Thursday 25 August 2016

OJP013 : Shamito Nadeshiko / Extreme Folk

OJP013 : Shamito Nadeshiko / Extreme Folk

Shamito Nadeshiko is a Japanese band of four. 
2 young men: Kiju (Shamisen, rap vocals) who's the group leader and who's involved in lot's of various projects, going from pop to rock to fusion to...(bio, videos and more here) and Enpachi (Shamisen and vocals). 
2 young women: Yuki (vocals) and Shinzan (piano and vocals).
Their music is a revitalisation of old Japanase folk songs, most of them very famous and already be sang by many others famous artists in their traditional forms. 
But while the other artists barely changed the rhythms or the arrangements, Shamito Nadeshiko rewrites them into a modern rendering, adding a hiphop dance sauce  and bringing the old folk to the 21st century. 
The sound of the traditional Shamisen mixed with synthesizers! Let’s listen and dance!

 Kiju and Enpachi in action

 From left to right: Shinzan, Enpachi, Kiju and Yuki

A video for Kokiriko Bushi:

Digital release on the 26th of August 2016.

Track listing:
1: Kokiriko Bushi Dupstep Mix
2: Kuroda Bushi Hip Hop Mix
3: Soran Bushi Dance Mix
4: Kokiriko Bushi Dupstep Mix / Instrumental Version
5: Kuroda Bushi Hip Hop Mix / Instrumental Version
6: Soran Bushi Dance Mix / Instrumental Version

And on Bandcamp:

Tuesday 23 August 2016


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Friday 19 August 2016

ODX011 : Kings of Belgium / Unchained Melodies - Très Fort

Cover art by A.L.

ODX011 : Kings of Belgium / Unchained Melodies - Très Fort

The two albums from one of the most powerful Belgian band finally available on one compilation. 
Still ahead of his time, still energetic like a mixture of metal, trance, dub, prog, math, atomic pop, you have OPV002 - Unchained Melodies and OPV006 - Très Fort !

With Gil Mortio and Pierre Vervloesem on guitars and basses on the two albums and Didier Fontaine on drums for Unchained Melodies and Morgan Ägren on drums for Très Fort!
Unlimited amazing music, unlimited fun!

original cover for Unchained Melodies

original cover for Très Fort

Digital release on the 19th of August 2016.

Track listing:

CD1: Unchained Melodies
1. AllAbout Boys Music
2. All About Incompetenz
3. All About Hippopotamtam
4. All About Pompeuze part 1
5. All About Pompeuze part 2
6. All About 1982
7. All About Caravans
8. All About Birds

CD2: Très Fort
1. Raz
2. Dangerous Gardening
3. Merry Calculations
4. Les Petits Métiers
5. Living Stone
6. All About Figure Skating
7. Aeolipile
8. Tuskegee Airmen
9. Space Bigotry
10. Ghost Driver
11. Escaped From Nivelles
12. Hua San
13. Fukushima Twist ( digital track release only)
14. Demi Molle de Politesse ( digital track release only)

Tuesday 16 August 2016

Another good review for Ryan Choi!

The master of Baritone Ukulele, Ryan Choi (seeODG049), received another great review!
For all of you who missed his impressive album, it's still time to catch the flow!
Slugmag review here!

Thursday 11 August 2016

OJP012 : Junya Koketsu / Yes

Cover art by Junya Koketsu

OJP012 : Junya Koketsu / Yes

Junya Koketsu is a Japanese Tokyo based versatile artist. He works a lot in graphic designs, makes trucks and decorate them and is also a gifted guitarist who mainly do improvisations.
His improvisations are recorded on the spot, without preparation, using mainly his guitar but also a lot of electronics, synthesizers, loops and effects. 
The point is to arrive to get the essence of his desire without compromising with composing prior of the recording, to get the experiment explodes in only a way to get a finished track without even thinking of the result when recording.
He has done various collaborations with different musicians going from electro, post-rock, psychedelic, pure pop to also background music for poetry readings.
Yes is more electro-dance oriented compare to his usual pure guitar works and was originally recorded in 2013.
Yes is the first release on Off, but a lot more of his music will be released soon in the Japanese series.

