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Friday, 27 December 2019

OVD029 : Pierre Vervloesem / Wonderful Viruses

Cover art by A.L.

OVD029 : Pierre Vervloesem / Wonderful Viruses

December and time for Pierre to finish this year 2019 with a last winter album! 
13 pieces composed and played only with synthesizers and celebrating all the wonderful viruses on earth with the habitual humorous style of Monsieur Vervloesem! 

Frightening titles, great music! Don't catch cold while listening!

The great Pierre!

Digital release on the 27th of December 2019.

Track listing:

1: Tobacco Mosaic Virus
3: The Pigs Have a Problem
4: Influenza A
5: The Itchy Torso
6: Archaea
7: Influenza B
8: Hepadnaviridae
9: Herpes
10: Birnaviridae
11: Bunyavirus
12: Papillomavirus
13: Ebola

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Friday, 20 December 2019

ODG117 : Ben Sluijs - Erik Vermeulen / Decades

ODG117 : Ben Sluijs - Erik Vermeulen / Decades

"Decades is the third album of the duo Ben Sluijs (see also OCD039ODG086ODG095ODG096 and ODG103)- Erik Vermeulen (see also ODG095), after "Stones" (released in 2001 under the label Jazz Halo, before being included in the catalog Werf) and "Parity" (Werf 2010).
But the two musicians have known and appreciated each other since much longer: the pianist Erik Vermeulen was first part, with Piet Verbist (double bass) and Eric Thielemans (drums), of the quartet of the alto saxophonist, and already recorded with Ben the albums "Food For Free" in 1997, "Candy Century" in 1999 and "Seasounds" in 2000. After the quartet he joined the quintet The Unplayables, with Jeroen van Herzeele (tenor saxophone), Manolo Cabras (double bass) and Marek Patrman (drums) for "Harmonic Integration" in 2007.
The complicity and interactivity between the two men is obviously total: "Some musical encounters, explains Ben Sluijs, are exceptional, doomed to register in time. It is quite possible that the complicity which emerges from it is of those which one meets only once in one's life". The duo's first album included only original compositions and improvisations. "Parity" opened to two classics: Con Alma by Gillespie and the standard Sweet And Lovely. The result of a week-long residency at the De Werf club in October 2013, and live material recorded between 2011 and 2013, "Décades" includes eight original compositions, plus Monk's Light Blue, Steve Swallow's Eiderdown. and two classics revisited in a very personal way: The Man I Love with a beautiful piano intro and April In Paris with a long intro of alto saxophone. In the crystalline interlacing of the piano, the voluble volutes of the viola are lovered: a diaphanous sound that suits languorous tempos (Little Paris, The Man I Love, Eiderdown) as well as the jerky rhythms of Monk (Light Blue)), always through very lyrical flights (Call From The Outside). A fine example of accomplice empathy that is worth to our two compatriots to be included among best albums "Shock" by the June JazzMag!"

Claude Loxhay
This article was published on jazzaroundmag.com

Erik and Ben (c) Cees van de Ven

Digital release on the 19th of December 2019.

Track listing:

1: Broken
2: Little Paris
3: Up Here
4: Up There
5: Eiderdown
6: Light Blue
7: April in Paris
8: Pretty Dark
9: Carillon
10: Call from the Outside
11: Decades
12: The Man I Love

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Friday, 6 December 2019

OVD028 : Simple / Undeletable Remixed

Cover art by A.L.

OVD028 : Simple / Undeletable Remixed

Pierre Vervloesem, composer, performer, mixer and remixer talking about the album: 

"Recorded for the first time in Brussels and then erased from the studio computer by pure malice (names of officials available in discreet folds), the album was recorded again in Simple keyboardist's place who had forgotten to tell us he had a studio, therefore the title of the album 'Undeletable'. 
Released in the media desert common to all my productions the cd was mixed with cold feet and deserved that I went back there once again and gave it a proper mix. It's done, it's fresh."

So this is it, a 2019 completely new version of this great album for you to (re)discover again / finally !

And a great review in Luminous Dash BE here!

Digital release on the 6th of December 2019 for St Nicolas day!

Track listing:

1: Belgian Triumphalism - 2019 Remix
2: Blabaway Utterbunk - 2019 Remix
3: Deliver Us from the Aliments - 2019 Remix
4: Domestic Daredevil - 2019 Remix
5: Finally an Elephant Full of Jam - 2019 Remix
6: Glass Pie - 2019 Remix
7: Mental Mento - 2019 Remix
8: One of the Weakest Tune of the Set, Pt. 1 - 2019 Remix
9: One of These Doris Days - 2019 Remix
10: Oscar Niemeyer - 2019 Remix
11: Pierre Richard - 2019 Remix
12: The Amazing Soudcheck Band - 2019 Remix
13: The Foam Cage - 2019 Remix

A video of Glass Pie directed at the time of the original release by Bartek Zmuda:

Originally released as OPV008. Original cds still available at:


All versions of the album on Bandcamp: