Monday 23 December 2013

A Xmas gift from Dorit Chrysler to all Off followers


For this 24th of December and all the coming merry Xmas, the queen of theremin Dorit Chrysler (here , hereand here!) is offering all the Off followers, friends and fans a marvelous gift: 3 versions of the famous Irving Berlin song!
Pick your favorite one, listen to it, share it, give it to a friend as a gift, download it for free... do whatever you want but do enjoy it and have a wonderful Xmas!

Performed & Produced by Dorit Chrysler 
Additional production by Allen Farmelo. Mixed and mastered by Allen Farmelo

Thursday 19 December 2013

ORT005-OUI023 : Arve Henriksen - Teun Verbruggen / Black Swan

                                                                       Cover art by Rob Musters & Peter Verbruggen

ORT005-OUI023 : Arve Henriksen - Teun Verbruggen / Black Swan

This release sees the return of magical Norvegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen ( bioORT002ORT003 ) this time playing and singing over prepared drums and electronics by Teun Verbruggen ( bio ). It's a beauty like always with Monsieur Arve. It was mixed by Eric Honoré and mastered by Helge Sten.

Album Review:

To some, this might seem like an unlikely collaboration. Throughout much of his recent career, whether solo or as a member of Supersilent, Norwegian trumpeter Arve Henriksen has explored expansive, deeply atmospheric territory. He has recorded not only for Rune Grammofon, but also for ECM, and his austere, breathy tone inspired by the Japanese shakuhachi is entirely in keeping with the latter label's Scandinavian cool, even when Henriksen is displaying his abstractly explorative side. Belgian drummer Teun Verbruggen would seem to embrace experimentalism of a somewhat different stripe, seated on the drum stool for Peter Vermeersch's oddball big band Flat Earth Society for a decade, collaborating with creative jazz pianists, and recently firing up noisy jazztronica improvs with his groups Othin Spake and the Bureau of Atomic Tourism, documented on his Rat Records label. But here they are on the 2012-2013 Rat album Black Swan, although not exactly together, since Verbruggen recorded drums and electronics in Belgium during September 2010 and sent digital files to Henriksen, who added trumpets, vocals, Hardanger fiddle, keyboards, snare drum, samples, and treatments from his home in Norway during February 2011. Knowing the back-story behind the creation of these 11 sonic vignettes makes the results that much more impressive, particularly in how Henriksen found evocative ways to build upon Verbruggen's foundation of abstract, even arrhythmic percussive and electronic sounds (although the listener sometimes can't discern with absolute confidence which musician produced which sounds on the album).
In fact, "Fridge Detective B." sounds primarily like a Henriksen creation, a calming, drifting foray with subtle overlapping rhythmic pulses and sequenced tones, random plucks and droplets, falsetto vocals, and trumpet harmonies stretching out luxuriously — the percussives seem muted and drowned. Henriksen fans should delight in it. With its own ghostly atmospheres, "Sweet Marrowbone" is a fine trumpet showcase, with lingering windy and cavernous drones, Verbruggen's cymbal washes, and sequenced repetitions providing subtle seasoning for Henriksen's entry, retreat, and reentry, which give the track a semblance of structure. The one-two punch of the title track and "Bryggen" are at the other end of the spectrum: the former with squelchy deep throbs and a sustained, multi-layered electro-acoustic percussive attack; the latter continuing with more treated percussives, repetitive clicks and pops, electro bursts and throbs, gated noise, and undefinable implements escalating into a mechanistic cacophony. Somewhere between the extremes of these tracks lie "Boxgrove Home Page," in which Henriksen's exploration of Middle Eastern phrasing ascends into near abrasion against Verbruggen's stop-start pound and clatter, and "Baby Flock N," in which Henriksen explores a deeper yet similar mode against a more flowing, rolling backdrop of percussion, electronics, and tones. Almost a straight-up drums and trumpet improv over empty space, "Orange" is a nice palate-cleanser, although it is a mere precursor to the concluding "Mystery," in which Verbruggen's crisp punctuations make room for Henriksen's trumpet to enter beautifully against a distant chordal sweep, encapsulating all that the simple one-word title could possibly evoke.

Already relesed on Rat Records as RAT017 HERE.
Original digital Release on Off on the 20th of December 2013, now in Bandcamp.

