Friday 29 October 2021

ODG153 : Baby Fire / Eternal


ODG153 : Baby Fire / Eternal

Baby Fire is a female trio defined by a rock style which is full of rage, haunted, powerful and refined. Close to the aesthetic defended by artists such as P. J. Harvey or Shannon Wright, Baby Fire are in the process of putting the finishing touches to their fifth album. Mike Moya (Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and G.W. Sok (ex-The Ex, Oiseaux-Tempête...) are among the guests featured on Grace.

The release of 'Grace', announced for Spring 2022, will be accompanied by an exhibition at BRASS (Brussels) devised and put together by the band. It will shine the spotlight on women's work in culture, through media as diverse as photography, painting, drawing, textile art and collage. 

'Eternal', ‘Grace’’s first single, features French art rocker Laetitia Shériff, whom Baby Fire befriended when sharing the stage at Magasin 4 in Brussels i
n 2015.

Baby Fire - pic by Yves Collard

A teaser:

Digital release on the 29th of October 2021.

Track listing:

1: Eternal

OVD051 : Pierre Vervloesem : Basses of May


Cover art by A.L. - pic by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD051 : Pierre Vervloesem : Basses of May

The return of Pierre to his first love: The Bass! So this is album composed and played only with his favourite bass. 11 tracks with nothing other than his vibrant, powerful, intimate, organic, inventive, destructive, gravitational bass! Not a word to add, just listen and enjoy!

Pierre Vervloesem : Bass
Bass handcrafted by Manu Ribot
Tracks 10 and 11 by Vervloesem/Mondelaers

Digital release on the 29th of October 2021.

Track listing:

1: Mine Canary
2: Bad News Festival
3: Puncture
4: Drowned in Vain
5: Walk His Andalusian Cannibal
6: Cumbersome Personality Office
7: Memory of a Sea Cucumber
8: Reverse Romanticism
9: Bossa Nova for Injured Bikers
10: Back to Town
11: The Last Town

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Friday 22 October 2021

ODG150 : Mac Dunlop Quartet / Live at the Aberfal Blauhaus


Covert art by Mac Dunlop and A.L.

ODG150 : Mac Dunlop Quartet / Live at the Aberfal Blauhaus

"On November 17th, 2020 MDQ performed these seven 'daily thread' compositions for the first time at the Aberfal, using a combination of streaming technology and live recording. The atmosphere is hard to describe, partly because of the pandemic restrictions on events and live performances at the time. If the recent slowdown teaches us anything, its that we must do what we can to heal the wounds we've made to the planet, and try to imagine into reality a more just and equal future for everyone. 
Peace be with you." Mac Dunlop
The Mac Dunlop Quartet:
Mac Dunlop: Piano  - Mac is based in Cornwall, UK, and was resident pianist at La Cave in Falmouth from 2015 to 2019. He is also a sound and performance artist. His current project, the "Ambient Year" radio series explores electro-acoustic audio compositions inspired by field recordings, sound generators and spacial acoustics. 

Dom Calpun: Saxophone  - Originally from New Mexico, Dan started out playing with Post Matrix, a punk jazz outfit that was big in Toledo. 

Palomo Cund: Bass  - An Estonian musician who comes from a classically trained background, she also works with electronic musicians and is a contributor to the Ambient Year broadcast series. 

Dan Locum: Percussion  - Dan is known for his improvising rhythmic sequencing and sampling percussion techniques. His idiosyncratic style has won many admirers. 

with additional contributions from: 
Al Cupono: Vibes on Tuesday - Equal Air 
Pam Collund: Cello on Monday - Kt Rip

All songs written and arranged by Mac Dunlop 
Recording Engineer: Dao Lu 
Producer: Mac Dunlop 
Remastered at Blauhaus Studio

Digital release on the 22nd of October 2021.

Track listing:

1: Wednesday - Organic Brew
2: Thursday - Viral Beach
3: Friday - Miles
4: Saturday - Slow Low
5: Sunday - Cloud Smile
6: Monday - Kt Rip
7: Tuesday - Equal Air

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Friday 15 October 2021

OJP061 : Ruben Van Rompaey feat. Toshinori Kondo / The Sakura Mixes


Cover art by A.L. from a revised portion of an original painting on canvas by Rachelle van Rompaey 

OJP061 : Ruben Van Rompaey feat. Toshinori Kondo / The Sakura Mixes

5 tracks that were recorded between 2014 and 2020 and a remix from the 'Tokyo Fusion' album (see the beautiful OJP057). 

Very introspective this time, more ambient and experimental, more relax and looking to another possible world, like the beautiful ending track of this mini album. 

Stop thinking, close your eyes and take your time to listen...

Digital release on the 15th of October 2021.

Track listing:

1: Dream Warriors - Aozara Edit
2: One Night at Shin-Ohashi Bridge -, Pt. 1
4: Majestic Mountains
5: One Night at Shin-Ohashi Bridge -, Pt. 2
6: Possible Worlds

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Wednesday 13 October 2021

OVX021 : Céline Lory - Gil Mortio / Vexations Vol.21


Cover art by A.L.

OVX021 : Céline Lory - Gil Mortio / Vexations Vol.21

What Céline says about her proposal:

"Vexations - the musical piece and its succulent title - have been with me for many years. Short, simple and original piece - I incorporated it in several of my shows, I also participated in its collective performance “marathon” in Bozar a few years ago. So I liked the idea that the musical piece would be on my path again in 2021 since its evocative title reflects our current experience. Calling on producer Gil Mortio was a way of breaking away from the routine of solo rehearsal and radically turning to a reinterpretation. Starting from a "classic" version revolving around the piano and its playing modes, he turned, kneaded and rearranged the piece. By playing, among other things, with the indomitable length prescribed by the composer, he creates a play of colors and shapes with acid tones aligned in spectral layers."


Hybrid, mutant, impure, transgender on the artistic scene, Céline Lory, classical pianist, explorer of songs, photographs, texts, music, piano and voice and body: she blurs the tracks and makes fun of hunters. The actual period abuses of a kind of house arrest: « from where are you talking? ", like an old police summon that is still current in the cultural field, to which she is loath to play while playing - check out her self-portraits which look at you, acid and tender! - her compositions are raw, beautiful nude and uncompromising. Her sound object “en Corps y-bride” - dilapidated as it should be, labyrinthine, well written and well played - is the first delirium on an album of a classical pianist who came to write songs where interludes and instrumental improvisations played by happy hands deliver powerful texts.


Gil Mortio is a well known multi instrumentalist who played with, recorded or produced a lot of bands. He's an aficionado who can adapt his creativity to a various genres of music.

Céline Lory: piano
Gil Mortio: other instruments and arrangement
Production: Sonar asbl

Bandcamp only release on the 6th of November 2021.

Track listing:

40x Vexations - Piano and extensive rework

Friday 8 October 2021

OUC034 John Americus Witt / Litost


Cover art by Silas Plum

OUC034  John Americus Witt / Litost

The new album from the fascinating American contemporary composer John Americus Witt (see also ODG115OUC026 and OUC033) or another strange and emotional proposal turning around specific sensations going through your body.

Litost is a Czech word, loosely means 'a state of agony and torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery'. 
The album tracks the progress of this realization, and the movement of this sensation through the body.  The state described as Litost is in essence one of immediacy.  

The Heart is hit first, sharp and deep. It skips a beat, causes a sharp intake of breath.  The Gut is next, where emotion is most deeply felt.  It grabs and twists, holds tight.  Then comes the Head, doing its best to make sense, to categorize, to place some analysis on the situation. It is frenzied.  
Finally, once the fight is driven from you, the Bones. The realization is a part of you now, imbued in the frame.  

It will live with you forever.

Discover the beautiful works from Silas Plum HERE!

Digital release on the 8th of October 2021.

Track listing:

1: Heart
2: Gut
3: Head
4: Bones

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Wednesday 6 October 2021

OVX020 : Jozef Dumoulin / Vexations Vol.20


Cover art by A.L.

OVX020 : Jozef Dumoulin / Vexations Vol.20

What Jozef says about his proposal:

“Since long I have been fascinated by the idea of very long static performances based on very limited musical material mixed with improvisation. Some years ago I became aware of Erik Satie’s Vexations and in 2017 I convinced the people at Le Petit Faucheux in Tours (France), where I was artist in residence at the time, to set up a musical happening around the piece. For 9 hours straight (more wasn’t possible due to logistics) we would play Vexations, and whoever felt like could come up and join us, to either play the ‘text’ or to improvise around it. This allowed for people with very different backgrounds of level and experience to play together, which relates to another zone of interest of mine.

The performance in Tours was an extremely enriching adventure, albeit a little stiff, that made me aware of a lot of things I had never payed attention to before. 

One year later I got the chance to set up a similar happening around Satie’s Vexations at Werkplaats Walter in Brussels (Belgium), this time for a full 24 hours. Things were sufficiently loose there, and the place is connected to a big local network of artists, so a lot of different people of all ages, levels, and art-forms attended and participated, which made for an exhilarating and colourful event. 

Now, when Alain Lefebvre proposed me to be part of the 21 artists performing 40 repetitions of Vexations for his Off label, I said yes without having a particular idea in mind about how I was going to proceed. But at some point it became an evidence for me that I was going to do it with my family. I have 9 sisters and 2 brothers, and by now there’s more than 30 grandchildren. I always wanted to record something with them, and this was a perfect opportunity. I knew that if I told “Ok, I’m just going to sit in our mother’s garden and play 40 repetitions of that piece, you can come and play with me”, they would most probably do it. And if they didn’t, it would still make for a cool field-recording at a meaningful place.

When the set date became closer, a new, very determining and loaded element showed up: it happened to coincide with quite destructive works on our childhood house, right next-doors of my mother’s house, where one of my brothers lives now. The works caused a lot of emotion for most of us, and plain distress for some. With my brother we decided that we’d play there, right on the remains of what used to be our living room. This, combined with the fact that it was the first time we all reunited since my mom’s 80th birthday party right before the pandemic, gave the whole thing a very special flavour. Almost everybody showed up, and a whole lot participated by playing or by just hanging around. I’m super grateful for that, and happy to have captured the moment.

As for the final sound file, I’ve let the entire field-recording as such but choose to add two elements: synths playing the exact written material, and 2 kind of randomly dispatched and unrelated piano-loops. Those piano-loops are there to honour Satie’s spirit, to get the whole object in a kind of up-in-te-air zone that is always dear to me, and as an expression of the love and affection I feel for the whole of my family.”

Jozef and family in Ingelmunster, Belgium, on September 5th 2021

Pianist Jozef Dumoulin (Belgium) redefined the Fender Rhodes keyboard through a scope that is at the same time fully contemporary, eclectic and highly personal. He was the first to present a full solo program featuring the instrument. Furthermore he is known for his open and luminous approach to the piano and to music in general, always anchored in tradition without being burdened by it. Besides the Fender Rhodes solo, his own projects include The Red Hill Orchestra (a trio with Ellery Eskelin and Dan Weiss) a duo with Benoît Delbecq and a post-punk guitar-band called Trojan Panda. 

Jozef, pic by Peter Tümmers

Highly-demanded as a sideman, Jozef Dumoulin has recorded and toured with the finest of musicians in the domain of jazz, improvised music, rock, classical and traditional music. He currently lives in Paris.

The family:

Katrien Dumoulin: tuba

Siska Dumoulin: bassoon

Eva Claeys: cello

Pieter Dumoulin: cello, solo voice

Ayaan Dumoulin: toy saxophone, keyboards, drums

Ivo Dumoulin: bass, trombone

Tuur Dumoulin: saxophone, bass

Kasper Dumoulin: trumpet

Hilde Vanmaele: melodica

Barbe Dumoulin: saxophone

Mathilde Dumoulin: electric guitar

Mieke Dumoulin: violin

Anne Claeys: violin

Tom Meeuws: drums

Pieter Claeys: drums

Emine Meyrem Karamemet: drums

Daniele Martini: toy saxophone

Hilde Dumoulin: flute 

Jozef Dumoulin: piano, keyboards

+ quite some others on various percussion instruments and voice

Jan Claeys: display of repetition count

Recorded by Daniele Martini in Ingelmunster, Belgium, on September 5th 2021.

Mixed by Jozef Dumoulin and Daniele Martini

Mastered by Daniele Martini

Bandcamp only release on the 6th of November 2021.

Track listing:

40x Vexations - Ingelmunster family reunion

Friday 1 October 2021

ODG149 : Mademoiselle Plume Rouge / Junkie Movie Music


Cover art by Janet McBurney

ODG149: Mademoiselle Plume Rouge / Junkie Movie Music

The duo Mademoiselle Plume Rouge was created in 2018 by Stéphane Povitch Augsburger (electric guitar, sampled voices, effect pedals, loopers) and Frédéric Minner (electric bass, soprano saxophone, effect pedals, loopers).

The two musicians have known each other and collaborated in various musical projects for the last 20 years. In 2018, they decided to launch a new project focused on the development of new instrumental sonorities. After several months of searching and experimenting, the duo decided to move away from the pure free improvisation they were playing in order to develop more constructed musical forms. During this time they performed several selected shows across Switzerland, with the highlight of a recent performance at Geneva’s La Cave 12 venue.

In the winter of 2021, they were offered a residency by the City of Geneva at La Cave 12 to record their debut album “Junkie Movie Music”. The 4 pieces of the album are dark, evocative and cinematic, using repetition to create a hypnotic atmosphere. They employ different compositional techniques like themes, quartal harmonies, atonalism, drones, riffs, works on textures and timbers, and clusters. These techniques draw their inspiration from composers such as Luciano Berio, György Ligeti, or Helmut Lachenmann but also from traditional Japanese music, contemporary jazz (Craig Taborn, Dave Liebman, Bobo Stenson), New-York avant-garde music from the 80s-90s (John Lurie, no-wave, John Zorn), and experimental doom (Sunn O))), Boris).

Edited by Léo Marussich at le Vélodrome in Geneva, Switzerland
Mixed by Freddie Murphy (Father Murphy) at Bombanella Soundscapes in Maranello, Italy
Mastered by John Dieterich (Deerhoof) in his home studio in Albuquerque, USA.

Stéphane “Povitch” Augsburger (born in 1975) is a guitarist, pianist, drummer, singer, writer and actor living in Geneva (Switzerland). He has recorded 4 albums with the band What’s Wrong With us? (working amongst others with producers like Bob Drake and Martin Bisi), with which he has toured in Europe and the USA. 

Frédéric Minner (born in 1978) is a bassist and saxophonist based in Zürich (Switzerland). He played in various rock, jazz, metal and experimental bands (like Poppins) and is a member of the Insub Meta Orchestra since 2010 with whom he recorded 3 albums and toured in Europe.

Scene 1:

Digital release on the 1st of October 2021.

Track listing:

1: Scene 1: What Do You Wanna Hear Kid?

2: Scene 2: He Just Kept on Playing That over and over and over Again.

3: Scene 3: I Can't Seem to Sleep at Night. Not in This City.

4: Scene 4: I Should Go In a 3-Piece White Suit Like Charlie Parker.

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