Thursday, 9 April 2015

OCD023 : Jean-Marc Lederman Experience / The Last Broadcast On Earth

cover art by Kev Blackfoot Lederman

OCD023: Jean-Marc Lederman Experience / The Last Broadcast On Earth

The Last Broadcast on Earth is a concept album revolving around the possible last radio show on earth before...?

An intruiging music adventure unwraps in front of you in this multiplatform album em- bedded in a videogame.
3 questions:
Is this the latest day on Earth ?

Why is there only radio station broadcasting ?
What happens at the end of the night ?

From Julianne Regan to Arianna Froxeanne, from Tom Shear, Jay Aston to Frank M. Spinath, from Japan to the USA and Italy or India, 13 singers from 8 different countries gather around a mysterious project involving you, driving at night on a deserted road and listening to the only radio on air...

This multisensorial experience will come out first as a free videogame and a website, both
main part where an idea is spread over several platforms (IOS/Android/PC/MAc).

13 singers from 8 different countries:
Julianne Regan (All About Eve)
Anna Domino
Jenna Fearon
Arianna Froxeanne (The Frozen Autumn)
Sophie Drakenvleugels and Raya Shaduwjaagster from Dark Poem
Mari Kattman (Mari & The Ghost)
Takeko Akamatsu (Craftwife)
Jay Aston(Gene Loves Jezebel)
Frank M. Spinath (Seabound, Ghost & Writer)
Jay Aston ( Gene Loves Jezebel)
Jacques Duvall
Bruce Geduldig (Tuxedomoon)
Tom Shear (Assemblage 23)
Sam Devos (For Greater Good)
Jean-Marc Lederman (The Weathermen, Alain Bashung, Fad Gadget)
With apperances from Bertand Burgalat and Matt Johnson (The The)

17 songs, more than 52 minutes of music recorded as a one track with radio calls, adverts and great songs by amazing singers.

A journey like no other that makes you want to return to listen to it like it really was the last broadcast on earth!

Composed, played, arranged and produced by Jean-Marc Lederman (bio).

The digital release has been taken out of all platforms at the demand of Jean-Marc.
Physical release on the tenth of April 2015.
The cd is a limited edition of 300 copies.

Nice reviews already: here and here, in Idieyoudie here! And in German in MedienKonverter here and here in ElectroZine. And a 98 points on 100 in Peek-a-boo music magazine here!

Track listing:

1/   Schau Mit Liebe with Frank M. Spinath
2a/ DJ Kling Klang intervention with Bertrand Burgalat
2b/ So Long with J.P. Aston
3/   The Last Love Song with Anna Domino
4/   Never Take Fire by Ghost & Writer
5/   The Reassuring Undertone with Sophie Drakenvleugels & Raya Schaduwjaagster

6/   L’amour c'est la mort with Jacques Duvall
7/   Funky Town
8/   “The Killing Woods”
9/   The Last Phone Call by The Weathermen
10/ Yumemite Aino (I Was Dreaming Of You) with Takeko Akamatsu
11/ No Regrets with Froxeanne
12/ Into My Arms with Jenna Fearon
13/ Wolves by Mari & The Ghost
14/ I Love You, Sandy with Tom Shear
15/ Good Night with Sam Devos
16/ Dreams Are All Faded Away with Julianne Regan
17/ Various weather reports

Some teasers and songs:


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