Track listing:

1. AHOB 1
2. Fridge Detective B.
3. Site Q1/B
4. Boxgrove Home Page
5. Fresh Air Inspector
6. Black Swan (for Allowin)

7. Bryggen
8. Sweet Marrowbone
9. Babyflock N.
10. Orange
11. Mystery 

In Bandcamp:

Thursday 12 December 2013

ORT004 : The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism / Second Law Of Thermodynamics

Cover art by Vincent Glowinski

ORT004: The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism / Second Law Of Thermodynamics  

Continuing to explore the Off association with Rat records (see here), this new release is by The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism - aka BOAT-, a fabulous sexet of stars composed by Andrew d'Angelo (bio) on sax, Nate Wooley (bio) on trumpet, Marc Ducret (bio) on Guitar, Trevor Dunn (bio) on bass, Teun Verbruggen (bio) on drums and Jozef Dumoulin (bio) on fender rhodes.
This is a live recording of a fabulous gig played at The Paradox in Tilburg-Holland on the 16th of November 2011 captured by Dieter Claeys, then mixed and mastered by Richard Comte in January 2013.

Album review:

The musicians of the Bureau of Atomic Tourism — aka BOAT — were assembled by Belgian drummer Teun Verbruggen for Antwerp's Follow the Sound Festival in November 2011. Several days after the festival gig, BOAT recorded their 2013 debut album, Second Law of Thermodynamics, at a club show in Tilburg in The Netherlands, and by then they were truly firing on all cylinders. Verbruggen (Flat Earth Society, Jef Neve Trio, Too Noisy Fish) certainly surrounded himself with a top international lineup: bassist Trevor Dunn, reedman Andrew D'Angelo, and trumpeter Nate Wooley from the Brooklyn avant scene in the U.S.; and guitarist Marc Ducret and (Belgian-born) keyboardist Jozef Dumoulin from France. The music played by this transatlantic sextet is uncompromising, heavy on improvisation and with noisy electronics scattered about, and even some noisy electronics-type sounds created without electronics — thanks primarily to Wooley. Free improvisational opening track "Corollaries of the Decay Laws" finds D'Angelo (on bass clarinet) and Ducret screamingly intense; Dunn and Verbruggen maintain tumbling momentum while Dumoulin and Wooley, the latter playing long Miles-ish lines, chart out a middle ground — until D'Angelo's high-energy squeals push the trumpeter to move beyond tonality into pure static.
Verbruggen is ostensibly the bandleader but — at least for the set documented here — D'Angelo brought all the scores. His "BooBeeBooBeeBee" takes nearly four minutes to assemble itself into a messed-up pound-and-retreat theme — the midsection is a fine feature for the Ducret-Dunn-Verbruggen trio in halting escalation to an abrupt stop. D'Angelo also penned the two-part "Marthana," initially pairing the composer's woozy alto and Wooley's trumpet over a subdued dark ambient backing; Ducret's snaky guitar is soon surrounded by repetitive clicks, ticks, and pops that sound like a relatively gentle but deliberate pummeling is being delivered directly to the surface of your eardrums with the world's tiniest jackhammers. "Marthana, Pt. 2" builds into a fearsomely energetic and then fragmented jam after a Dumoulin keyboard feature, ultimately sputtering out before the reins are handed to Wooley, who again pushes beyond notes into sound and noise. A tumultuous improvisation with a physics formula title that translates as "The Average Defining the Generalized Force" stops on a dime and is immediately followed by D'Angelo's "Meg Nem Sa" (from Icelandic guitarist Hilmar Jensson's Tyft album of the same name), in which Verbruggen and Dunn lock into a tight but quick-shifting groove as Ducret, D'Angelo, and Wooley shoot fireworks across the top. The members of BOAT might be split between countries and even by an ocean, but on this souvenir from Tilburg they draw from a common improvisational language, seeming like they've played together for years. Perhaps the title Second Law of Thermodynamics is meant to convey that these sonic scientists don't comprise an isolated system as they channel and disperse their roiling energy. In any case, this album provides a jolt suggesting anything but a slow and steady decay into thermodynamic equilibrium.

Another one here from Neural magazine.

The album (Rat 020) is already released and on sale on the Rat records website HERE

Original digital release on the 16th of December 2013, now in Bandcamp.

