Tuesday 16 October 2012

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Dear all, it's a pleasure to see that everyday there are more and more people either downloading, either going to listen to the Off music on Spotify or Deezer.
I just want to remind all of you that, though really excited to see people all over the world listening to various titles, the streamings on Spotify / Deezer give 0,002€ per listening. It means that Off gets 1€ every 500 streamings for one song. After paying the Author rights and the providers fees, Off gets around 0,60€. Which means around 0,30€ for the Artist...
The digital series ( and the rest of the catalogue) beeing at a bargain price, I suggest that if you really enjoy the music, you download once and for all the album or the track you like.
Nevertheless, for those who still want to just listen in streaming, feel of course free to do so!
I prefer to know that each day Off gives the pleasure of listening to great music to a big amount of people all over the world!
So whatever, you choose, enjoy the music!

ODG008-ORT003-OUI023 : Giovanni Di Domenico - Arve Henriksen - Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / Distare Sonanti

                                                 Cover art by Dale Lloyd / Re-working by Kiekebiche

ODG008-ORT003-OUI023 : Giovanni Di Domenico -Arve Henriksen -Tatsuhisa Yamamoto  / Distare Sonanti

Following the release of the highly acclamed album Clinamen in 2010 ( see also: ORT002: Giovanni Di Domenico - Arve Henriksen - Tatsuhisa Yamamoto / Clinamen ), Giovanni Di Domenico started in the beginning 2012 to listen back to the recordings of the sessions and decided to publish some unreleased tracks. You can now discover them on the new album Distare Sonanti.

Physical release end of October on the either/OAR record label ( USA) : http://www.and-oar.org/pop_either_7.html 
Digital release on Off at a bargain price on the 23th of November! 

Track listing:

1) Mlouk
2) Charivari
3) Alma Venus
4) Naked Skin Of Empty Spaces
5) Sahel Glacé
6) Sensire

                                              Front cover of the physical release / covert art by Dale Lloyd


And on Bandcamp:

ODG007 : Jessica Constable and Philippe Gelda / Live in Toulouse

                    photo credit: Christophe Bergon

ODG007 : Jessica Constable and Philippe Gelda / Live in Toulouse

Jessica Constable and Philippe Gelda have been improvising, composing song suites and performing live together since 1991
They have created site specific and other works for voice and various keyboard instruments including prepared upright piano, toy piano and organ.

In 2008 they released The Vine and Vein Collection: Cool Things for Organ and Voice (Dark Holler 2008). a set of songs ranging from microscopically and metaphysically amplified pieces, shifting with noticeable poise to more ferocious and unforgiving moments howling electronic noise and barked vocals, and then to elegant, star-blasted songs of a dreamlike detachment and a cosmic sense of vastness.” (Cyclic Defrost Magazine)

“Live in Toulouse” was recorded at a rare concert at the Mandala Club in Toulouse, France in 2006.

This is one of the most astonishing voice ever.

A nice bio in French here under:


Previous interesting albums by Jessica are:
 'Ten' with Andrea Parkins, Jim Black, Marc Ribot, Ellery Eskelin & Melvin Gibbs, Hatology, 2004
'Cities and Eyes' with Andrea Parkins ( as The Skein ), Henceforth Records, 2008

Digital only release at a bargain price on the 19th of October 2012

Track listing:

1) Wonder
2) Spinners
3) Infa
4) Fishes
5) Cool Things 1+2
6) Clay Mountain Flood
7) Caristoï
8) Back Room
9) Turning
10) Hymn

OVD001 : Ray Pinson / On dirait du singe

Cover art by Kiekebiche

OVD001 : Ray Pinson / On dirait du singe

In the beginning of 2012, Jean-Pierre Jonckheere ( from Les Boucles absurdes cult band ) discovered a young and outrageously talented 17 years old guy by the name of Ray Pinson. This avant garde pop guitar player was giving his first concert in a small café in his native town of Braine ( Wallonia / Belgium ). Jean-Pierre was so moved by the music that he asked for a demo. He gave it then to his old friend Pierre Vervloesem ( they played together in Itza Uchen a long time ago) who wanted directly him to be part of his P.V. Presents series.
From March to June 2012 Ray Pinson recorded his first album in his basement, mostly alone or with the help of some musician friends.
One could tell that his influences go from Zappa to Snakefinger to Ennio Moriconne to French avant pop ( as he even sings in French on 2 songs ) with a typical Belgian humour at times.
It’s a privilege for Pierre Vervloesem and the label to introduce you to the incredible music of Ray Pinson who, whithout no doubts, will become an international star in the near future.

One nice review: http://united-mutations.blogspot.be

This is the first release on the new "P.V. Presents- Digital Only" series.
Digital release at a bargain price on the 26th November 2012.

Track listing:
1: Encore du singe
2: Est-ce légal
3: Mastication Engine
4: Aquaman Symphony
5: Pervertion (feat. Les Boucles Absurdes)
6: Jean Gabon
7: Bubble Shooter
8: Ngorongoro
9: Nous sommes tous des martiens
10: La caravane de trop (feat. Les Boucles Absurdes)

You can listen and download the three tracks EP just by clicking on the Bandcamp page.

And to the full album here:

And on Bandcamp:

Tuesday 9 October 2012

OGD006 : Robert Edwin / Teleport

Cover art by Kiekebiche

ODG006 : Robert Edwin / Teleport

The new UFO album from the marvellous Robert Edwin ( see also : OCD008: Robert Edwin / Messy Waves) is a mixture again of... his unique style. This time, the tracks are longer with a climax going to burst you at the end and, as always, all systems at full power!
This is what he wrote about his new release:

“ In this new and rapidly changing world, not even the life style is moving fast, but the technology always bringing new advances made the music affordable to anyone. From buying to listening to composing to recording... one can now do that by himself anywhere. A computer, a few devices  and anyone can do the trick and download what they want to listen or sell music directly on the web to the rest of the world.
This is something which is deeply confusing me as I don't see where is the border between the mass of music produced now by anyone and a real ' Artistic' performance.
What I mean is that there is so much nice music available now in just one click, or so much music sounding ok because of the new technologies that I can be lost at times as I'm finding almost every music beautiful!
For me an Artist is someone who's always trying hard to produce something different, if not perfect. It's someone who's always in the urgence of creating and discovering new things... and this is something I'm not sure to understand right away because of the flood of informations I can have access now.
Nevertheless, I'm trying to open myself more and more to what I can reach and to feel more and more free in what I do.
I thought about that, about the way people can 'Teleport' what they create now so easily as a way to trasmit their art to anyone anywhere, not physically, but mentally.
This is what I wanted to express in my new album!"

Digital only release at a bargain price on the 8th of October 2012

Track listing:

1: The river was empty
2: Carnival
3: Sky
4: Let me sleep tonight
5: Deep Cyan
6: Kawa

This is the first covert art Robert did himself for his album:

Monday 24 September 2012

ODG005-OUI011 : Emmanuel Borghi Trio / Keys, Strings and Brushes

Cover art by Kiekebiche

ODG005-OUI011 : Emmanuel Borghi Trio / Keys, Strings and Brushes

Recorded by Emmanuel Borghi in 2011 with Antoine Paganotti on drums ( both were in French cult group Magma and are playing also in SLuG, see also Off OCD011: SLuG / SLuG , and Blaise Chevallier on bass.

See also: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Emmanuel+Borghi

"Comme une nouvelle page qu’il fallait tourner, celle de l'accomplissement d'un artiste qui s'exposerait enfin à la lumière de son propre monde, Keys, Strings & Brushes est une célébration sereine et radieuse de la musique qui habite Emmanuel Borghi depuis toujours.
Après deux décennies passées aux côtés de Christian Vander – avec Magma, Offering, en trio ou quartet jazz – le pianiste nous raconte aujourd’hui les histoires qui sont les siennes.
On n’oubliera pas une première expérience sous son nom, en 1996, lorsqu’il s’était entouré de quelques camarades, au temps du Collectif Mu. L'album Anecdotes levait le voile sur les qualités d'un musicien qui n’était pas seulement pianiste mais se révélait aussi un compositeur. Une promesse mélodique, dont on a guetté depuis les répliques, non sans une pointe d’impatience.
Il aura donc fallu attendre un peu…
On connaît depuis trois ans l'univers onirique et bariolé de Slug, cette formation malicieuse aux accents rock dont les deux premiers albums (Slug et Namekuji) sont pour Emmanuel Borghi un stimulant terrain de jeu, où son art de l'enluminure imaginative peut se déployer en toute liberté aux côtés des siens.

Voici maintenant venir le temps d'une autre exposition, plus périlleuse celle-là parce que le trio jazz est à considérer, on le sait bien, comme un moment de vérité pour le musicien. Celui-ci est à nu, sans autre issue que celle de son propre dépassement. Mais la confrontation du danger est aussi la source féconde d'où pourra jaillir une vision personnelle de la beauté, dans un mariage harmonieux de la suspension des temps et d'une quête de l'épure, où chaque note est contée et chargée de sens.
Et c'est bien le cas ici ! Dans la complicité feutrée qui l’unit à Blaise Chevallier (contrebasse) et Antoine Paganotti (batterie) - rythmique à la fois discrète et présente - Emmanuel Borghi tisse une toile singulière, irradiée par l’éclat d'une inspiration qui est aussi à comprendre comme une longue respiration. On l'aura deviné, cette musique de lumière a aussi du souffle ! Dès les premières notes de « Don't Give Up » (formidable relecture d'une chanson de Peter Gabriel, et par ailleurs seule reprise sur ce disque dont tous les autres titres sont des compositions originales signées Emmanuel Borghi), on est heureux de ressentir le musicien au cœur de ses émotions, si proche de nous, prêt à nous rappeler qu'il sait d'où il vient et que de vrais guides ont jalonné son chemin depuis longtemps. Entre ballades intimistes d'un lyrisme à haute teneur romantique sur lesquelles plane l'ombre bienveillante d'un maître à jouer comme Bill Evans et tentatives réussies de déjouer des pièges rythmiques dont l'évidence est à n'en pas douter d'inspiration Monkienne, Emmanuel Borghi s'impose en effet comme le narrateur captivant qu'il est depuis longtemps et qui, non content de nous séduire d'emblée par la clarté mélodique de son propos, nous transmet - comme une salutaire perfusion en cette époque troublée - les clés d'un domaine enchanteur, hors du temps. Pas besoin de visite guidée, chacun d'entre nous y trouvera son chemin, habité par l'idée qu'un espace préservé nous attend et qu'il serait vraiment coupable de ne pas s'y arrêter un long moment.
La patience est toujours récompensée…"   Denis DESASSIS - Citizen Jazz

"Like a new page which was necessary to turn, that of the fulfillment of an artist who would expose himself finally to the light of his own world, Keys, Strings and Brushes is a serene and radiant celebration of the music which lives in Emmanuel Borghi for a long time. 
After two decades spent beside Christian Vander - with Magma, Offering, in trio or jazz quartet - the pianist tells us the stories today which are his. 
We shall not forget a first experience under his name, in 1996, when he surrounded himself with some friends in the time of the Collective Mu. The album Anecdotes raised the veil on the qualities of a musician who was not only a pianist but also a composer. A melodic promise that we watched since the beginning not without a bit of impatience.
It was thus necessary to wait a little …
It's been three years now that we discovered the dreamlike and multicolored universe of Slug, this formation with rock accents, among which the first two albums (Slug and Namekuji) are for Emmanuel Borghi a stimulant playground where his art of the imaginative illumination can display quite freely.

The time has come now for another exposure, more precarious that one because the jazz trio is to be considered, we know well, as a moment of truth for the musician. This one is in nude, without any other outcome than that of its own overtaking. But the confrontation of the danger is also a fertile source from where a personal vision of beauty can come, in a harmonious marriage of a time suspension and a quest for simplycity, where every note is told and loaded with sense. 
And we have such an wonderful example here! In the felted complicity which unites him with Blaise Chevallier (double bass) and Antoine Paganotti (drums) - rhythmic at the same time discreet and present - Emmanuel
 Borghi weaves a singular painting, irradiated by the brightness of an inspiration which also sounds like a long breathing. We shall have guessed that this music of light also has some breath! From the first notes of " Don' t Give Up " (tremendous rework of Peter Gabriel's song, and besides the only cover on this record as all other titles are original signed compositions Emmanuel Borghi), we are happy to feel the musician at the heart of his feelings, so close to us, ready to remind us that he knows where he comes from and what real guides showed him his path for a long time. Between intimist ballads with high romantic content over which glides the friendly shade of master Bill Evans and attempts managed to thwart rhythmic traps  which is without doubt of Monkienne inspiration, Emmanuel Borghi indeed stands out as the narrator captivating that he is for a long time and who, not content with seducing us at once by the melodic clarity of its comment, passes on us - as wholesome one drip in this disturbed time- the keys of a charming, timeless domain. No need of guided tour, each of us will find its way there, inhabited by the idea for which a protected space waits us and for which it would be really guilty of not stopping there for a long moment.
The patience is always rewarded …"      Denis DESASSIS - Citizen Jazz

Digital release on the 24th of September 2012.


