Wednesday 30 December 2015

ODG048 : Internal Sun / Internal Sun ( Remastered + Bonus track )

ODG048 : Internal Sun / Internal Sun ( Remastered + Bonus track )

Internal Sun is the audiovisual live project of Andrew ‘Chi’ Claes & Vj Natché. 
Live they create a personal, largely improvised take on the Warp back catalogue and its pioneering sound of hi-tech jazz, the cinematic live acts of Nosaj Thing or Amon Tobin, and the Flying Lotus brand of esoteric instrumental hiphop which created more possibilities for live electronic music performances.
Andrew Claes is most famous for being the sax/ewi/percussionnist/composer of Brzzvll, Stuff and Chaos of the Haunted Spire ( see ORT010ORT012 and ORT014among others.
This release is a compilation of his first Ep, single, remixes and a new track.
All the tracks have been remastered especially for this project.
Be ready to party and dance!

the video for Unseen Mystery Speed:

and for Mindcoat:

The original artwork for the single Unseen Mystery Speed:

artwork by Natché

And for a very special new year's eve, a video for the new track Alcyone:
Written, produced and directed by Internal Sun, lyrics by Carsten Van Moorhem.
Vocals by Carsten Van Moorhem and Laura Huysmans.
Sculptures and lights by Kenisman. Audio mastering by Jerboa.
Filmed on location in Berchem and Mortsel, Belgium.
Additional footage from 'Discovering Line' (FAC 1963) and Nasa. 

Digital release on the 31h of December 2015.


1: Mindcoat 
2: Spacedropper
3: Anionic Hunt
4: Sciencefriction
5: Altsequoia
6: Montauk Chi
7: Unseen Mystery Speed
8: Alcyone (new bonus track)

And in Bandcamp:

Thursday 17 December 2015

OJP001 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Sleep On The Sofa (Trumpet Works)

Pic. Dan Zen / Design: Tokyo Mindscape

OJP001 : Tetsuroh Konishi / Sleep On The Sofa ( Trumpet Works )

The new 'Japanese' Series is based exclusively on Japanese musicians / non Japanese musicians living in Japan or any combination possible between Japanese musicians and the rest of the world. 
It will mainly be a digital series but it will be possible to purchase some of the musicians cds as well when already released in Japan.

First release is from Tetsuroh Konishi (bio), one of the leading Japanese trumpet player/composer/improviser. 
He has composed music for dance performances in Canada, USA, Korea, as well as in Japan. These compositions won him very high critic reviews in the media. 
He has also performed and recorded in Germany, USA, England, Norway, Russia, Greece and more with numerous musicians.  
He has composed music for NHK TV and Radio program and HIROKO KOSHINO Tokyo Collection 2014.
He has received awards from Tokyo wonder site, Tokyo Experimental Festival8 and the 2nd prize from Art and Science competition in Obunsha composers section. 
He has exhibited performance art piece in Fukushima Modern Art Biennale 2012 and ARTSCAPE 2015 (on invitation from Baltimore USA). 

Tetsuroh is also a board member of The Conference of Music and Dance Japan (since1962) and also a journalist for monthly magazines “The World of Music” and ”Brass Tribe”. 

His range goes from classical to Jazz to experimental music. He plays a lot for contemporary dance and theatre performances. Most of his music is improvised and Tetsuroh plays a lot with breath textures. 
Recently he is exploring a lot of ambient music, teaming for example with therapists to relax their patients. 
Sleep On The Sofa is his last album and typically one of his best ambient album!
Recorded and mixed at 'Bird Sound Studio' Tokyo / Produced by Tetsuroh Konishi.

Tetsuroh Konishi

Cloud, last track on the album, alternate remaster and mix:

Digital release on the 18th of December 2015.

Track listing:

1: Early Morning
2: Gently Blue
3: The Father Went to Heaven
4: Bless
5: To Landscape
6: Atmosphere
7: Beauty
8: The Moon Strings
9: Garden Flow
10: Lotus
11: Early Morning in the Sea
12: Cloud

Limited 10cds edition here:


Friday 11 December 2015

ORT015 : The Bureau of Atomic Tourism / Hapax Legomena

Cover Art by Walter Swennen

ORT015 : The Bureau of Atomic Tourism / Hapax Legomena

This new collaboration with Rat records (here) sees the return and third full album from this fantastic sextet (see ORT004 and ORT006) also called simply BOAT. 
The musicians are still the same stars, only for new guitar and bass players.
This time, this new album was recorded live by Dieter Claes and Roel Snellebrand in May 2014.
Edited by Pierre Vervloesem and Teun Verbruggen ( with the help of Richard Comte).
Mixed in April 2015 by Joseph Branciforte in New York City.
Mastered in April 2015 by Nate Wood in New York City.
Produced by Teun Verbruggen.

'Good luck finding an appropriate genre label for Teun Verbruggen’s Bureau Of Atomic Tourism. While the sextet delves headfirst into abstract free improvisation that abandons all conventional takes on musical notions such as melody, harmony and rhythm at one point, you witness them raging like a well-oiled outfit with years of experience the next. The front section of Andrew d’Angelo (alto saxophone, bass clarinet) and Magnus Broo (trumpet) covers the entire stylistic range from muscular solos to extended techniques, and is often joined by guitarist Hilmar Jensson, who makes his instrument sing mysteriously, places poignant accents or rages with an equal eagerness.
Initially the unpredictable improv may sound like an abstract sound poem, but this switches quickly to first dazzling freak-outs in the New York avant-garde tradition or even throbbing fusion with a nod to Miles Davis’ electric era, before ultimately arriving at muscular jazzrock in the vein of The Lounge Lizards and Belgium’s X-Legged Sally, with ultra-tight themes, subtly introduced electronics and turbulent dynamics. And what to think of the unstoppable groove of the Flaten/Verbruggen rhythm section and the musical action painting of Jozef Dumoulin on Fender Rhodes? What could have either been a failed jump into the deep end or a haphazard performance with the handbrakes on, here leads to a powerful achievement, executed with discipline and the will to incorporate the outer edges of improvised music....'

Teun Verbruggen: Drums
Andrew d'Angelo: Sax and Bassclarinet
Nate Wooley : Trumpet
Jozef Dumoulin: Fender Rhodes
Hilmar Jensson: Guitar
Tim Dahl: Bass

The album (RAT034) is already released and on sale on the Rat records website here.
Digital release on Off on the 11th of December 2015.

Track listing:

1: Hilsnur (Hilmar Jensson)
2: Eochnit (Andrew d’Angelo)
3: Pittles (Hilmar Jensson)
4: Carlientje en Haar Bootje (Jozef Dumoulin)
5: Ron Miles (Nate Wooley)
6: Numer Ology (Andrew d’Angelo)
7: Citrus (Tim Dahl)

Here live at Jazz Middelheim 2014:

And on Bandcamp:

Friday 4 December 2015

ODX003 : Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri, Vols.1, 2, 3

ODX003 : Pierre Vervloesem / Pot-Pourri, Vols.1, 2, 3

The Pot-Pourri series presents for the first time all the never released music ever composed by Pierre (bio) Vervloesem.
A long time desire on his personal agenda, it took a few months to Pierre to remember, locate and clean the various old K7, tapes and various mp3 he succeeded to find.
It covers all the material he started to record when he was twenty years old up to now.
The songs here are demos, live recordings, unreleased tracks, various ideas and proper fun times.
We have to thank the various fans and friends who were keeping some of those treasures without Pierre knowing, particularly long time friends and occasional collaborators Jean-Pierre Jonckheere (see OPV07), Alain VDS (see OVD012) and Manu Ribot (see OPV004).
Most of all the musicians who played at least once with Pierre can be heard on the tracks and it would be impossible to name all of them ( since Pierre doesn't know for sure who is doing what sometime), but they will probably recognize themselves, notably Richard Belgium (see OPV003) who's singing on a few songs.

This digital box contains OVD013OVD014 and OVD015 at a bargain price.

Digital release on the 4th of December 2015.

Track listing:

CD1:1: 13-22.3 2ème jet 
2: Chez Claude, pt. 1 
3: 5 suicides 
4: Arpège Beat 
5: Bacon & Eggs (Demo) 
6: Bass Speed 
7: Back to Town 
8: Carina bourre moi là 
9: Chhhht! 
10: Envoie le ballader 
11: Five Senses 
12: Chez Claude, pt. 2 
13: Nullo Problemo (Live) 
14: Give It a Punch 
15: French Fries 
16: Chez Claude, pt. 3 
17: Low 

1: Le fleuve 
2: Ladyfriend 
3: Intestin d’oiseau
4: Le grec (Live) 
5: Bacon & Eggs 
6: Lucky 
7: Lusitania 
8: Pil pam poum (Démo) 
9: Ma vie avec les papillons 
10: Me, My Sex and I 
11: Chez Claude no. 4 
12: Nothing Magical 
13: French Fries (Live) 
14: Composition pour synthétiseur 
15: Holiday Out (Live) 
16: Palmer 

1: Nullo Problemo (Demo) 
2: Give It a Punch 
3: Old Steel 
4: Pot-pourri (Live) 
5: Rest in Peace 
6: That Night 
7: Sparklet Nasal 
8: Pim Pam Poum 
9: Chez Claude no. 5 
10: Speed 10 
11: How Could I Be Such a Fool 
12: V! 
13: Velvet Razor 
14: Tidbits 
15: Acid Heat 
16: Tigadoudou 
17: Vreuwr