1.Corollaries of the decay laws
3.Morthana part 1
4.Morthana Part 2
5. -1/ (Ω (E)) ∑y Y Ωy(E)
6.Meg Nem Sa 

7.Law of Entropy

In Bandcamp:

Wednesday 30 October 2013

ODG018 : Baja / V

ODG018 : Baja / V

In 2007, I received a cd-r with amazing music which became the first album released by Baja ( SCD007 ). A short review at the time said:
"It's not that Maps/Systemalheur resists being brainy. It's just that the intellectualism at work in Baja's music is located in the listening, detected in the way it emotes intelligently rather than intelligently references emotion. By making process and reward one in the same, mirroring the obstinacy and arbitrary nature of human emotions, Vujanic is using electronic music in a way that makes it less a statement about media or a contemporary discussion about subverting conventional songwriting than a tool of matter-of-factness; Vujanic is a Apollonian fully aware of the necessity of his Dionesian counterpart, returning us to a more fundamental discussion about how words may never encapsulate what it is we want to say, or how music makes us feel." From

Now, after four acclaimed releases on different labels ( discography ) and four years in the making, Daniel Vujanic presents the final, ultimate and definitely last Baja album called V. It is finally time to move on to different regions of sound.
V is focusing on melody, musicianship, dynamics and atmosphere rather than on the display of postproduction wizardry or editing abilities. The 10 new compositions feature a warm and quite intimate pop-feel as well as the notorious jazz/ambient/folk/electronica  infested prog-post-rock, teaming up in order to create a kaleidoscopic, playful and at times even anthemic album full of surprises which surely acts as an epitaph as well as a shining pinnacle in vujanic´s work as Baja.
Featuring Daniel Kartmann (drums, vibes), Heiner Stilz (woodwinds), Berna Walter (strings) and Niels Roskamp (drums), some of the songs could even give you the feeling of listening to a jam between XTC and The Sea and Cake.
It's a must!

Digital only release on the 3th of November 2013.

Track listing:

1) Arataxia
2) Tourist Damages
3) Double Betrayal Triple Fantasy
4) Echelon
5) With Animal Eyes
6) Motten Dub
7) The Future Ruins
8) Phosphoraneum
9) All We Need Is A Fire
10) Xlavis

Other praises for Baja:
“Baja operates under the maxim that modern digital music is simply an aural Cuisinart, capable of blending anything and everything into anything and everything, reshaping genre into whatever is physically possible.“ -Squid’s Ear
"Vujanic is making music for the Shuffle generation, positing endless subdivisions that thus, beautifully, enable the listener to consider the music in almost anything" Cokemachine Glow
"Vujanic is a one man musical army" Sound The Siren
"Baja's Daniel Vujanic is a prolific, thoughtful artist with very strong opinions about the value of craftsmanship and intentionality" Tiny Mixtapes

                                                               Pic. by Svenja Eckert

Monday 21 October 2013

ODG017 : Radiobugs / Radio Bugs

Cover art by Kiekebiche

ODG017 : Radiobugs / Radio Bugs

Another unreleased album by maestro Daniel Vujanic ( Bio , Baja , ODG001 , ODG015 , ODG016 ) now on Off! Is it hip-hop, Jazz, electro or experimental rap? It is now up to you to discover this jewel of uplifting and typically Daniel's music, though probably he seems to have had a good laugh recording it!

This is what Daniel has to say about this project:

" It started as an ongoing recording project/duo a couple of years ago.  It focuses on beat science, hip hop and cut-up aesthetics as well as moody interludes and dadaistic aspects of language. The album is an electroacoustic narrative featuring vocals courtesy of Emerald Nutz, a boston based mc who delivers a bouquet of intertwined storythreads, drugged nostalgia and sketchbook poetry. Enjoy!"

Digital release only on the 21th of October 2013.

Track listing:

1) Radiobugs 
2) Nomo ( half vocal)
3) Early Morning ( langeversion)
4) Hot Blood
5) Filoma
6) Radiobugdub
7) Spycam Chronicles
8) Water Threads
9) Fluffertape Girls
10) Sensorico
11) Swinging Apocalypso
12) Chrome
13) The Drunk Lovers ( vocalmix)
14) Night Train Theme
15) Golem Aerobics
16) Feed On Morning Rain

Sunday 6 October 2013

Spotify & Deezer

Dear all, I wrote it last year, listening to Spotify and Deezer do not pay the Artists! Each title needs 500 streamings to bring 0,30€ to the Artist! So one more time, if you like one song or a full album, the prices on Off beeing so ridiculous, please download it once for all! It's really nice to have more than 3/400 streamings each day, but it doesn't pay the musicians...
Here is what Tom Yorke has to say on the subject:

"The last desperate fart of a dying corpse"

ODG016 : The Camping Group / Vertrauen & Wohlstand

Art cover  by Kiekebiche

ODG016: The Camping Group / Vertrauen & Wohlstand

After the digital release of their first album ( see here ), here is finally the chance to discover the never released second album from The Camping Group!
Always reuniting rock-pop-electro and krautrock, Daniel Vujanic and Johannes Finke explore deeper their association: it's a hit!

Digital only release on the 14th of October 2013.

Track listing:

1) König
2) Die Neuen Gesetze
3) Schwerer Elefant
4) Wo Ist Heaven?
5) Woodstock
6) Immer Noch
7) Der Vollständigkeit Halber
8) Seemannslied
9) Fantasy Filmfest Girls
10) Party In den Dünen
11) Von Drei Mal Rot Zur Methode
12) Triumph Ist Trumpt
13) Was Macht
14) Du Bist Nur Ein Instrument
15) Trabanten Dub
16) Das Beben ( Treptow Zeitloch)

Thursday 26 September 2013

ODG015 : The Camping Group / So Wie Wir Heute Dastehn Zeitgenössische Tanzmusik

Art cover by Kiekebiche

ODG015 : The Camping Group / So Wie Wir Heute Dastehn Zeitgenössische Tanzmusik

The Camping Group (tCG) is Daniel Vujanic, the man behind so many different projects such as Baja (  SCD007: Maps/Systemalheur ), Nervous Lovers ( ODG001: Corpes for the Discodawn ), Ixtar, Gaop, Höhlenmusik or Mutterberg and his long time good friend Johannes Finke.

The band was founded in Stuttgart and is now based between Stuttgart (Vujanic) and Berlin (Finke).
They know each other since they were young teens playing Tennis and listening to Terence Trent D'Arbys "Wishing Well". Three Years later they ended up watching Babes In Toyland and began to talk seriously. They started producing Art in many ways, exhibitions, books, records, having
a publishing company, working on plays and installations throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Johannes says about the band: " tCG is just bringing it together, for a small unique piece of unity and friendship. We are both collecting artefacts of life so working in tCG is sharing it all and earning this moments of pure awareness and revolutionary thoughts."

This album is a compilation of their first released album and remixes/bonus tracks that were never released before.
German pop/ electro/ krautrock at his best!

Digital release only on the 30th of September 2013.

More about Daniel Vujanic: Discogs bio
More about Johannes Finke:

Track listing:

1) 1000 Jahre (remix)
2) Vertrauen & Wohlstand (Humanismus remix)
3) Null Null Europa
4) Regenbrauen
5) Wellengang
6) Seemanslied (remix)
7) Azoth
8) Feuerball
9) Alles Bleibt Nichts Geht (schädlings remix)
10) Dreckwasser Dub
11) Humanistenhorde / Jakobsmusghelweg
12) Wir Sind (geld funktionert)

Thursday 12 September 2013

OVD002 : Pierre Vervloesem / Silence Science

Cover art by Kiekebiche

OVD002 : Pierre Vervloesem / Silence Science

The new solo effort from Pierre Vervloesem ( Bio ) on his P.V. Presents digital only series is radically different from his previous albums, though typically Vervloesemesque!
What he is saying about it:
" The idea was (and still is) to use only one guitar and one bass connected directly to the computer without any additional effects but a reverb.
As for the guitar, I wanted to play the note one by one leaving them dying one after the other, but without limiting the number of overdubs.
The notes evolve like an animated movie, picture after picture. It was a fastidious work but I like that!"

The result is totally peaceful, almost restful! Like Wallace and Gromit meeting Brian Eno!

Digital release only on the 13th of September 2013.

1) Krill
2) Choco Russe
3) Spring
4) Tube
5) Gallerie
6) Silence
7) Sucres
8) Rubber Tea

And on Bandcamp:

Monday 9 September 2013

ODX001 : Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Neverless + Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna

Cover art By Kiekebiche

ODX001 : Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Neverless + Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna

For those of you who missed the two separate releases Neverless and Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna , this is another occasion to discover both records in a digital only box at a bargain price.

Digital only release on the 9th of September 2013.

Track listing:

Cd one:
1) Always           : 8,03 min
2) Whatelse        : 7,10 min
3) However        : 7,52 min
4) Inparticular     : 19,47 min
5) Wherefrom     : 15,14 min
Cd two:
1) Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna : 47 min

Thursday 22 August 2013

ODG014 : Adriano Lanzi / You are never alone with the Lemurian Broadcasting Company

ODG014 : Adriano Lanzi / You are never alone with the Lemurian Broadcasting Company

In 2008 I had the luck to discover an Italian band called El Topo and to release their first and only album ( have a listen here: El Topo / Pigiama Psicoattivo ) and it is my pleasure to release now a solo effort by the main leader Adriano Lanzi ( bio ).
This composer- improviser, plays guitar, electronics and bass. He used to be half of the Lanzi & Sodano duo which released some tracks and later a full album (La Vita Perfetta, 2004) on the german Klangbad label run by Faust organist Hans-Joachim Irmler.
He founded El Topo, a contemporary jazz rock band with Sodano, Andrea Biondi, and  Francesco Mendolia. 
There was also a long collaboration (1996 -2003), live and studio, in a world music / afro-jazz project with Siriman Pape Kanouté who's the first musician to have promoted and popularized the kora (west-african harp/lute) in Italy.
From 2001 to now, Adriano has been playing frequent solo performances with live soundtracks to classic silent movies like Der Golem, Man with the Movie Camera, Nanook of The North, Sunrise, Nosferatu, Tabu, The Lodger, The Passion of Joan of Arc, October, a.o.
Occasionally, you will see him also on stage guesting with Welsh post-punk/ noise/ psychedelic band Ectogram and with progressive rock / improvised music veteran Geoff Leigh.

More collaborations: LE GRAND LUNAIRE (duo with oboist / thereminist Paolo Di Cioccio), Davide Piersanti, Tiziana Lo Conte, Recover Band, Le Borg.

What Adriano wrote me about his album:

"I polished out a number of tracks for my solo project. I must say it might turn to be a not-so-long album, some 39 minutes like in the old days.
Anyway it will consist of tracks made just with one instrument (a polyphonic synth, with arpeggiators, variously modulated) and there will be just one piece with external sounds too (a guitar drone, very "thin", and a processed drum loop from a jazz drum solo, from god knows where now). Nevertheless, even if I have set the loudness peaks at more or less the same level for all pieces, they are all rather different in terms of the "fatness" of sound and dynamic range. Some of them "pump" more (and continuously), others less, and they are meant to be like that because they are made of much more spacious and sparse layers of sounds. "

Digital release on the 2nd of September 2013.

Track listing:

1) Gotcha

2) Fontana

3) Leibniz

4) Little Robot Waltz

5) Lemurian Broadcasting Company

6) Complicazioni Tropicali III

7) Amniotica (a Philip K. Dick)

8) Dentro, un poco nervosamente

9) More Knobs to twirl

10) Formaggio poco americano

11) Un'altra strada

And on Bandcamp:

Wednesday 26 June 2013

OPV007 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à tartines

OPV007 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à tartines

This is a story going back in 1982 when Pierre Vervloesem used to play with a band called Itza Uchen.
Jean-Pierre Jonckheere was the guitar player and since then never really stopped playing music and composing dozen of tracks at his own studio Zottecrolle.
In 2012 he finally selected 15 of them and asked different players to join him and add what was needed to finish them.
He gave the result to Pierre who added a little bit of everything everywhere and did the mixing and the mastering.
Pierre is happy now to release it on his P.V.Presents Series.
Digital and physical releases on the 5th of August 2013.

Les Boucles Absurdes are Jean-Pierre Jonckheere featuring:
Pierre Vervloesem: a little bit of everything everywhere
Valentine Garand, Isabelle Bats & Mariam Ben Ajiba: additional vocals and lyrics
Albert Marcoeur: loop
Morgan Ägren: additional drums
Serge Michiels: additional guitar

From United Mutations bogspot: here

" I mentioned this new album by Les Boucles Absurdes a bit over a month ago in a short newsflash. In the meantime, I've received the shiny disc and I have played it like crazy.
"Boîte à Tartines" ('Brooddoos' in Dutch, or 'Bread Box' in English) is collection of catchy melodies. All of the melodies and its variations are repeated in loops (Boucles = Loops). Performed on guitar, synthesizer and tuned percussion. Strange Music. I love it."

