Friday 30 October 2020

OVD039 : Pierre Vervloesem / Haines


Cover art by Manu Ribot

OVD039 : Pierre Vervloesem / Haines

For once Pierre gives us not only an album where he sings, but where he sings in French! 

It was a long time since he had the idea but with all the frustrations accumulated in the last years, he finally had the opportunity to record this masterpiece. Each song turns around either something or someone he detests or is about one of his surreal encounters he did or had to deal with in the last few years as a musician / composer / performer. 

For who speaks French his words are a delight, often full of humour. For the others, his music is as always impeccable compositions which mixe such a variety of genre that you need 10 listening to understand all the subtleties of his music! A must!

Digital release on the 30th of October.

Track listing:

1: Je déteste tout
3: Jesue pour rien
4:Ze King
5: P700
6: Footomas
7: Accordéoniste
8: Fucking Birds
9: La contrebasse
10: Foutage
11: La la lul 

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Thursday 22 October 2020

OCD048 : Limite / Mountains Inside


Cover art by Edmon Baudoin

OCD048 : Limite / Mountains Inside

First album for this young and talented Belgian band. Think DEUS, Marc Ribot, math-rock , touches of progressive rock and a typical Belgian mood in those ten clever and intense compositions. This band will become big!

Sinking stories, in life and dreams… “Mountains Inside” is an introspective rhapsody where dark chamber music meets alternative rock… Songs carried by free-flowing melodies with a psychedelic touch.

In December 2019, we recorded our first album “Mountains Inside”. Throughout this suite of songs, we are drifting along down tempo tremolo and acoustic guitar finger-picked textures; and the music occasionally veer into a harder, more propulsive sound, abstract psychedelia, grungy noise, or angular riffing.

All compositions and lyrics by Jordi Cassagne except Be Not Sad, composed by Benjamin Sauzereau, words by James Joyce and The Inside by Camille-Alban Spreng.


Kobe Dupont graduated the royal conservatory in Brussels in the class of 2017. He has released several recordings with diverse musical projects, as vocalist with Limite, as both guitarist and songwriter for the americana-collective Geppetto & The Whales, guitarist for dream-pop band Leonore and in theatre. 

Benjamin Sauzereau is a french guitar player and composer living in Belgium. He has been leading for some years the following bands, Les Chroniques de l’Inutile, Easy Pieces, Philémon, the Sauzereau/Roosens duo, and a Solo program. He co-founded the Brussels based Label ~suite. He wrote scores for film and worked with dancers (Meytal Blanauru’s “We were the future”).

Camille-Alban Spreng is a Swiss pianist and composer living in Brussels and trained by Emil Spanyi, Eric Legnini and Kris Defoort. Since 2010 he has taken part in and created projects in such varied fields as jazz, improvised music, art performance, and theatre. In 2011 he was featured in a performance of Adrien Barazzone’s Ni Fleurs, Ni Couronne at the Montreux Jazz Festival. He is now playing with various bands such as his quintet Odil, with which he released two albums on the German label QFTF.

Jordi Cassagne is a bass, double bass player and composer based in Brussels. Since his beginning, he is strolling over the course of his artistic collaborations. Jordi graduated both in Jazz and Early Music. He is performing his own music with the jazz quartet Nouroog, and with the alternative rock band Limite. As a sideman he is currently playing with Terpsichore, Julien Marga 4tet, Le Bal de Marie Galante, Haratago, Omega Impact, Bengalifère

Théo Lanau is a French drummer, improviser and composer based in

Brussels. In constant personnal research, he is writing and performing his music with the band Grand Partir.  As a sideman, he is very active on the jazz scene (Amaury Faye trio, Terpsichore, Mobilhome, Petrole), as well as post-rock (Limite) and chanson (Nicolas Ankoudinoff).

Site here.

A great review in the US webzine Big Beautiful Noise' HERE : HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Limite, pic by Henri Ardui

Limite, pic by Henri Ardui

The Inside:

Simmering Water:

Recored and mixed by Dries Van Ende at Zinnema, Brussels, December 2019.
Mastered by Pierre Vervloesem.
Cd layout by Théo Lanau.

Physical and digital release on the 22nd of October 2020.

Track listing:

1: Simmering Water

2: Be Not Sad

3: Relief Failure

4: Skeleton Sky

5: Nerfs Lichen  

6: The Inside

7: Our Night is Landing

8: Tram

9: Acrid Lull

10: Falling Seeds

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Friday 16 October 2020

ODG131: The Raw Materialists / Belows


Cover art by Scott McFarlane

ODG131: The Raw Materialists / Belows

Kevin Kermack & Scott McFarlane are UK & NZ Post-Punk, Ambient, Tape Manipulation & Noise veterans who resumed activity in 2015 after a long hiatus. 

Kevin: "Living at opposite ends of the planet means opportunities to record are marathon sessions, with the resulting raw material dissected, edited & reassembled into the electroacoustic Ambient, Drone & Concréte sounds that we love. We hope U like it too."

Live in New-Zealand

Kevin about their new album:
"'Belows' is our 9th release and is typical of our approach. Modular synths and vintage keys tangle with live percussion, electric guitar, tape collage and found sound to tell a story of the parallel world existing below our feet."

'Belows' is one 23 minutes track build in 9 parts:
I Astatine
II Barbarous
III The Cats Below
IV The Piss Test
V Schmiridium
VI She Goin' Good
VII Motion Detectors
VIII Cave Paintings
IX Enitasta

Promo video for the album:

Digital release on the 16th of October.

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Tuesday 13 October 2020

ODG133 : Limite / Simmering Water


Cover art by Edmon Baudoin

ODG133 : Limite / Simmering Water

First single out of the forthcoming album 'Mountains Inside' by the Belgian post-rock-pop band Limite!

Fans of Deus, Radiohead and Marc Ribot, this is for you!

the video:

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Friday 9 October 2020

OJP050 : Various Artists / Ryoko, Fall and The Abstract Truth


Cover art by A.L., pic by Mami Fujita

OJP050 : Various Artists / Ryoko, Fall and The Abstract Truth

The title track was recorded by Alinovsky using a loop from a piano played by Ryouko Aomasa for the album 'Inside' (see OJP048). Originally intended as a bonus track to end this album, the track was instead sent to some Japanese musicians from the Off label and then to other musicians that Alinovsky had in mind. 

Though you will listen to the same song 11 times, there is definitively so many variations and interpretations that you will always be in another perspective depending of who did the remix. From ambient to abstract electronic, from future trap to drum & bass, from trumpets to ethereal synthesizers... You will always find something for you listening to 'Ryoko, Fall and the Abstract Truth'. 

The cover is an homage to Oliver Nelson.


Alinovsky: see also ODG004ODG059OPV013OVD026 and OVD038
OdNu: see also OUC021 and ODG125
Tetsuroh Konishi: see also in solo OJP001OJP002OJP027 and in duo OJP021 and OJP034
Wataru Iwata: see also in solo OJP039, in duo OJP041OJP044 and in quartet OJP038 and OJP042
Itachi Mode: see also OJP037 and OJP040
Okuno Kazunori: see also OJP015
Psynus & Pyrococcus: Pyrococcus is no other than Morgen Wurde, see also OCD027OCD040 and OCD045

Mastering by Pierre Vervloesem / photo by Mami Fujita

Digital release on the 9th of October 2020.

Track listing:

1: Ryoko, Fall and The Abstract Truth - Alinovsky
2: Ryoko 2 - Eat My Own Words - OdNu
3: Ryoko 3 - Remix - Tetsuroh Konishi
4: Ryoko 4 - Meta-Polyphonic Remix - Wataru Iwata
5: Interlude - Tetsuroh Konishi
6: Ryoko 5 - Modal Remix - Itachi Mode
7: Ryoko 6 - Piano Only Remix - Tetsuroh Konishi
8: Ryoko 7 - Tetsuroh Piano Rework - Alinovsky
9: Ryoko 8 - Glitch and Acoustic Guitar Remix - Okuno Kazunori
10: Ryoko 9 - D&B Remix - Psynus & Pyrococcus
11: Ryoko 10 - Tetsuroh Rework, Ending Day and Early Morning - Alinovsky

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Friday 2 October 2020

OJP047-OUI009 : SPACE808 / Multidimensional Memory


Cover art by Takuro Hinokio

OJP047-OUI009 : SPACE808 / Multidimensional Memory

SPACE 808 is a jazz combo of 5 musicians all involved in different avant garde/ contemporary / electronic jazz or even experimental bands ( Hiroshi Nakamura and Hiroto Uezi being both members of Pulse Convention, see OJP038 and OJP042). 

Pic by Kenichi Iwai

The purpose of their music is first to find back the concept of human origins and the universe in a space like soundtrack that they built from scratch through very long live 15 to 25 minutes improvisations. The music is then edited in various tracks. It can take time to enter in their universe but once you're drown in their music you may recall the common consciousness of all human beings and all living things that have been in us since we were born. 

Space jazz to float in your mind! The final track is a very introspective close encounter with the famous George Gershwin song 'Summertime'. Enjoy!

The band, pic by Kenichi Iwai

Sax : Hiroshi Nakamura Guitar : Taku Tajima Piano : Eisuke Kato Contrabass : Noboru Ando Drums : Hiroto Uezi

Digital release on the 2nd of October 2020.

Track listing:

1.Reflective Bloom 
3.Start to Move
4.4Beat Ambience
5.Human Hertz and Programming 
6.Our Roots 

And on Bandcamp: