Thursday 30 April 2015

ORT012 : Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Live at Het Bos

                                                                            Cover art: Dennis Tyfus

ORT012 : Chaos of the Haunted Spire / Live at Het Bos

Another selection (see also ORT010) of the trashjazzfreedub improvisation of the super group fronted by Teun Verbruggen and Andrew Claes, live at Het Bos, in Antwerp in 2014, this time joined by Sickboy Milkplus, Pierre Vervloesem and Mirco Banovic. 
Chaos is the name of the band but their music is an extremely controlled and powerful one! Atomic music for everyone! Enjoy!

Andrew Claes: EWI, electronics and sax
Teun Verbruggen: drums
Jurgen 'sickboy' Desmet: electronics
Pierre Vervloesem: electric bass
Mirco Banovic: electric bass

Recorded november 2014 at 'Het Bos', Antwerp by Bram Van Houtte.
Mixed and Mastered by Pierre Vervloesem.
Already released as a limited 200 lp on Rat Records here.

Digital release on the 30th of April 2015.

Track listing: 

2. Telefoon!
3. For S.P.
4. For A.T.
5. Pinball
6. Black Bossa
7. Ruhig
8. Begrenst

 Release party, Het Bos, 02/05/2015

Teun & Pierre

And on Bandcamp:

Wednesday 22 April 2015

OPV009 : Philippe Tasquin / My Skinny Wonderland

OPV009 : Philippe Tasquin / My Skinny Wonderland

Originally produced in 2002 as a limited edition cd, Off is now pleased to re released this grand guignol production! 
Philippe Tasquin (see also OCD022) at his best, writing, playing, singing like one of the best Hollywood or Broadway writer! 
It's swinging, it's burlesque, it's symphonic pop, it's cabaret, it's crazy, it's fun, it's Tasquin! 
Produced and mixed by the other Belgian master Pierre Vervloesem who also co composed a few tracks and played on all of them.

This is the original booklet:

Digital and physical release on the 24th of April 2015.
The cd with booklet is only available via the Off site, just click on add to cart at the end of the post.

Track listing:

1:   Introduction
2:   Quiet Village
3:   Christmas Crime
4:   Harry Finally Found a Job 
5:   216 
6:   Whodunit 
7:   Finally
8:   The New Liberace 
9:   What Went Wrong? 
10: Blind Alley 
11: Damned Messiah
12: The Paramount 
13: Town Without Pity

And in Bandcamp:


Thursday 9 April 2015

OCD023 : Jean-Marc Lederman Experience / The Last Broadcast On Earth

cover art by Kev Blackfoot Lederman

OCD023: Jean-Marc Lederman Experience / The Last Broadcast On Earth

The Last Broadcast on Earth is a concept album revolving around the possible last radio show on earth before...?

An intruiging music adventure unwraps in front of you in this multiplatform album em- bedded in a videogame.
3 questions:
Is this the latest day on Earth ?

Why is there only radio station broadcasting ?
What happens at the end of the night ?

From Julianne Regan to Arianna Froxeanne, from Tom Shear, Jay Aston to Frank M. Spinath, from Japan to the USA and Italy or India, 13 singers from 8 different countries gather around a mysterious project involving you, driving at night on a deserted road and listening to the only radio on air...

This multisensorial experience will come out first as a free videogame and a website, both
main part where an idea is spread over several platforms (IOS/Android/PC/MAc).

13 singers from 8 different countries:
Julianne Regan (All About Eve)
Anna Domino
Jenna Fearon
Arianna Froxeanne (The Frozen Autumn)
Sophie Drakenvleugels and Raya Shaduwjaagster from Dark Poem
Mari Kattman (Mari & The Ghost)
Takeko Akamatsu (Craftwife)
Jay Aston(Gene Loves Jezebel)
Frank M. Spinath (Seabound, Ghost & Writer)
Jay Aston ( Gene Loves Jezebel)
Jacques Duvall
Bruce Geduldig (Tuxedomoon)
Tom Shear (Assemblage 23)
Sam Devos (For Greater Good)
Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen, Alain Bashung, Fad Gadget)
With apperances from Bertand Burgalat and Matt Johnson (The The)

17 songs, more than 52 minutes of music recorded as a one track with radio calls, adverts and great songs by amazing singers.

A journey like no other that makes you want to return to listen to it like it really was the last broadcast on earth!

Composed, played, arranged and produced by Jean-Marc Lederman (bio).

The digital release has been taken out of all platforms at the demand of Jean-Marc.
Physical release on the tenth of April 2015.
The cd is a limited edition of 300 copies.

Nice reviews already: here and here, in Idieyoudie here! And in German in MedienKonverter here and here in ElectroZine. And a 98 points on 100 in Peek-a-boo music magazine here!

Track listing:

1/   Schau Mit Liebe with Frank M. Spinath
2a/ DJ Kling Klang intervention with Bertrand Burgalat
2b/ So Long with J.P. Aston
3/   The Last Love Song with Anna Domino
4/   Never Take Fire by Ghost & Writer
5/   The Reassuring Undertone with Sophie Drakenvleugels & Raya Schaduwjaagster

6/   L’amour c'est la mort with Jacques Duvall
7/   Funky Town
8/   “The Killing Woods”
9/   The Last Phone Call by The Weathermen
10/ Yumemite Aino (I Was Dreaming Of You) with Takeko Akamatsu
11/ No Regrets with Froxeanne
12/ Into My Arms with Jenna Fearon
13/ Wolves by Mari & The Ghost
14/ I Love You, Sandy with Tom Shear
15/ Good Night with Sam Devos
16/ Dreams Are All Faded Away with Julianne Regan
17/ Various weather reports

Some teasers and songs:


Sunday 5 April 2015

ODG037 : Four of a kind / That Kind of Jazz

cover art by A.L., pic. by Mango Kingoroo

ODG037 : Four of a kind / That Kind of Jazz

First EP for that new, young and very talented band. 
Formed around Brussels Jazz conservatory students, Four of a kind delivers the kind of classical Jazz our parents were loving. It is a choice of various reasons, notably their love for the 50ties. 
They have won a few awards already and are invited to play in various Belgium festivals.
All the tracks on the EP are original compositions.
A straight departure from the experimental/ noise/ jazz that Off does habitually, but definitively their kind of Jazz! And my father would have been happy for once!
No Wiplash music but close!
Mixed and mastered by Pierre Vervloesem who told me: "They are so pro that this could be their 73rd album!"
Website: here Serge Sluyts

Digital release on the 6th of April 2015.

Trak listing:

1: Wild Wild Wes
2: Gospel Swing
3: The Joker
4: Turbomobile