Here's what my friend Harry replied after he had given the album a listen:
"having listened to the entire "Boite a tartines" album - let me say, it's one of the craziest albums I have ever listended to in my entire life:-) But I love it -  it's funny, crazy and beautiful. Fuck - forget about the Residents, Arthur Barrow and Marcoeur influences I mentioned in my Email earlier - it's beyond categorization. I heard a lot of Marcour references throughout the album on various pieces, but not him participating on the piece he is mentioned - it's probably just a "boucle" - the ringtones he offers on his site and that's on my mobile...But I heard a lot of Trent Reznor influences on the album as well. Some songs reminded me of "How to destroy angels" - Trent Reznor's side project...Goddammit,  we fucking Germans try to analyse things over...Analyzing is - auf gut deutsch: für'n ARSCH!"

Track listing:

01. Purple Line
02. Dartagnan 
03. Crac
04. Pervertion
05. Pique-Nique
06. Boîte à tartines
07. Ballade pour un apprenti
08. Old complaining beast
09. Jazz de schiste ( Feat. Morgan Ägren )
10. Absurde Gunzor 
11. No place to learn ( Feat. Albert Marcoeur )
12. Foggy Morning
13. Ballade pour un expat
14. Date de péremption
15. La Petite Maison dans les cailloux ( only available on the digital release)

And on Bandcamp:


Wednesday 19 June 2013

ODG013 : Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna

Cover art by Kiekebiche

ODG013 : Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Live at Porgy and Bess - Vienna

After the re release of the album Neverless on Off, this one sees finally the never released fantastic concert they gave at Porgy and Bess in 2005.

After the pleasurable experience of recording the "Neverless" album together "via email," between Roedelius' home near Vienna, and Morgan's longtime personal studio in Tokyo, they decided to meet in Vienna and continue the music, this time in real time. Morgan flew from Japan bearing a large suitcase packed with small and unusual keyboards, acoustic, analogue and digital, with devices that let him expand their tones into panoramic soundscapes. On October 30th, 2005, the two took to the stage and gave a memorable concert at one of Vienna's finest jazz clubs, Porgy and Bess. The performance was intuitive, exploratory, heartfelt improvisation - the keyboards, loops and percussion weaving intricate patterns that resonated between the alluring red walls of what had, years ago, been an erotic cinema, a wartime military headquarters, an art theater, and on this night, a temple of music.

The album will be released on the Digital only series on the 22th of July 2013.

Track listing:

1: Live at Porgy and Bess    47min

Tuesday 14 May 2013

ODG012 : Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Neverless

ODG012 : Roedelius and Morgan Fisher / Neverless

Hans-Joachim Roedelius has long been regarded as a subtle and contemplative pioneer of ambient music. It was inevitable that one day his path would cross with Morgan Fisher, who by the 21st century had reached a similar tranquil plateau of creativity, having moved far from his roots in 60's soul and rock music. The album was recorded "via emails" 
sending audio files back and forth between Roedelius' home near Vienna, and Morgan's longtime personal studio in Tokyo and was released originally in 2005. It's been sold out for more than 7 years now and it's my pleasure to re release it now on the Digital only series.
Out on the 1th of July 2013.

                                                                Morgan Fisher

                                                                                      Hans-Joachim Roedelius

Track Listing:

1. Always                 8:03
2. Whatelse              7:10
3. However                7:52
4. Inparticular          19:47
5. Wherefrom          15:14

Roedelius: Synthesizers, pre-prepared sound material.
Morgan Fisher: Sampler, variophon, clavinet, percussion, voice.
Fabio Capanni: Guitar Track 3.
Felix Jay: Guitar Track 4.

Composed/improvised by Roedelius/Fisher, except:
Track 3: Roedelius/Fisher/Capanni.
Track 4: Roedelius/Fisher/Jay.

Basic tracks recorded at Roedelius studio, Austria and The Handmade Studio, Tokyo.
Overdubbed and mixed by Morgan Fisher at The Handmade Studio, Tokyo, July 2002 to August 2003.

“Gold” photographs by Morgan Fisher. Cover by Kiekebiche
Photograph of Roedelius by Nadine Blanchard.
Photograph of Morgan Fisher by Virginie Aussedat.