Monday, 21 October 2013

ODG017 : Radiobugs / Radio Bugs

Cover art by Kiekebiche

ODG017 : Radiobugs / Radio Bugs

Another unreleased album by maestro Daniel Vujanic ( Bio , Baja , ODG001 , ODG015 , ODG016 ) now on Off! Is it hip-hop, Jazz, electro or experimental rap? It is now up to you to discover this jewel of uplifting and typically Daniel's music, though probably he seems to have had a good laugh recording it!

This is what Daniel has to say about this project:

" It started as an ongoing recording project/duo a couple of years ago.  It focuses on beat science, hip hop and cut-up aesthetics as well as moody interludes and dadaistic aspects of language. The album is an electroacoustic narrative featuring vocals courtesy of Emerald Nutz, a boston based mc who delivers a bouquet of intertwined storythreads, drugged nostalgia and sketchbook poetry. Enjoy!"

Digital release only on the 21th of October 2013.

Track listing:

1) Radiobugs 
2) Nomo ( half vocal)
3) Early Morning ( langeversion)
4) Hot Blood
5) Filoma
6) Radiobugdub
7) Spycam Chronicles
8) Water Threads
9) Fluffertape Girls
10) Sensorico
11) Swinging Apocalypso
12) Chrome
13) The Drunk Lovers ( vocalmix)
14) Night Train Theme
15) Golem Aerobics
16) Feed On Morning Rain

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