Junya playing live

Digital release on the 12th of August 2016.

Track listing:

01 Zddn & Junya Koketsu - byacco
02 Real World
03 Trigger
04 Lab
05 Device
06 First Impression Sound
07 Deus
08 Layer 

Monday 8 August 2016

Bandcamp news

Off has updated his bandcamp page.
You will now find the first Pierre Vervloesem, Blaine Reininger, Don ShtoneToshinori KondoColorlistColorlist remix,  Strings of ConsciousnessRobert Edwin and P.V.T.V.albums on Bandcamp for downloading.
They all come at a bargain price and is a nice alternative to Itunes and all (like all the other Bandcamp releases).
On the page, you will find also bonus tracks and different mixes from some albums.

The Blaine Reininger album comes with 2 bonuses never released before. They were intended to be on the album but finally put aside:

Don Shtone, comes with 4 bonus tracks never released before:

Pierre Vervloesem:



Toshinori Kondo:

El Topo:


Robert Edwin, comes with one bonus track never released on the original album:

Strings of Consciousness:


Thursday 4 August 2016

OJP011 : Kitsukawa Migaku - Shiki-Kyoka Ensemble / The Four Seasons of the Wind, Vol.1

Cover art by A.L.

OJP011 : Kitsukawa Migaku - Shiki-Kyoka Ensemble / The Four Seasons of the Wind, Vol.1

More classical than ambient , the first vol. of the four seasons by talented composer Kitsukawa Migaku is beautifully played by the Shiki-Kyoka ensemble. 
The trumpet player is no other than Tetsuroh Konishi (see OJP001 and OJP002) who recorded various trumpet ambient works with quite a lot of different musicians. 
Typically Japanese in the phrasing of mood, this music is the perfect companion for this summer!

"With the Shiki-Kyoka Ensemble, we made my favorite Japanese scenery music. I did this anthology mainly on different summers while travelling in superb sceneries. This was simply my way to compose the memory of a person with his summer impression, the summer impression of ancient times of Japan.
I composed three pieces: one for a trumpet and a piano, the second for a flute and a piano and the third jus for a solo piano.
I hope I succeeded in the way that listening to the music you will all feel the breeze of a typical Japanese summer surrounding you softly".

June 12,2016 - Migaku Kitsukawa

Tetsuroh KONISHI /Trumpet 
Tatsuki AMANO /Flute 
Azusa MORIKAWA /Piano

Migaku KITSUKAWA /Composer 

From left to right: Kitsukawa Migaku, Azusa Morikawa, Tatsuki Amano and Tetsuroh Konishi

A video of KAZAYUME:

Digital release on the 5th of August 2016.

Track listing:

A) Suite“The seasonal wind” for Ambient Trumpet and Piano Op.65(2015)
1 No.1:Early summer wind
2 No.2:Pastorale
3 No.3:Star Festival
4 Finale:Late summer wind

B) Suite“Memories of gone summer” for Flute and Piano Op.85(2016)
5 No.1:In the days of a young leave (comp.2016)
6 No.2:KOTO no NATSU(The Summer of ancient city(comp.2013/arr.2016)
7 No.3:Summer mist (comp.2010/arr.2016)

C) Suite“Lyrical piano Suite 《Japanese scenery in my memory》
No.1“When the summer wind blows ” for Piano solo Op.12(1999-2013)
8 No.1:Azure rain(comp.2000)
9 No.2:The summer of Tsukaike(comp.2004)
10 No.3:When the summer wind blows(comp.2001/2013)
11 No.4:KAZAYUME(Comp.2006)
12 No.5:While waiting for Autumn(Comp.1999)

And in Bandcamp: