Friday, 6 December 2019

OVD028 : Simple / Undeletable Remixed

Cover art by A.L.

OVD028 : Simple / Undeletable Remixed

Pierre Vervloesem, composer, performer, mixer and remixer talking about the album: 

"Recorded for the first time in Brussels and then erased from the studio computer by pure malice (names of officials available in discreet folds), the album was recorded again in Simple keyboardist's place who had forgotten to tell us he had a studio, therefore the title of the album 'Undeletable'. 
Released in the media desert common to all my productions the cd was mixed with cold feet and deserved that I went back there once again and gave it a proper mix. It's done, it's fresh."

So this is it, a 2019 completely new version of this great album for you to (re)discover again / finally !

And a great review in Luminous Dash BE here!

Digital release on the 6th of December 2019 for St Nicolas day!

Track listing:

1: Belgian Triumphalism - 2019 Remix
2: Blabaway Utterbunk - 2019 Remix
3: Deliver Us from the Aliments - 2019 Remix
4: Domestic Daredevil - 2019 Remix
5: Finally an Elephant Full of Jam - 2019 Remix
6: Glass Pie - 2019 Remix
7: Mental Mento - 2019 Remix
8: One of the Weakest Tune of the Set, Pt. 1 - 2019 Remix
9: One of These Doris Days - 2019 Remix
10: Oscar Niemeyer - 2019 Remix
11: Pierre Richard - 2019 Remix
12: The Amazing Soudcheck Band - 2019 Remix
13: The Foam Cage - 2019 Remix

A video of Glass Pie directed at the time of the original release by Bartek Zmuda:

Originally released as OPV008. Original cds still available at:


All versions of the album on Bandcamp:

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