Thursday 24 September 2015

OCD027 : Morgen Wurde / Letzten Endes

Cover artwork by Lars Julien Meyer

OCD027 : Morgen Wurde / Letzten Endes

The majestic and threatening ambiguity of the forces of nature... set
to dark romantic space/doom/jazz music.
On this album, we empathize with a soul (symbolized by a trumpet)
exposed to his own and surrounding nature, reflecting circumstances
(ethereal vortexes of electronic soundscapes), accompanied by a
stoical instance (a piano).
There we have the trumpet - scared and forlorn, sometimes troubled and
rebelling, then again relieved and soaring... gliding through a
surging wall of sound, constituting grave monumental aural landscapes
with also a fierce, threatening quality at times.

The circumstances reflected by the trumpet are states of supreme lucidity.
In reality, desire for truth and certainty collides with the complex
and transitional nature of things and the freedom of interpretation.
Assuming that all questions are resolved, all answers are given and
all doubt is eliminated:
Man sees himself struggling and coming to terms with the given
incontrovertible conditions - resulting in painful knowledge and
relief all at once.

Music about ultimateness... with a sense of cinematic grandeur,
elegiac sadness, and high drama.

"Morgen Wurde" is Wolfgang Röttger's mission in creating haunting
musical ambiances.
For this album, he joined forces with like-minded trumpeters with
individual qualities and visions in free jazz and captivating

Tetsuroh Konishi from Saitama, Japan, developed a strong reputation
for his music composition and performance in Japan and beyond,
collaborating in the art scene across multiple genres including
writing, production, and education.
Australian born trumpeter Toby Mak was mentored throughout his
highschool years by Motown legend Gil Askey, today he is an in-demand
sideman and jazz soloist, currently living in Shanghai.
Frank Wilke is a classically trained tenor saxophonist who expanded
his skills to the trumpet and other wind instruments, bustling in
diverse ensembles in the German Ruhr district and worldwide
All of the three also being active in electronic music, they are a
perfect match for this project.

The material is augmented by interpretations from a number of unique
prolific producers:
Cogi from Manchester masters spaced out funky sampledelica.
Nightkites from Brighton deepens the cinematic qualities of today's
future garage grooves.
Firnwald breeds wondrous flows of electronic freestyle in the heights
of the German Allgäu.
Jan Nemeček from Belgrade is one of Serbia's finest electronic
musicians, here he delivers a truly epic psychedelic trip.
encym is a London-based sound alchemist, creating bizarre beauty out
of obscure or weirdly transformed sonic material.

Certain inspirations and influences:
trumpet - Nils Petter Molvaer, Toshinori Kondo, Arve Henriksen, Ben Neill
piano - Bohren & Der Club of Gore, E.S.T., Tord Gustavsen Trio,
Ryuichi Sakamoto, Ludovico Einaudi, Harold Budd
doom - Boris, Sunn O)), Earth
classical - György Ligeti, Henryk Gorecki, Philip Glass, Arvo Pärt,
Jóhann Jóhannsson, Max Richter
electronic - Gas (Wolfgang Voigt), Fennesz, bvdub, Tim Hecker, Pete
Namlook, Marsen Jules, Ulrich Schnauss.

Physical and digital release on the 25th of September.

Track listing:

1: Flutete über, Pt. 1 (feat. Tetsuroh Konishi)
2: Begann zu vollziehen (feat. Frank Wilke)
3: Wandlung zeigte (feat. Toby Mak)
4: Antworten gegeben, Pt. 1 (feat. Frank Wilke)
5: Herrschte Gewissheit (feat. Frank Wilke)
6: Flutete über, Pt. 2 (feat. Toby Mak)
7: Ging vorüber (feat. Frank Wilke)
8: Offenbarte sich (feat. Toby Mak)
9: Antworten gegeben, Pt. 2 (feat. Toby Mak)
10: Schreitet fort (feat. Tetsuroh Konishi)


11: Flutete über - Cogi Remix
12: Schreitet Fort - Nightkites Remix
13: Flutete über - Firnwald Remix
14:  Schreitet fort - Encym Remix
15: Antworten gegeben - Jan Nemeček Remix

Some snippets:


Sunday 20 September 2015

Victory feat. Eve Libertine remix

Filmed by Catherine Thieron during the last gig of Baby Fire (see OCD018) with Alinovsky this summer in Brussels.
Featuring the great Eve Libertine from Crass.
Remix by Emmanuelle De Hericourt.

