Friday 29 September 2023

OVD074 : Pierre Vervloesem / The Return of Let Fans Pay Some More


Cover art by A.L.

OVD074: Pierre Vervloesem / The Return of Let Fans Pay Some More

Pierre says:

"The return of very old drums boxes, dub basses and weird and beautiful melodies, yes, it's a new album and it's my sonic masterpiece. "March For Has-Been's Rights" is the masterpiece of my masterpiece."

Pierre Vervloesem : Everything
"Fatal Error in your Favor" contains serious quotations from Stravinsky's Petrushka
"The Rooster of the Dead" contains serious quotations from Stravinsky's Firebird

Digital release on the 28th of September 2023.

Track listing:

1: Arrival of the Royalties
2: Fatal Error In Your Favor
3: The Rooster Of The Dead
4: Unfortunately For This Arts Controller I Also Had A Bat
5: Profession Parasite
6: March For Has-Been's Rights

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Friday 22 September 2023

ODG175 : Les Boucles Absurdes / L'homme qu'on oubliait vite


Cover picture by Georges de Valkeneer

ODG175: Les Boucles Absurdes / L'homme qu'on oubliait vite

The new album from Les Boucles Absurdes (see in Catalogue under the 'digital only' P.V. Presents and P.V. digital only his various albums) is a new adventure mixing field recordings, prepared piano, heavy re recorded loops, treated acoustic instruments and more.
Jean-Pierre likes to call his music (in French) "Musique acousmaticomique" which gives you a good idea of his humour when composing and assembling his tracks.

All tracks, except "J'entend le sable murmurer" are originally octophonic tracks who were remixed to stéréo for the digital release.

And contrary to the title, you will indeed remember the man!

Jean-Pierre Jonckherre: everything
Featuring performers: see after tracks titles

Digital release on the 22nd of September 2023.

Track listing - double album on digital providers as it's 65 minutes long or as a single album on Bandcamp:

1: La fabrique de nylon - featuring Iwan Cadoret
2: Chute dans la vallée des roses
3: En automne, sous la pluie
4: L'homme qu'on oubliait vite - featuring Markus Draime & Aline Janssens
5: Dialogue avec une libellule
6: J'entend le sable murmurer -  featuring Jean-Louis Poliart, Bruno Vansina & Pierre Vervloesem

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Friday 15 September 2023

ODG174 : Various Artists / Apoptose 1


Cover art by A.L.

ODG174 : Various Artists / Apoptose 1

Apoptose or Apoptosis in English is a genetically directed process of cell self-destruction that is marked by the fragmentation of nuclear DNA.
Apoptosis plays a role in the formation of the body of an organism, for example the emergence of fingers. At the beginning of its formation, the hand looks like a mitten (or a palm), then the cells between the future fingers disappear. Similarly, the disappearance of the caudal appendage in the human fetus is due to this phenomenon of apoptosis. The regression of the tail in tadpoles during their metamorphosis into frogs is also due to apoptosis.
It plays a role in the formation of the brain: very early in embryogenesis, the brain undergoes an apoptotic wave which remodels it. Then, the neurons form random synaptic connections between them and a second apoptotic wave eliminates those who have not established useful bonds.

This is the basic idea behind the music from Apoptose. Starting with a basic track and degenerate it to make new forms of music.

Alinovsky says:
"I had 3 tracks left from the Voxolator album that I was ready to erase when I read an article about Apoptosis... which translated into the idea to give those tracks for a destructive remix or whatever to some of my fellow Off musicians from all over the world.
To my surprise they all responded yes and emailed back a lot of great sounding pieces of music to the extend that thinking of a short ep with four tracks there will be now 4 monthly volumes with no less than 22 remixes!

Musicians involved in Apoptose 1 are:

OdNu:OdNu is the musical alias of Michel Mazza. Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina and currently residing in Hudson, NYMichel’s compositions are a constant experiment and interplay of instruments, different techniques, electronics and his moods and feelings (see also OUC021 and ODG125). Bandcamp:

The Dark Jazz Project: The Dark Jazz Project is an experimental adventure into the abyss by Musician and Composer Andrew Spackman (SAD MAN, NimzoIndian). Here he brings his typically quixotic and mercurial approach, fusing Jazzcore, free improvisation, dark ambience into a melting pot of noise, rhythmic chaos to create a dark and unsettled future. Think Sun Ra meets Vladislav Delay (see also ODG052ODG072 and ODG079). Bandcamp:

Itachi Mode: Agito Maruyama a.k.a ITACHI MODE is a Japanese musician who started his career as a guitarist in various bands, jumping from rock to fusion to techno or noise. After disbanding his own band, he devoted himself in composing only, providing music for typical Idols and singers (see OJP037 and OJP040).

Chris Jones: Chris Jones (guitars) is a veteran of London's improvisational/experimental music scene - began regular sessions in the heart of London's Brixton. Combining a shared love of jazz, krautrock, Canterbury and electronica (see OCD044).

Digital release on the 15th of September 2023.

Track listing:

1: Apoptose - Alinovsky - Embryonic
2: Apoptose - OdNu - Araucaria version
3: Apoptose - The Dark Jazz Project
4: Apoptose - Itachi Mode
5: Apoptose - Alinovsky - Drums 1 version
6: Apoptose - Chris jones

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Friday 8 September 2023

OUI010 : Poppins / The Norwegian Blue Parrot


Cover art By Alexis Sgouridis

OUI010: Poppins / The Norwegian Blue Parrot

Poppins, a jazzy art-rock quartet from Geneva in Switzerland, was active between 2003 and 2009, when this city was still one of the most squatted cities in Europe, offering many venues for bands to play live and experiment. The quartet's music is inspired by progressive rock and contemporary/free jazz and creates atmospheres oscillating between uncanny melancholy and raw energy: manic depression is touching my soul as Hendrix once sang. Their album “The Norwegian Blue Parrot” was recorded in 2008.

About time to discover this pearl!.

Frédéric Minner is a bassist, saxophonist and composer based in Zürich (Switzerland). He’s a member of the dark jazz duo Mademoiselle Plume Rouge and of the improvisation collective Insub Meta Orchestra. He played in various progressive rock, jazz, metal and experimental bands and toured in Europe. Poppins was his brainchild.

Stéphane Povitch Augsburger is a guitarist, composer and writer living in Geneva (Switzerland). He has recorded 4 albums with the band What’s Wrong With us? (working amongst others with producers like Bob Drake and Martin Bisi), with which he has toured in Europe and the USA. He’s also a member of the dark jazz duo Mademoiselle Plume Rouge, with which he released 2 albums.

See their duo under Mademoiselle Plume rouge here - ODG149.

John Menoud is a composer, guitarist, saxophonist, and electronic musician based in Geneva (Switzerland). A prolific musician with heteroclite musical tastes (classical music, improvisation, free-jazz, death metal, exotica, rock, surf), he’s active in a dozen of bands among which Giallo Oscuro and Flok Nazor. He composes for classical contemporary ensembles and for the theater or the cinema. He is a founding member of the Vortex ensemble. He also played with Les Legroup and Imperial Tiger Orchestra, with which he toured in Europe, East Africa and Japan, and released 4 albums.

Julien Israelian is a drummer, composer, producer and performer in different musical bands since 1998, among which Les Legroup, Dead Brothers, What’s Wrong With us?, Imperial Tiger Orchestra, Orchestre Tout Puissant Marcel Duchamp, Pierre Omer's Swing Revue, and Gros Oiseau. He toured in Europe, Africa, Japan and the USA. He composes music for the theater and the cinema and makes his own electro-artisanal music: the Samsonite Orchestra.

The original cd artwork:

Frédéric Minner: bass
Stéphane Povitch Augsburger: guitar
John Menoud: alto saxophone
Julien Israelian: drums

All music by Frédéric Minner and Poppins.
Recorded and mixed by Antoine Petroff at Studio Silo, Renens, Switzerland
Mastered by Grégoire Dubuis at Studio du Flon, Lausanne, Switzerland
Graphic design by Alexis Sgouridis

Thanks to Post Tenebras Rock for their generous support.

Digital release on the 8th of September 2023.

Track listing:

1: Like A Woodpecker
2: Scarecrow
3: Bloody Mary
4: Queer Mother
5: Lesboretro
6: L'iguane
7: Les Blés

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Monday 4 September 2023

ODG179 : With Skulls Drawn On It! / Mist


Cover art Fabienne Bonnoron

ODG179 : With Skulls Drawn On It! / Mist

With Skulls Drawn On It! (see also ODG173) continuating his sound experimentations and deliver an experimental drone dark ambient album with a touch of minimalist noise.

"Mist" is the hazy period during which this album was composed. Between territorial invasion, virological invasion and parasitic invasion. The state of the world and the close personal environment merge in this arrangement of sounds and melodies with noisy tone.

Composed and produced by Ive somewhere in Brussels.

Mastering: John Sellekaers
Art cover: Fabienne Bonnoron

A join release Adventurous Music / Off

Digital release on the 4th f September 2023.

Track Listing:

1: Parasites, Kill Them All!
2: Eternal Comeback
3: Snow On TV
4: My Tribute Valentine
5: Raining Sun
6: Saison
7: Water Takes Unexpected Paths
8: Outro

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Friday 1 September 2023

OUC044-OJP071 : Manna and Mana / Métamorphose


Cover art by Masahito Hiranuma

OUC044-OJP071: Manna and Mana / Métamorphose

Mana says:

"In 2021, I was contacted by drummer Manabu HASHIMOTO, who offered me to play with him. He had listened to my performance during a series of chamber music that I was organizing as artistic director, which convinced him that together we would be able to create a project that would bring together the boundaries between classical music and jazz.
The public image of classical music in Japan is often as an "inaccessible and difficult music to understand". However, as a classical pianist, I always thought it was important to collaborate with different disciplines, and I got on well with him because I believe that our music is essentially the same thing.
In order to facilitate the understanding of the public, we have decided not to play standards or known pieces, but rather to seek to merge and expand classical music and jazz. Our choice fell on classical music of the 20th century.
Divisions create clashes, and the resulting friction breeds misunderstanding and criticism. The same goes for culture. We hope that integrating different cultures and disciplines will allow more people to deepen their understanding and appreciation of culture."

Manabu Hashimoto: drums and percussions
Mana Fukui: piano

Manna and Mana

Recorded at Chino Cultural Complex Concert Hall on 19th April 2023.
Tonmeister: Jun Terunuma
Sound design: Shinya Matsushita
Cover art by Masahito Hiranuma (Instagram here)

Digital release on the 1st of September 2023.

Track listing:

1: Première Gymnopédie - Erik Satie
2: Les trois valses distinguées du précieux dégoûté - Erik Satie
3: Valses nobles et sentimentales (II) - Maurice Ravel
4: Polka from The Golden Age - Dmitri Shostakovich
5: Pajaro triste - Fererico Monpou
6: Musica ricercata (VII) - György Ligeti
7: Stücke op.2 - Valentin Sylvestrof
8: La plus que lente - Claude Debussy
9: ATPR - Manabu Hashimoto
10: Impromptu op.66 No.2 - Nikolai Kapustin

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