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OCD039 : Ben Sluijs Quartet / Particles

Cover art by Laurie Van Elsacker

OCD039: Ben Sluijs Quartet / Particles (feat. Ben Sluijs, Bram De Looze, Lennart Heyndels, Dre Pallemaerts)

Ben Sluijs (se also ODG086 and his extensive discography and bio here) is undoubtedly one of the most lyrical and poetic jazz saxophonists of our country. 

'Voilà un album riche et passionnant. Ben Sluijs en a écrit les huit morceaux et cela procure une identité forte à l’ensemble, même si les influences sont diverses et si les traitements sont diversifiés. Le chic de Ben Sluijs, c’est de s’entourer d’excellents musiciens qui peuvent à la fois se fondre dans un ensemble et profiter des espaces de liberté pour imposer leur personnalité. Et comme Ben en a une fameuse aussi, l’album possède une tension du plus bel effet et délivre une musique honnête, intime et même fragile à certains moments' JEAN-CLAUDE VANTROYEN - Le Soir

The artist can claim a solid experience at the head of different quartets. At the 2016 edition of the Jazz Middelheim festival, he created the surprise by performing with his new quartet, the Ben Sluijs Quartet, alongside drummer Dre Pallemaerts (website) as well as the two outstanding young talents Bram De Looze (website) and Lennart Heyndels (website). 

This album, recorded in 2018, shows their art of performing at their best. Long compositions that evolve from quiet moments to enthusiastic solo and powerful playing.

Take your time to listen peacefully and to discover the various Particles of the album! Enjoy!

From left to right : Lennart, Be, Bram and Dre - pic by Cees van de Ven

Teaser for the album:

'Particles' live at Flagey:

And very nice video of the Quartet live at Middleheim 2018 here!

“ 'Particles' is a perfectly balanced Album. A fragile, intimate and personal album in which every group member flowers. The music feels strongly as a heart-warming and extreme engagement for authenticity. Those who are looking for an incredibly fine jazz album to immerse themselves completely as listeners, know what to do. Great class of Ben Sluijs & co ". (Written in Music-Ph De Cleen-5-10-2018).

And a very long review in French in JazzAround Magazine here and in English in Salt-Peanuts here

Physical and digital release on the 24th of August 2018.

Track listing:

1: Particles
2: Song For Yusef
3: Miles Behind
4: Air Castels
5: Cell Mates
6: Mali
7: Jemima
8: Ice Chrystal


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