Friday 24 January 2020

OUW004 - OJP041 : Evoke / No Directions

Cover art by Masahito Hiranuma - Pic by Yukiko Hiranuma

OUW004 - OJP041 : Evoke / No Directions

'Evoke': Poetry reading, so to say, or poetry accompanied by music? 
No, this album is a rich flow of beauty, an atmosphere of words and voice and music and sound, as a whole. 
The electro ambience, noise/silence, the crisp and sophistication of sound effects are created by Wataru Iwata.
Yukiko Hiranuma generates her scenes of poetry, her voice full of life and charm, sometimes like a monologue, or a spirit in speech.
The emotion and spirit of each poem co-exist and fuse with the futuristic electro ambience where one can even notice some melodies of classical taste. 
Deep somewhat dark but lighthearted, pure and cruel ...and touching, is this album of 8 pieces “no direction”.

Wataru Iwata (see also OJP038 and OJP039) :
He grew up and learned music in the field of free jazz in New-York. Plays in duos, trios etc. as a pianist but his activities are in various fields, from classical music to electro ambient, composing, playing and producing, painting, creating video artworks. Now planning and launching some Trans disciplinary art projects.


Yukiko Hiranuma :
I read, I write. I read aloud.
I turn my thoughts, my joy and sorrow, my spirit into poetry. I love to put my words into syllables, into dialogues, into scenes by my voice.
They come deep down from my heart.


Both musicians have extended YouTube channels that give an excellent idea of them in various bands and actions : Yukiko's one and Wataru here and here.

Digital release on the 24th of January 2020.

Track listing:

1: Rayure d'or
2: The Warm Winter Rain (feat. DJ Kou)
3: No North, No South
4: Alpha et omega (feat. Kiyohito Yamada)
5: Lullaby
6: Walk with Me: Fulfilling Moon
7: Current 2016
8: Ambient Noiz (feat. Kiyohito Yamada)

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