Thursday, 10 January 2019

OJP034 : Ai Kisaragi - Tetsuroh Konishi / Atmosphere

Cover art by Ai Kisaragi

OJP034 : Ai Kisaragi - Tetsuroh Konishi / Atmosphere

Second album from Ai Kisaragi and Tetsuroh Konishi (see OJP021), this time less rhythmic and more introspectif! 
The theremin of Ai takes more room and give the atmosphere which gives the title of the album! 
To listen peacefully in the early delight or late at night!



Ai Kisaragi : Theremin Aeolian Harp Alto Recorder
Tetsuroh Konishi : Trumpet  E.Guitar  Alto Recorder

Recording and Mix Mastering at Nakiri Kisaragi House
Artwork by Ai Kisaragi  Special Thanks to Ni·Ho·Hi

Digital release on the 11th of January 2019.

Track listing:

1. Aberrations
2. Tri
3. Atmosphere 1
4. Atmosphere 2
5. Atmosphere 3
6. Dualism
7. Interference

And on Bandcamp:

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Pierre Vervloesem / Olé Hop!

Olé Hop! is a track from the forthcoming new solo album 'Artiste Belge' by Pierre Vervloesem.
The album will feature 13 new masterpieces while the digital version will have 5 more bonuses.
Both versions will be released end of March.

Meanwhile, enjoy this video, directed and edited by Pierre himself!

Friday, 4 January 2019

ODG095 : Ben Sluijs - Erik Vermeulen / Stones

Cover pic by Jacky Lepage

ODG095 : Ben Sluijs - Erik Vermeulen / Stones

Originally released in 2001, this album Stones, which is a short story by writer, Emile Clemens, artfully set to music by alto saxophonist, Ben Sluijs (site) and pianist, Erik Vermeulen (bio).

Perhaps lesser known on our American shores, these musicians' sport relatively impressive resumes, performing with a variety of Euro-Jazz and multinational artists. Otherwise, Sluijs composed the majority of these pieces as the duo embarks upon an audibly scenic journey consisting of quaintly organized fabrics. Essentially, the artists' display a prodigious flair for melody throughout these ten works, as they project an atmospheric program brimming with lush phraseology, memorable themes and softly stated lyricism.

Erik and Ben

Sluijs' breezy lines rekindles notions of the late Paul Desmond's 'dry martini' sound, whereas Vermeulen possesses a delicate touch as the duo's refined elegance comes to the forefront. However, the men also turn the proceedings up a notch or two during some heated exchanges, although intriguingly melodic pieces such as, 'Still' and others sum up what this very attractive outing is all about.

All compositions by Ben Sluijs except Dialogue and Behind the Poet, the intro and the final, are improvisations by Ben Sluijs and Erik Vermeulen. Gargoyles by Erik Vermeulen.
Recorded at Erik's place and mixed by Dré Pallemaerts in 2001.

Originally released on Jazz'Halo as TS010, then re released on W.E.R.F. records as 081.

Press:  English: CadenceAll about Jazz
             Dutch: De MorgenJazzmozaïekKnack
             French: Jazzman

Digital release (courtesy W.E.R.F.) on the 4th of January 2019.

Track listing:

1: Dialogue
2: Mother of Pearl
3: Still
4: Sea Prisoners
5: Wall
6: Stones
7: Gargoyles
8: Minor Problems
9: Glow
10: Behind the Poet