Thursday 28 September 2017

OAS006 : Baishui/ Diary of Broken Sounds

covert art by A.L. from a Baishui drawing

OAS006 : Baishui/ Diary of Broken Sounds

Third release on Off from Sichuan born Baishui (who lives now in the US) after the post rockish No Intrinsic, No Independent (see OAS003) and the intriguing contemporary post folk Sound In Motion (see OUC003), Diary of Broken Sounds (originally released in December 2013, without the bonus suite ' Night Songs for the Half Moon), follows quickly on the release of his first full-length soundtrack album, Einstein and Einstein and is actually Baishui’s ninth album. Both albums, though quite distinct, remain important signposts on the road to understanding the artist’s perpetual search for the optimal form of artistic expression. 

If Einstein’s overall feel is a heavy yang, Diary goes yin with a lighter, yet still full, sound. Though electronics are an essential part of Diary, the feeling is distinctly unplugged, in stark contrast to recent forrays into post-rock and experimental music. Diary, in short, takes a minimalist approach to the artist’s very maximalist goal: the pursuit of a new music—“Baishui Music”—with an Eastern core. 

Chimes and flutes float playfully across wide-open expanses; static-like sounds pierce the bed created by carefully-plucked strings evoking both old-time blues and new-age soundscape with an overall ambient-world-music vibe that is equal parts meditative and playful. For brief moments, the listener is rewarded with the haunting vocals of long-time collaborator Yuan Tian, transporting both music and audience to points far above ground and back in time. 

Diary is the artist’s journey—and, as listeners, we are along for the ride—through a freshly-carved yet still-to-be-fully-mapped-out terrain: “Baishui Music.”

All music, instruments,sounds,produced and mixed by Baishui.
Mastered by luo keju.
Vocal & original art work by Yuan Tian.

Original cover artwork

Digital release on the 29th of September 2017.

Track listing:

1: Lost Impression, Pt. 1
2: Lost Impression, Pt. 2
3: Children’s Dreams, Pt. 1
4: Children’s Dreams, Pt. 2
5: Reverse Memories, Pt. 1
6: Reverse Memories, Pt. 2
7: Geometry, Pt. 1
8: Geometry, Pt. 2
9: Geometry, Pt. 3
10: Ballad, Pt. 1
11: Night Songs for the Half Moon, Pt. 1 - Pt. 5 -Whisper, Reverse, Drunk Leaves, Branches, Ritual - Bonus track 

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Thursday 21 September 2017

ORT020-OUI016 : Bicipital Fine / Bicipital Fine

Cover art by Noah Punkt

ORT020-OUI016 : Bicipital Fine / Bicipital Fine

Somewhere up North. Maybe. A small abandoned Village. Plants finding their way through
the cracks in the concrete. Reconquering. Creaking. Howling. A beauteous force. One
Force of resistance and bloom. Something small but powerful, forging ahead. Little by little
and irresistible – Causing a tender friction.

Bicipital Fine. Five. Derek Baron, Cameron Kapoor, Brad Henkel, John Andrew Wilhite and
Noah Punkt. A Euro-American encounter of quiet force, of soft and fragile tugging. This
wonderful music is an abrasive minimalism full of curiosity and creative urge.

Derek Baron – Flute, Objects
Cameron Kapoor – Guitar, Objects
Brad Henkel – Trumpet
John Andrew Wilhite – Double Bass
Noah Punkt – Double Bass, Recorder

The band live

An impressive bio about works, bands and all from Noah Punkt :
And John Andrew Wilhites

Physical and digital release on the 22nd of September 2017.

Track listing:
1: Bicipital Fine, Part.1
2: Bicipital Fine, Part.2
3: Bicipital Fine, Part.3
4: Bicipital Fine, Part.4
5: Bicipital Fine, Part.5

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Thursday 14 September 2017

ODG074 : The Paul Swest : Sports Car Illusions

Covert art by Charles Chace

ODG074 : The Paul Swest : Sports Car Illusions

Charles Chace is an artist and musician from Massachusetts who has exhibited in galleries in New York City, Miami and North Carolina. 
His recent works consist of a multimedia installation that included paper collage, video, and manipulatable noise machines. 
Other recent work includes a series of portrait paintings that Dave Bazan used for record covers. 
He also has an ongoing avant-garde musical project under the moniker The Paul Swest. Using multi-track recording he bounces between instruments, constructing layered improvisations that range from free form splatter to surf-jazz, from Derek Bailey to post-rock.

If you are ready to surf on all those genres, this is an album that will open your brain to  ecstasy! 

Charles Chace

Recorded at Beep Wave Studio.
Recorded by Brian Paulson.
Mastered by Yuuki Matthews.

Digital release on the 15th of September 2017.

Track listing:

1: Slandered
2: Silver Fang Alert
3: Glacier
4: Wanna Dance
5: Climate Refinement

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Friday 8 September 2017

ODG072 : Sad Man / Sad Man

Art cover by Andrew Spackman

ODG072 : Sad Man / Sad Man

Still another facet of the personality of Musician and Artist Andrew Spackman (Nimzo-Indian -see ODG052, Nomadno-, Lark, On-Et-Wocombo), Sad Man is a deep swim into Noise, Dark Ambience, Glitch, Free, Improvisation, Avant Garde, Dark Jazz, Alternative Rock, Industrial Rock, Live Electronics. 
Quite an angry album from one of the most prominent and prolific English electronic musician! 
A 24 tracks odyssey into the universe of a Sad Man!

Some of the many faces of Sad Man

Digital release on the 8th of September 2017.

Track listing:

1: Perkins
2: Toe
3: Stooky Bill
4: Sad Man
5: Toms Diner
6: Pink
7: Un-Fun
8: Black
9: Supergroovalisticprosifunkstication
10: Nooze
11: Nimzowistche
12: Un-Dec
13: Un-Fut
14: Double Psycho
15: Bankum

1: Ocicat
2: Chartreux
3: Abyssinian
4: Khao Manee
5: Birman
6: Tonk
7: Pulse Length Point (Radio Edit)
8: Topufto
9: Zoo

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