Friday 30 March 2018

ODG083 : Goudron et Plume / Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach

Cover art by Lucio Cavallari

ODG083 : Goudron et Plume / Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach

The visionary sound of Goudron et Plume can take different shapes, from cinematic experiments, to classical improvisation through psychedelia, jazz, electro-funky-rock-blues-dancefloor.

The duo is composed by Lorenzo Dalla Barba - aka Professeur Plume: (Voice - Piano - Synth) and Lucio Cavallari - aka Docteur Goudron: (Machine Operator, Strings, Harmonica, see also OUC006). 

Lorenzo was trained at the Orazio Vecchi conservatory in Modena and Lucio at the Central Saint Martin and Ravensbourne College in London.

Digital release on the 30th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1) Burned Heart on a Sunny Beach
2) Black Friday
3) Long Night Blues
4) Red Earth and Pouring Rain
5) Franky
6) Long Gone Lover
7) Space

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Friday 23 March 2018

OJP027 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Breathing of the Wind

Cover art by Ai Kisaragi

OJP027 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Breathing of the Wind

The return of one of the best Japanese trumpet master Tetsuroh Konishi! (seeOJP001OJP002OJP021 and OCD027)

This time, he's using also tibetan horns and ceramic handmade trumpet in his continual search for new sounds and new experimentation. Aways playing with the breath in new ways also to produce some of the most beautiful ambient music!

Tetsuroh, pic by Ai Kisaragi

Digital release on the 23rd of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: Air
2: Before Dawn
3: Calm Days
4: The Port Song
5: Talk to Me
6: Shinobi Song
7: Bird Song (2017 Version)
8: A Passion
9: Cera
10: Harukaze (2017 Version)

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Saturday 17 March 2018

ODG077 : Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film

Cover art by Erik Vermeulen

ODG077 : Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film

Since 1996 Youri Van Uffelen (Antwerp) makes music and soundscapes for theater, comic novels, art installations, film, ... Thanks to his studies in audiovisual arts, he is inclined to think in images, resulting in atmospheric music that tells its own story.
This time, it's another type of music than his 'Drawings In Sound' (see ODG062patronyme, as he composed 12 tracks for imaginary movies. The music mixes classical piano, guitars, sounds and at times some beats or drums. 
It's subtle and brings you quickly in another dimension!

Music by Youri Van Uffelen 
Keys & vocals on 'daughters' by Liesje & Yanna Van Uffelen 

Mastering by Uwe Teichert

Available as a limited edition tape released by Zesde Kolonne records , with custom artwork by Erik Vermeulen & concept by Luk Sponselee. Write to

Alternative cover

Digital release on the 19th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: 5 Am
2: Fuse
3: We Think
4: Shallow
5: For Aiko
6: Daughters
7: Too Much
8: The Machine
9: Pictures
10: And Feel
11: Lost Day
12: Too Little

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Friday 16 March 2018

Exclusive Pierre Vervloesem USB card release!

Exclusive Pierre Vervloesem release, The Art of Going Nowhere! 10 customized USB card only with 4x40 minutes tracks in wav, mp3 and pics. 15€ via paypal at:

OMT002 : Didan & Petit Pierre / MON CONGO ( Rendez-Moi Mon Congo!)

Cover art by DJeromebosch

OMT002 : Didan & Petit Pierre / MON CONGO ( Rendez-Moi Mon Congo!)

'MON CONGO' is a song about the RDC (République Démocratique du Congo)
It is not a nostalgic song asking to go back in time, but more asking about a bright future for this amazing country! 
Originally written by a Belgian Congo lover of the rumba music and re arranged by Didan & Petit Pierre for the occasion. 
The single will be followed by an album in May 2018.

Didan Dibwidi and Pierre Monongi Mopia featuring Malage de Lugendo, Toms Ntale, Muki Muindila, Alonzo Nzau. "Mon Congo" is a song by Jean Mikili. Musical direction : Toms Ntale. Video direction : Marco Zagaglia. Dancers : Furaya (Aniche, Jeremie, Tister, Joseph). Thanks to Kuumba (Matonge Elsene) Production : DJeromebosch.

The video:

Digital release on the 16th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: MON CONGO ( Rendez-Moi Mon Congo!)

Thursday 8 March 2018

OCD038 : James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor / Radiant Imprints

Covert art by Kiekebiche, paint by Anne Maizia

OCD038 : James Brandon Lewis - Chad Taylor / Radiant Imprints

Nothing as beautiful as following the course of an interesting, young musician, especially if he has planned not to sit with the suits. Tenor James Brandon Lewis made a furore with his trio in 2017.
On "radiant imprints" he is heard with master drummer Chad Edward Taylor. The result is free and soulful, and sometimes surprisingly catchy.
Radiant Imprints is a strong, soulful statement by musicians who possess baggage and technology, but also instinct, emotion and character. And with that you not only address the head, but also the heart.

