Wednesday 28 February 2018

It's physical CDs SALES at Off in March and April! Enjoy!

It's physical cds SALES at Off in January and February! ENJOY!

For the next two months, Off offers all physical cds at special prices!

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2: From the Pierre Vervloesem Presents series (see catalogue page): for OPV001, 002, 006, 008, 009, 010:

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For The CK Theory box : with 4 cds inside - 12€ with worldwide shipping (no gift)

3: From the Rat-Off series (see catalogue page): for ORT002, ORT018 and ORT020

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Friday 16 February 2018

ODG076 : Boxface / Doors

Cover art by Boxface

ODG076 : Boxface / Doors

Matthew James, aka Boxface, returns with a new album! 
Doors is an instrumental, genre-bending voyage through lush sonic landscapes, down dark, distant hallways, and past the outer reaches of infinite space.
Though there are still angry and powerful piece typically Boxface, this time except for one song, there is no vocals. 10 instrumental pieces going through many genres, from psychedelic to prog to electronics to folk to... here is to you to discover which facette of Boxface you like best! I'm for all his styles!!!


A note from Boxface:
"This piece has an interesting history. It wasn't originally supposed to be a Boxface album at all. I wanted to explore the different aspects of sound and to do so, I imagined walking down a hallway lined with doors. Each door I would walk through would transport me to a unique auditory realm. I walked through fields of wheat, lifted into space where I found myself isolated in the cold cosmos, and buried myself in walls of relentless pummeling distortion. The more invested into this project I became, the more I started to realize that this project had taken on a life of its own. It had the weight of a full LP and must be treated as such. To cap off the 9 song suite of shorter pieces, I added 2 pieces that culminated everything learned on this journey. Pools takes the softer, ambient side, and Infinity fills the air with everything loud and raucous while also serving as a tribute to stoner metal anthems. I poured my sweat and blood into this release, and I hope you allow yourself to become immersed in the journey it entices."

Digital release on the 16th of February 2018.

Track listing:

1: Doors
2: Sedona
3: Angelicals
4: Liftoff!
5: Cosmos
6: Pond
7: Flux
8: Caterpillar
9: Threadbare
10: Pools
11: Infinity

And in Bandcamp:

Saturday 10 February 2018

ODG078 : Veda / Preface

Cover art by David Crunelle

ODG078 : Veda / Preface

Based on their own interpretation of James M. Cain’s classic novel “Mildred Pierce”, Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock and Alwntr team up and deliver a dystopian soundtrack to one of the greatest American stories of the 20th century. They both imagine alternative chapters that draw Mildred’s fate into murder, poisonous gardening, humiliation and vengeance.

Veda is:
Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock (Baby Fire (see OCD018 and OCD033), von Stroheim, LAS vegas (see OCD024), etc.) and Alwntr (ex-OMSQ). Cécile Gonay (Seesayle, Baby Fire) will be a recurring guest on violin.

Digital release on the 9th of February 2018.

Track listing:

1: Rain
2: Lullaby
3: Here

And in Bandcamp:

Friday 2 February 2018

OJP025 : Ryouko Aomasa (feat. Robert Edwin) / Divine Fox Dance

Cover art by Robert Edwin

OJP025 : Ryouko Aomasa (feat. Robert Edwin) / Divine Fox Dance 

After releasing 'FRAME' last December (see OJP024) where she was featured on a Robert Edwin song and which was one of their first collaboration, Ryouko Aomasa wrote more piano pieces. This time, Robert added just a few of his typical signature sounds, like a bit of spices, and mixed the tracks in order to keep the purity of Ryouko San piano play.

She studied the piano as a child but didn’t play it for many years. Instead she went on learning Koto and Shamisen from various teachers, among others the living national treasure Masatoru Imafuji, and made a career as a traditional Japanese music player with those instruments.

It is only five years ago that she was invited to collaborate on the piano with a Shakuhachi player.
She then started to collaborate and play with singers, dancers for the last years.

It is her first time to compose properly songs. Her approach is free, based on her foundations of traditional music.

As Ryouko says: "In music, there is a wonderful thought for the sound itself, even the sounds that I am sending. I always think that I have a willingness to separate from myself. I want to know where the sound is born and where I want to go."

 Ryouko Aomasa

For Robert Edwin, see also OCD008ODG006 , ODG027 and OJP016.

Digital release on the 2nd of February 2018.

Track listing:

1: Proud Steps
2: Divine Fox Dance
3: Frame
4: Howling of Skinny Wolf
5: Shadow Traces

And in Bandcamp: