Friday 27 January 2023

OVD066 : Pierre Vervloesem / New Wave


Cover art by A.L.

OVD066 : Pierre Vervloesem / New Wave

No one saw the Warning Sings as It Came from The Sea. And Even though you had a Rhinoplasty which was A Charming Way of Dying and They Were not all Dead, that didn't meant that The Party's pretty much Over!


Drums : Jérôme Colleyn
Non drums : Pierre Vervloesem

Digital release on the 27th of January 2023.

Track listing:

1: It came from the Sea
2: Warning Signs
3: 03 Rhinoplasty
4: A Charming Way of Dying
5: They Were not all Dead
6: The Party's pretty much Over

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Friday 20 January 2023

OUI001: Dino Massa Polish Quartet / Live in Warsaw


Cover art by A.L. - pic by Tomasz Pierchala

OUI001 : Dino Massa Polish Quartet / Live in Warsaw

In the last few years Dino Massa has had an intense concert activity in the USA and throughout Europe. He played in solo performance, with his band and as a guest with local musicians. In 2016, the owner of the jazz club in Warsaw 12on14 Jazz club, Tomasz Pierchala, invited Dino to play in his club for two days with a band of polish musicians. Dino played the previous year with one of them, the bassist Pawel Puszcalo, in the same club, but he never played with the saxophonist Tomasz Grzegorski and the drummer Lukasz Zyta before. These three musicians are certainly among the best Polish musicians living in Warsaw and this group performed two remarkable concerts, one of them recorded in this album. In this session the group played some famous american standards and two of Dino’s compositions, Mari del nord (North sea) with echoes of european jazz music, and Paris, an interesting song dedicated to the famous city. The collaboration between Dino an the saxophonist Tomasz Grzegorski has continued over the years and in 2021, they played in duo at Summer jazz Festival in Krakow. 

This is a “real” jazz album, where the interplay between the four musicians is the main feature of the whole project. 

Recorded live at 12on14 Jazz Club in Warsaw on 18/10/2016 by Tomasz Pierchala
Musicians: Dino Massa Polish Quartet
Dino Massa: piano
Tomasz Grzegorski: tenor and soprano sax
Pawel Puszczalo: bass
Lukasz Zyta: drums

Dino Massa is  an active composer and professor of jazz piano at the Conservatory of Naples. He played both in Italy, in Usa and throughout Europe. He made ten disks as leader, his two last Cd are: “Echoes of Europe”, released by Usa label ARC, recorded in Usa and played by some of the best jazz player of Kansas City area and “Suite pour le piano for jazz quartet”,  released by Norway label Losen Records. 2021 released for NullaDie editions, his first novel, the thiller “L’Orchestra jazz si tinge di giallo”. He collaborated with many jazz musicians, such as: John Abercrombie, Marcus Hampton, Stan Kessler, Chris Burnett, Clarence Smith, Sigurdur Flosason, Tomasz Grzegorski, Kyron Bourke, Lukas Zjta, Shule Jovovic, Bruno Tommaso, Maurizio Giammarco and many others.

Some press:

I recently discovered the music of this Italian jazz musician and I am already a fan
Wilbert Sostre – Jazz Times

Dino Massa confirms himself as one of the most interesting and versatile musicians of Italian jazz ...a pianist among the most educated and prepared in Italy.
Maurizio Zerbo – All About Jazz

Dino Massa indulges and gives fun … Dino faces it with the couragepassion, humility and self-denial that give us hope for the future of our jazz.
Bruno Tommaso musician

Massa's "touch" has that originality that makes the characteristics of a musician stand out from others.
Sergio Spada – Suono

Massa is a wonderful player, highly lirical.
Roger Atkinson – Jazz Ambassador Magazine

Digital release on the 20th of January 2023.

Track listing:

1: Beautiful Love (V. Young) 
2: Mari del nord (D. Massa) 
3: There is no greater love (I. Jones) 
4: In a sentimental mood (D. Ellington) 
5: Paris (D. Massa)  
6: Solar (M. Davis)

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Tuesday 17 January 2023

OUI000 : Jazz On / Off - An Extensive Reminder


Cover art by A.L. from a segment of a painting by Willy De Smelt

OUI000 : Jazz On / Off - An Extensive Reminder

About time to have a series that englobes all possible forms of Jazz from classical to avant-jazz! The name of the series 'Ugoki!' means movement in Japanese and is an hommage to the fabulous Impulse! label. It is also an hommage to my father who make me discover so many great musicians during my youth at home with his incredible vinyls collection and live. Seeing Wes Montgomery, Charlie Mingus or Duke Ellington from the age of 4 gave me some light and an appetite for all genres of music!

Jazz On / Off - An Extensive Reminder is a collection of all the musicians playing jazz or whatever you want to call on various Off series and being finally together on a long long long compilation to (re) discover some jazz songs and a perfect start for this new Ugoki! series.

All tracks infos in the links.

Digital release on the 17th of January 2023.

Track listing:

1: Untitled 2 - see ODG024 - Blanchet - Borghi - Chevallier - Paganotti Quartet
2: Mallets Ballad (feat. Floy Krouchi, Benjamin Sanz, James Brandon Lewis) - see OCD052 - CLIFFS
3: L'Uomo nero di Idrusa - see OCD028 - Marco Bardoscia
4: Flying Circles - see ODG103 - Ben Sluijs Quartet
5: The Pearls of Bahrain - see ODG129 - Alex Glenfield, Ravi Padmanabha
6: Low Gravity - see OJP038 - Pulse Convention
7: Sonics - see OCD006 - El Topo
8: Our Roots - see OJP047 - SPACE808
9: Macondo - see ODG163 - Macondo Trio
10: Song for Yusef - see OCD039 - Ben Sluijs Quartet
11: Mechelen - see ODG160 - Joseph Nowell Trio
12: No More Lies - see ODG005 - Emmanuel Borghi Trio / Keys, Strings and Brushes
13: Solar Plexus - see OCD013 - Jesse Elder Quintet
14: Blue Sunset - soon to be released - Tetsuroh Konishi
15: Up There - see ODG117 - Ben Sluijs - Erik Vermeulen
16: Looking up the Gate - see OJP042 - Pulse Convention
17: The Magic of 3 - see ODG138 - 
18: Vatos - see ORT002 - Giovanni Di Domenico - Arve Henriksen - Tatsuhisa Yamamoto
19: I already told you that I don't Want YOUR JAZZ - see OVD065 - Pierre Vervloesem
20: Orchid - see OCD005 - Colorlist
21: Round Midnight - never released track - Toshinori Kondo
22: St. Cecilia, No. 4, Pt. 2 - see ORT018 - Vansina - Verbruggen - Gudmudsson
23: Jeudi après-midi - see ODG004 - Benjamin Lew - Alinovsky - Luc Van Lieshout 
24: Again - see OCD046 - Orientation Of We
25: Misión Azul - see ODG047 - Daniele Morelli 
26: In a Silent Way - see ODG049 - Machine Mass sextet
27: We Will Intersect I - see OCD053 - We Will Intersect
28: Dimensional Stairs 0 - Space Exit - see OJP067 - SPACE808

Cover art is a segment from a painting by Willy De Smelt :

Itunes, Spotify, etc.: # 21 is different with a track from ORT018 - Vansina-Verbruggen-Gudmundsson


Friday 13 January 2023

ODG166 : BTH / Before The Holocaust


Cover art by Olivier Legrain

ODG166 : BTH / Before The Holocaust

Kraut Metal from Brussels and outer space!

tlhIngan maH! - we are Klingons!

BTH is a small group of humans that miraculously escaped from planet Klingon where they were held prisoners by that fierce extra-terrestrial race that is well-known by Star Trek fans. 
BTH has a mission: warn humanity of an impending holocaust orchestrated by hordes of Klingons determined to destroy all forms of human life on earth.
After years of brain-washing and isolation in outer-space Klingon prisons, BTH will try to voice its waring in Klingon language only.

To carry his message of despair, hate and destruction, BTH decided to opt for the most adequate music genre: a skillful, brutal and lo-fi mix of Kraut Noise Rock/Math Death Metal.

In spite of Covid-19 pandemic and other minor inconveniences, BTH came to existence two years ago. Today, they are releasing their first album Before the Holocaust.

BTH is Marc B. (bass), Fabrice D. (violin), Joël P. (drums), Raphaël R. (guitar) and Roland W. (voice and sound design). All of them are or have been part of mythical bands of the Belgian underground music scene: Martien Go Home!, von Stroheim, Noise Gate, keiki… 

The album’s artwork is taken from Olivier Legrain’s painting Goodbye America. The album was mixed by Jérémy Trossat.

Parental advisory: explicit klingon lyrics

Play it loud!

Digital release on the 13th of January 2023.

Track listing:

1: Duq
2: Teq
3: Ma It
4: Duj
5: Logh
6: Qugh

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