James and Chad, pic by Laurent Poiget

James Brandon Lewis (b.1983) is a saxophonist, composer , and critically Acclaimed Artist that has received accolades from New York Times, Q Magazine and cultural tastemakers such as Ebony Magazine, who hailed him as one of the “7 Young Players to Watch” in 2013. Lewis has shared stages with Ken Filiano, Darius Jones, and Jason Hwang, William Parker, Hamiet Bluiett , Hamid Drake , Ravi Coltrane , Jimmy Heath Jamaaladeen Tacuma, Joe Lovano Dave Douglas, Marc Ribot, Anthony Coleman and many others.
James Brandon Lewis has been endorsed by Jazz legend Saxophonist Sonny Rollins.
"Promising young player with the potential to do great things having listened to the Elders”. – Jazz Magazine (France). 
Lewis attended Howard University and holds an MFA from California Institute of the Arts.

James Brandon Lewis, pic by Diane Allford

Chad Taylor, pic by Rob Miller

Chad Taylor (b. 1973) is a composer, educator, percussionist and scholar who is a co-founder ofthe Chicago Underground ensembles. 
Originally from Tempe, AZ, Chad grew up in Chicago where he started performing professionally at the age of 16. 
Chad has performed with Fred Anderson, Derek Bailey, Cooper-Moore, Pharoah Sanders, Marc Ribot, Peter Brotzmann, Malachi Favors and many others. 
Chad leads his own band Circle down which debut recording was given a 5 star review by All music.

4 out of 5 stars in All About Jazz! Read the review here, in Italian in Tracce di Jazz here and in Dutch in Volkskrant here!

And a formidable article in the NY Daily about Coltrane and his legacy like Lewis / Taylor here! And a very interesting interview of Chad here.

A video of their live European tour late January 2018 (here in Charleroi), courtesy of Point Culture and Jérôme Henry:

About the paint on the cover, please visit the amazing site of Anne Maizia to see more of her great paintings here.

Physical and digital release on the 9th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: Twenty Four
2: Loved One
3:With Sorrow Lonnie
4: Imprints
5: First Born
6: Radiant
7: Improve I

Itunes, Spotify, etc.:


Thursday 1 March 2018

OAS008 : Minyen Hsieh - Ying-Da Chen / Deng Nan-Guang In Black & White Live At New Narratives Film Festival 2016

Cover art by Ying-Da Chen

OAS008 : Minyen Hsieh - Ying-Da Chen / Deng Nan-Guang In Black & White Live At New Narratives Film Festival 2016

In the early days of cinema, silent movies were actually not silent. While a film was shown on screen, movie-goers would hear music accompaniment, often performed live by a pianist or even a small orchestra at the theatre. 
We revisit this practice by inviting two musicians, saxophonist Minyen Hsieh and guitarist Chen Ying-da, to provide a live soundtrack to archival film footage made by Deng Nan-guang, a pioneer in Taiwanese photography. 
This 8mm footage serves as a rare visual document of the lives of ordinary Taiwanese and reflects the colonial history and political situation during the 1930s and 40s.

Minyen Hsieh, is a highly regarded, award-winning Taiwanese saxophonist. The Taipei native, born in 1981, started to perform professionally at the age of 19, and studied at the Koninklijk Conservatorium in Brussels. There he studied with John Ruocco and Jeroen Van Herzeele. His strong improvisation skills and rich tone has made him a coveted player in several genres varying from: jazz, rock, hip-hop, electronic to avant-garde. Outside of Taiwan, Minyen has also been welcomed to grace stages through Japan, China, HK, Macau, Malaysia and more. He won the Taichung Saxophone Competition in 2012, and regularly contributes to various jazz, pop and experimental projects in Taiwan. His most recent recording is the well-received, best-selling "Firry Path" (2014).

Ying-Da Chen, guitarist and composer. Born and raised in Taiwan, received his classical music education in Taipei - Soochow University and jazz music education in Holland - Conservatorium van Amsterdam, graduated in 2012 with high opinion of "High artistic level; personal, unpredictable approach and compositions”. Currently working and living in Taipei, performing and writing music is his daily life. 

Besides the jazz music playing, free improvisational music and contemporary music are also his strengths. His music can be described as beautiful, private, and unsocial, which can be heard on his award winning album "R.E.M MOODS"(JAZZHUS DISK/Jp-3119) and his new album in 2017 "Animal Triste"(SONY MUSIC 88985494902).

 Minyen Hsieh - Ying-Da Chen

謝明諺 Minyen Hsieh  / Saxophones, Penny Whistle  
陳穎達 Ying-Da Chen   / Guitar
special guest:   Luca Ciarla (Italy) / Violin :

Recorded by Trees Music & Art
Mixing & Mastering by Pierre Vervloesem
Record date: 2016-10-29 at 客家音樂戲劇中心  Hakka Music And Theater Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Photos by Yang Wenching, 孔子君

More about this performance, and the New Narratives Film festival 2016:
here and here.

special thanks to:
- Italian Economic, Trade and Cultural Promotion Office. 
- Taiwan Film Institute
- Hakka Music And Theater Center 
- Trees Music & Art

Digital release on the 23rd of February 2018.
Track listing:
1: Deng Nan-Guang, Pt. 1
2: Deng Nan-Guang, Pt. 2 ( Feat Luca Ciarla)

And in Bandcamp: