Friday 28 October 2022

OVD063 : Pierre Vervloesem / Dark Matter 3 Dark Matter 4

Cover art by A.L.

OVD063: Pierre Vervloesem / Dark Matter 3 Dark Matter 4

The other side of Dark Matter!  2 long tracks, 2 masterpieces!

Pierre Vervloesem : Guitar, bass, mix and mastering
Bruno Vansina : all kind of saxophones (sometime at the same time) flute, cuíca, xylophone and probably other things
Elie Gouleme: drums

Recorded live at La Grange Casteau (no edits and no overdub except for the bass)

Digital release on the 28th of October 2020.

Track listing:

1: Dark Matter 3
2: Dark Matter 4

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Friday 21 October 2022

ODG161 : Friendly Fire / Friendly Fire


ODG161 : Friendly Fire / Friendly Fire

Polyrhythmic Grindcore? Dark Metal meets Drone...??
Prevalent use of saxophone feed back...dense bass drones, countered with layered drum structures. Flying on top of all this are vocal rant`s in an unknown language! Not easy perhaps, but you will not be bored! As a great actress once said in an well known film: “ fasten your seat belts it`s going to be a bumpy ride”.

Pic by Johanna Saxen

Friendly Fire is the new trio from :
Steve Buchanan - Sax, Electronics, vocals
Maxime Hansenberger – Drums
Flo Götte – Bass,Electronics

Flo Goette, Zürich (1975)
Lives in Zurich, works as a freelance musician, composer and music educator, plays electric bass and electric guitar in local bands like FRACHTER, Der Grosse Bär, Die Fermentierten as well as international projects, especially in experimental music. He composes and produces for his own bands, film and theater. Works in his own recording studio G5-Studio in Zurich.

Maxime Hänsenberger (1988)
Active in several musical scenes for fifteen years. He started to play drums in the metal/grindcore scene, then he got into Jazz and improvised music. While he’s still involved into these previous mentioned scenes, he's also a part of the experimental,
noise, contemporary music scenes since 2013. Some of his past/actual projects: Mumakil, Nostromo, Convulsif, Secrétariat, Exorbitant Prices Must Diminish, Insub Meta Orchestra.

Steve Buchanan (1955)
Steve Buchanan in his 40 year + career has the rare distinction of having made a name for himself professionally in two fields, music and dance respectively. As well as playing alto sax and guitar, he is also the inventor of the Interactive dance / music instrument 2nd Line. Currently based in Zurich he continues Touring extensively worldwide; giving workshops as well as concert engagements.

Digital release on the 21st of October 2022.

Track listing:

1: Bug Control
2: Have a Nice Day
3: Seagull 

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Friday 14 October 2022

OCD052-OUI003 : CLIFFS feat. Floy Krouchi - Benjamin Sanz - James Brandon Lewis / CLIFFS


Cover art by A.L. - Cliffs pic by by Matthieu Lombard

OCD052-OUI003 : CLIFFS feat. Floy Krouchi - Benjamin Sanz - James Brandon Lewis / CLIFFS

When the best American sax player of the moment ( grammy, pools, magazines) James Brandon Lewis (see also OCD038 and OCD046) meets one of the most interesting French Fretless bass electronic visionary Floy Krouchi (see OCD047) and French avant-garde drummer Benjamin Sanz and they spend a week improvising in the south of France, they come with one of the best contemporary jazz album of the year!


Floy, Benjamin and James - pic by Aïda Belhamd

Floy Krouchi: Fretless Bass, Pedals
Benjamin Sanz: Drums
James Brandon Lewis: Tenor Saxophone

All titles are improvisations except 'The Three Streams' composed by J.B Lewis, F. Krouchi and B. Sanz.

Recorded on 25 and 26 March 2019 by Bruno Levée @ l’Ajmi d’Avignon.
Mixed by Mark Bingham @ Prairie Des Femmes, Arnaudville LA, March 2022.
Mastering by Pierre Vervloesem @ Fiasco Studio.

Review in the New-York City Jazz Record:

"Lewis ventures off the map on Cliffs, an eponymous triumvirate completed by the French pair of fretless electric bassist Floy Krouchi and drummer Benjamin Sanz. The former, whose Bass Holograms project in New York enlisted the likes of drummer Ches Smith, cellist Hank Roberts and singer Emilie Lesbros, supplements her sound with effects ranging from ambient washes to jagged distortions while with his combination of textural mischief and locomotive meter, the latter shows why his credits include David Murray, Archie Shepp, Oliver Lake and more. The centerpiece, and at 22-minutes by far the longest track, the jointly composed “The Three Streams” evolves through multiple moods from brooding sustains, from which emerge a searching melody sketched by feathery tenor, to an electric bass meditation over a sparse soundscape, to a percolating vamp, which finds Lewis stretching out too, his rhythmic cadences echoing Sanz’ pulse, before uniting in a repeated ostinato to finish. On the remaining five improvs the trio carve an egalitarian path, but one which often breaks into mesmeric beats and not only during the descriptively titled “Transe With Arabesques”, but also in the rocky opening “The Door To The Cliffs”, where Krouchi comes on like a revving motorbike and Lewis brings a reflective whiff of John Coltrane. Even in such almost entirely uncharted territory, Lewis’ penchant for form shines through, in the alternation between a siren-like oscillation and strings of pneumatic squeezed-out notes and in his juxtaposition of similarly contrasting figures elsewhere."

Physical and digital release on the 14th of October 2022.

Track listing:

1: The Door To The Cliffs
2: The Three Streams
3: Heavy Interlude
4: Transe with Arabesques
5: Mallets Ballad
6: Freqsnetics

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Friday 7 October 2022

OPN008 : Domenico Solazzo's PaNoPTiCoN / 2007/2008 - 15th anniversary from the death with a vengeance 2022 remastered version )


Cover art by Domenico Solazzo

OPN008 : Domenico Solazzo's PaNoPTiCoN / 2007/2008 - 15th anniversary from the death with a vengeance 2022 remastered version ) 

A compilation of some of the most thrilling tracks from the fabulous combo of the cream of Belgian jazz and rock musicians recorded live or in studio between 2007 and 2008. Specially remastered for its 15th anniversary reissue! Enjoy!



Fred Becker (tenor saxophone on 6)
Olivier Catala (bass from 1 to 9, 13 & 15)
Geraldine Clement (flute on 2 & 15)
Pascal Dalmasso (guitar on 4 & 14)
Diego Delgado Lopez (guitar on 3 & 7)
Pierrot Delor (percussions on 1, 3, 7, 8, 9, 13 & 14)
Michel Delville (guitar on 12)
Michel Dethier (guitar on 13)
Lewis Dijkstra (alto saxophone on 11) 
Jean-Jacques Duerinckx (baryton and sopranino saxophones on 1, 7, 8, 9 & 14)
Fabrice Fardelli (guitar on 2, 11 & 15)
Ivan Georgiev (keyboards on 2, bass on 14)
Vincenzo Grosso (guitar on 10)
Antoine Guenet (piano and keyboards except 2 & 10)
Chervin Laporte (Fender Rhodes on 9 & 11)
Jean-Paul Lossignol (trumpet on 2, 3, 6 & 15)
FranÁois Lourtie (soprano and tenor saxophones on 2, 7, 12 & 13)
Peter Malfliet (trumbone on 7, tenor saxophone on 9)
Bart Maris (trumpet on 1)
Benoit Minon (guitar on 9)
Pierre Mottet (bass on 12)
Bruno Nobi (alto saxophone on 5)
Daniel Palomo Vinuesa (soprano saxophone and ewi on 4, 10, 11 & 14)
Constantin Papageorgiadis (upright bass on 7, bass on 10 & 11)
R.E.D.A. (turntables on 5 & 10)
Jan Rzewski (soprano saxophone on 5)
Catherine Smet (Fender Rhodes on 10)
Rik Staelens (soprano and tenor saxophone on 7 & 8)
Daniel Wang (guitar on 6)
Domenico Solazzo (drums, percussions, sound engineer and postproduction)
Christophe Bouquelle (guitar on 5, 10 & 11)

Digital release on the 7th of October 2022.

Track listing:

1: The Loner
2: Jungle Jazz
3: Ancrod Drip
4: Weather Stone
5: Say John
6: Taste of Defeat
7: Mellow Syndrome
8: Beauty (not of this world)
9: Lets Put a Smile On That Face
10: Buzz Aldrin
11: Narcoleptic Nightmare
12: Missing Ones are Always Wrong
13: Frank My Saviour
14: Pan O Metric
15: Flight 07

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