Thursday 2 November 2017

OAS007 : Endless White / Day Off - Bái rìguò jǐn

OAS007 : Endless White / Day Off  - Bái rìguò jǐn

The band was founded in April 2015 in the ancient city of Xi’an / China.

Obsessed with shoegaze and dreampop since their youth, they started to compose in that style, adding gentle or dynamic melody lines to take you into their own world of music : simple, complex and extremely poppy at the same time, full of energy and joy. 
Their ambition, through their songs, is to try to succeed to bring you the closest possible to the real yourself ! 

      Lead singer: Weymi
      Bass: Yifan
      Guitar: Jiaxuan
      Drums: Lvchou

      Digital release on the 3rd of November 2017.

      Track listing:

      1: Bell Morning Drums
      2: Bright Illusion
      3: Skew the City
      4: He Must Hug Me to Fall Asleep
      5: Hoe's Dream

      And on Bandcamp:

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