1) Don't Give Up

2) Sac de Noeuds
3) No More Lies
4) Sorry for That
5) Media Loca
6) First Try
7) Secret Beauty

Itunes, Spotify, etc.:

And on Bandcamp:

Thursday 20 September 2012

Roedelius + Chaplin / King of Hearts

This record was originally planned to be released on Off. Since I decided in mid 2012 to go for an almost 99% digital format, I gave the project to Sub Rosa which I thought would be the best suited label for this music. Here it is for you to listen to:

Monday 14 May 2012

ODG004 : Bejamin Lew - Alinovsky - Luc Van Lieshout / Tant De Temps

ODG004 : Benjamin Lew - Alinovsky - Luc Van Lieshout / Tant De Temps

Benjamin Lew and I wanted for years to play again together, just the two of us, like on the K7 release 'Orient et Mécanique' we did back in 1983 on the Digital Dance label. In the nineties, we occasionally recorded a few tracks but never really finished them. In February 2003, Benjamin Lew had around 200 unfinished tracks and loops waiting for friends and musicians to play on. So we decided to spend a few afternoons to try to finish some kind of music. His old Akai s1000 sampler was almost out of use, so we played all the loops manually and I added keys on them. Benjamin then added a few fake trumpets and effects on the top and after 5 days, we had a dozen tracks mixed.
Listening back to them, we both realized that the trumpets sounded really cheap. Benjamin suggested to ask Luc Van Lieshout from Tuxedomoon (who had previously played on his solo albums) to play real trumpets on two tracks.
We gave all the songs to Luc and let him choose on which tracks he wanted to play. He was that week in a particulary richly creative mood and finally added his wonderful playing on 6 tracks, giving the ensemble a new colour and sensuality.
We just had the feeling that we should do more recordings to have a full album, but for lot's of different reasons, never found the time again to do so.
After 9 years stored in a box, I found back those 6 tracks. I gave them to Pierre Vervloesem who did, as always, a nice mastering. Here they are for you to listen to and enjoy!

Alinovsky, Brussels, May 2012.

Digital only release at a bargain price on the 15th of June 2012

Benjamin Lew: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Benjamin+Lew
Alinovsky: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Alain+Lefebvre
Luc Van Lieshout: http://www.discogs.com/artist/Luc+Van+Lieshout

Track listing:

1: Lundi après-midi
2: Mardi après-midi
3: Mercredi après-midi
4: Jeudi après-midi
5: Vendredi après-midi
6: Samedi après-midi

And on Bandcamp

Sunday 18 March 2012

Stilll SCD016 : Blaine L. Reininger - William Lee Self / The Hamburg Sessions

Stilll SCD016 : Blaine L. Reininger - William Lee Self / The Hamburg Sessions

The Hamburg Sessions

I first met William Lee Self somewhere in the uncharted darkness of the 1980’s in Brussels. I don’t remember the exact circumstances. One day the mists of my perception cleared for a moment and he was just there. I persisted in addressing him in German long after he explained to me that he was an American from Georgia who only lived in Germany and even after he asked me to stop it. Thus began a friendship which has persisted to the present day.
In about 1985 we began the first in a series of musical collaborations when he came onboard the HO model train of my solo career for a series of dates in Northern Europe. A couple years later I was similarly engaged to aid and abet the tours of his band Montana Blue. Much fun was had. Many laughs were laughed.
In the summer of 2009, at Lee’s invitation and with the encouragement of my wife Maria we joined Lee and Birgit in their aviary on Hamburg’s beautiful inner city lake the Alster for the beginning of the sessions which have resulted in this record here in your hands (or hovering before you in a 3d virtual iteration, if that is the way things will go).
For both Mr. Self and my self, this body of work has marked a most fulfilling return to songwriting and recording. We were both pleased to see that the hornED beast which compels us to toil on into the silent night crafting tunes to an end not immediately obvious still dwells within us both, though he has lately taken to wearing tweed jackets and sports a walking stick.
And thus and so, dear reader, we submit to you these, our Hamburg Sessions.
Athens, Greece 2012

The covert art is designed by Birgit Voss.
William Lee Self website: http://www.william-lee-self.com/
Blaine L. Reininger website: http://www.mundoblaineo.org/

Released on the 27th of April digitally and in June 2012 physically.

Track listing:

1) Prelude
2) The Moment Is Now
3) World Alive
4) Constant Communication
5) The Night You Left
6) Dig Down Deep
7) Cook Book
8) Crazy Sound
9) Alster

And on Bandcamp:

You can order the cd already. The price is 12€ including worldwide shipping.
You can order also OCD001 Blaine L. Reininger / Glossolalia cd with it for 20€ including worldwide shipping!


There is also a promo EP/ 4 tracks from William Lee Self  released in digital here: