsang / The Angel Particle


Cover art by A.L.

OUC041 : Alinovsky feat. Phoebe Tsang / The Angel Particle


"During the 2020 Brussels lockdown I asked Phoebe to record her violin. It could be tracks, improvisations, loops, just bow or strings noises...whatever she would like to do. As she was busy finishing a poetry book she took quite a few months to deliver but in September 2021 she had a 4 days window opportunity with a loaned recorder device so she took it and recorded a bunch of tracks in various tempi, lengths and tries. I quickly worked on 4 tracks end of 2021, editing, adding effects, keys and percussions and let the tracks on a side until May 2022 when I finally took a week to listen back, edit, work on new ones and finish the album with a 23 minutes track!

I gave all to Pierre Vervloesem who added a few real basses, a bass solo and a nice ending on track 7, did the overall mix and mastering.

The Angel Particle track is just a simple 5 minutes violin take with a succession of notes from Phoebe slowed at 30 bpm which gives it almost a trumpet sound at times. This is perfect if you want to close your eyes and stop thinking.

For a better pleasure, listen to the whole album with headphones!"

Phoebe Tsang: all the violins - see also her solo album OUC019
Alinovsky: arrangements, keys, fake violins, percussions, pre-mixes
Pierre Vervloesem: added basses, spices, mix and mastering

More about Phoebe music and books:

Digital release on the 26th of August 2022.

Track listing:

1: Fire
2: Earth
3: Copper
4: Seal
5: Wood
6: Snow
7: Angel
8: The Angel Particle

9: Fire - alternative version - Bandcamp only bonus track

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Friday 19 August 2022

ODG159 : Floy Krouchi - Núria Martínez-Vernis / Electrogenètica


Cover art by A.L., script drawing for the performance by Floy Krouchi

ODG159 : Floy Krouchi -  Núria Martínez-Vernis / Electrogenètica

Two stubborn explorers of their respective arts, music and poetry met at GTS for a concert/recital that resulted in an intense journey through the depths of artistic creation in May 2018.
A dragged and disturbing abecedary opened the Encounter in the Space Time. Núria Martínez- Vernis started the recital by shelling the letters of the alphabet with blasts and cacophonies while Floy Krouchi started her machinery producing sound waves skimming the ground, or even below, thus creating a dark and unhurried ambient, both dense and hypnotic only loosen in the short final encore. Krouchi and Martínez-Vernis, two “parallel worlds that understand each other from ear to ear,” weaved a deep recital, they cooked a rich magma as slow as bright that still reverberates on the walls of the venue, as well as on the arteries of the audience.

They have baptised their action Electrogenètica and the final result is a 38 minutes of music, voices and sounds that go deep in a sort of trance that hypnotises our ears.

Floy Krouchi

French bassist Floy Krouchi (see also OCD047), LEM’s resident artist in 2017 and 2018, is a renowned experimenter on the possibilities of her instrument, the sounds of which she modifies as she wishes thanks to electronic devices. Outstanding composer, she has worked with artists of several disciplines all over de world, performing sonic installations, web-art and music for dance and experimental cinema. 

Núria Martínez-Vernis

On the other hand, Catalan poet Núria Martínez-Vernis, with three published books and several prizes, is one of the most powerful voices if the current Catalan poetry, having performed in hundreds of recitals. She is currently immersed in the research of the stage possibilities of improvisation with words, being a pioneer in this field in our country.

Concert recorded live at the Gràcia Territori Sonor Headquarters, Barcelona, May 31, 2018, within the program of Encontres en l'Espai-Temps, improvisation sessions within the framework of Off LEM.

Floy Krouchi: Bass, electronics
Núria Martínez Vernis : Texts, voice
Direct sound: Irene Roca
Pre-master for the Archive: Albert Guitart
Mastering: Pierre Vervloesem
The photographs are by Cristian Vega.

Dedicated to Victor Nubla 

Meetings at l'Espai-Temps (EET): Interdisciplinary Laboratory of Improvisation are combined sessions of collective improvisation of artists from different disciplines: music, dance, poetry, narrative and acting, and visual arts. He raises the intersections between the arts of words, body, sound and drawing live when they come together in the same space-time through the improvisational grammars of those disciplines. It also includes readings, screenings and a combination of several of these activities, although mainly in their performative aspect. The year- round extension of this device allows it to adapt to the opportunities of touring artists and the possibilities of their interaction with local creators. Encounters in Space-Time (EET) are a perfect container for interdisciplinary, intergenerational and transnational experimentation and also allow local artists to be tracked for international exchanges as well as for programming at the LEM.

Digital release on the 19th of August 2022.

Track listing:

1: Electrogenètica (38 minutes)

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