Friday 26 May 2023

OVD070 : Pierre Vervloesem / Let Fans Pay More If They Want


Cover art by A.L.

OVD070: Pierre Vervloesem / Let Fans Pay More If They Want

A simple sentence is the title of the new Pierre album which says everything about the modern time of music, the industry around, the world of djs and computerised compositions by anyone... So you know what to do! Enjoy!

Pierre says:
"Very old drumboxes, dub basses and beautiful weird melodies is what I need this month."

Digital Release on the 26th of May 2023.

Track listing:

1: And Then The Technicians Became Artists
2: Download This
3: Golden Retirement
4: I Like Money
5: Donnez
6: Spotifible
7: Wonders Of The Modern World
8: Huge Hit Somewhere
9: Do You Still Make Music ?

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Friday 19 May 2023

ODG171 : Horselover FAT / Four Carefully Crafted Courses of Action


ODG171 : Horselover FAT / Four Carefully Crafted Courses of Action

Introducing Horselover FAT's debut EP, Four Carefully Crafted Courses of Action. This collection brings together the first four singles from the duo, which operates between Brussels, Belgium, and Bari, Italy. 

Four tracks that transcend the boundaries of jazz, electronica, drone music, improvised music, delving into diverse techniques and directions, with the idea of pushing each time a different process or musical choice to its extreme consequences. 

In the words of the authors: 

“FANS” floats in the whirls of the air moved by huge blades. In this exercise of displacement influenced by spectralism, we find an architecture of ambiguities that questions the listener’s identities in the perception of rhythm and harmony.

Inspired by a museum letdown, “nopipa” [IPA: nɔˈpipä] is a continuous process of slow and constant change, where one can only breathe rapidly two times before plunging for good in pursuit of concealed melodies and shifting hues.

“ya” is the paroxysmal, reiterated manipulation of a solo guitar recording, featuring accurately tuned resonances that lead the listener to a never-happening climax.

Finally, “valhalla” is a picturesque forest tableau featuring small fauna with aspirations of divinity."

Horselover FAT is Giancarlo and Piergiorgio Pirro.
Composed and produced by Horselover FAT.
Mixed and mastered by Horselover FAT, except “FANS” mixed and mastered by Luca Piovesan.

Digital release on the 19th of May 2023.

Track listing:

2: nopipa
3: ya
4: valhalla

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Friday 12 May 2023

ODG169 : John Americus Witt / Hils


Cover art by Silas Plum

ODG169 : John Americus Witt / Hils

A new album by John Americus (see also  ODG115OUC026OUC033, OUC034 and OUC036) is always a thrill and an adventure.  
So here we go with his new concept:

Hils is Danish.  A quick message to send regards to a friend.  So is this, in its way.  The structural conceit is the gradual increase of dosage of some unspecified thing.  The songs are the results of this regiment.  Hold tight.

5 ml is the start.  There is no control song.  We begin at the beginning.

Run is the initial urge to flee.  Fight this.  You gotta go through, not back or around.

10 ml is the first real threshold.  You made it.  Congrats.  It gets rougher

Cortisol is the pure fear.  In your gut.  Your body rebels

15 ml is the pocket.  This is where you want to be.

An Unexpected Arrival is the natural endpoint.  But we are willful creatures, born to chase.

20 ml is the first true misstep.  Should have quit while you were ahead, bud.

Articulated Language becomes strained.  Racing.  Best stay quiet.

25 ml is the internal world.  It is huge and unfamiliar.  Explore.  You will not return.

Viridian/Crimson/Gold is all you see.  Colors and shapes.  Self begins to recede.

30 ml is the true killswitch.  Stop now, and you have a chance.

Georgia is the most remarkable thing about you.  She is patient, and kind.  She beckons.

50 ml (End) is a choice, impetuous and swift.  A mistake.  This is the end.  Goodbye.

Digital release on the 12th of May 2023.

Track listing: 

1: 5 ml
2: Run
3: 10 ml
4: Cortisol
5: 15 ml
6: An Unexpected Arrival
7: 20 ml
8: Articulated Language
9: 25 ml
10: Viridian/Crimson/Gold
11: 30 ml
12: Georgia
13: 50 ml (End)

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Friday 5 May 2023

ODG170 : Leonhard Huhn / The well electrified saxophone


Cover photo by Joanna Broda  

ODG170: Leonhard Huhn / The well electrified saxophone

Leonhard (see also ODG145) about his album:

"Ten years of experimentation and research lie behind me: bending sound spectra, adding harmonics or mixing oscillators and pitchshifting, varying spaces by an electronified „saxophone cyborg“. Based on the natural sound of the saxophone and its handling without loops or overdubs. My solo album "The well electrified saxophone" presents the first results of my new „cyborg“. I play it the way I create my music on the wind instrument by breath. Control voltages serve as additional synapses, a second brain so to speak. They extend the modulation of the electronics while I am limited to two hands.

The nine songs were created during long improvisations and sound researches in 2020. My „cyborg“ and circle around a musical idea until we bring it to an essence and record a final version. The titel of the songs tell the stories of my visual journeys while playing."

Leonhard Huhn - alto saxophone, (semi) modular electronics, voice
Recorded in 2020, mixed and mastered by Leonhard Huhn

Digital release on the 5th of May 2023.

Track listing:

1: Welcome
2: Really
3: Gone into a red dimension
4: Can you see their tongue?
5: Schreitende Glocken
6: Living at a train station
7: Bug on a wire
8: Yesterday's always free
9: Lithium Branch

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