Victory feat. Eve Libertine remixed by EDH from Lady Diabolita on Vimeo.

Wednesday 16 September 2015

ODG042 : Roland Binet / Dreamprovise

Covert art: A.L.

ODG042 : Roland Binet / Dreamprovise

For this impromptu session under the leadership of flutist Roland Binet, Guy Segers (Univers Zero, Uneven Eleven …), his friend and former co-musician at the beginning of the seventies, chose two other musicians whose talent, musicality and adaptation capacity were on a par with the challenge of a totally new and largely improvised music that did not correspond to any known musical concepts (rock, jazz, contemporary, fusion).

Roland Binet’s music, although founded on a multitude of world influences (jazz, classical and contemporary music, Asian scales, atonal and modal music, etc.) tends to free itself from the usual rock and jazz rhythmic and harmonic constraints in order to create a music based on musical ‘moods’, but with a stylistic continuity that centers around the intense way the flute (and saxophone) are played.  His warm sound and vibrato on the flute owes much to jazzman Eric Dolphy and classical flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal.  Although he has taken up the tenor saxophone which he plays in a rather free style, his proficiency on that instrument is not on a par with his nearly professional level on the flute.

Apart from some totally improvised numbers (‘D Rag’ or ‘Kermesse de Village’ for example), each tune had an overall concept with fixed or free harmony, but, basically, 90 % of what you will hear in this recording was improvised on the spot, and, generally – due to the high level of musicality of the members of this impromptu quartet -, one single take was sufficient.  Three compositions by Roland Binet are played solo on the flute with a computerized arrangement, while one single title (‘Naima’) is a flute solo tribute to that great jazzman John Coltrane.  

Roland Binet: flute, tenor saxophone, compositions, head arrangements.
In the past:
He has been playing the flute as his main instrument since 1967; he participated in the recording of a single with a rock/variety group at the end of the sixties. Played less than a year with two future members of Univers Zéro at the beginning of the seventies (Guy Segers and Roger Trigaux) in a quartet called ‘Cubical Sock’. Played a flute solo of 50 minutes of totally improvised music in 1977 at the ‘24 Hours of Communication at the Palais des Beaux-Arts of Brussels’.  He played with the WIM Big Band of Fred van Hove in 1978, and played a flute solo live on the radio in February 1979 during Marc Moulin’s RTBF radio program ‘Bien Dégagé sur les Oreilles’.  After that, during a long period, he concentrated on developing his own musical ideas and composing.
Recent activity:
In 2014, he has recorded and issued a CD of his own solo flute compositions (7 in total) in honor of the Jewish victims of the Holocaust in the Baltic States entitled ‘A Jewish Tragedy; a few hundred copies of which were offered free to the Museum of the Holocaust in Riga/Latvia to give as a present to the interested visitors.  This CD is available on the principal music websites outlets.

Andy Kirk: keyboard, guitar, head arrangements (discography):
Singer, composer, he plays the keyboard, the guitar, writes arrangements.
London-born, he has been living in Belgium (Charleroi Region) since a few years.
In the Past:
From Mexico to the Czech Republic, from the Scandinavian countries to Italy,   Andy Kirk has performed on different international scenes with a variety of groups.  Among these, his main and largest past collaboration has been with the cult group Univers Zero (records and concerts). He has also played with and composed for Albert Delchambre
Recent activity:
- Andy Kirk sings Peter Gabriel
Andy Kirk has sung Peter Gabriel’s songs in public since a number of years.
These form an integral part of his own programs and have been at the source of his own compositions in his solo and group concerts all during his musical journey (cf.: "Andy Kirk & The HEATMAKERS", "FAITH", "KHAZMA") with William DUNKER on the bass.
- Emergent Sea
A "Rock" multifaceted project, this group plays French ‘Chansons’ as well as free music and refers to other musical styles as well.  The repertoire consists of own compositions and rearranged (mainly rock) oldies.

Guy Segers: bass guitar, head arrangements
In the past:
Plays the bass guitar since 1965, 1st recording "Hérésie" with UNIVERS ZERO (1978), the cult group he played 10 years with (concerts all over Europe). Later on, he played with some prestigious groups: WIM BIG BAND (with Albert MANGELSDORF, Peter BROTZMANN, etc.), PRESENT, ART ZOYD, X-LEGGED SALLY, GALILEO'S LEFT WING, Princess Mansia M'BILA, Pierre VERVLOESEM, Tim HODGKINSON (with Dagmar KRAUSE), GUTS, Franck BALESTRACCI, FINNEGANS WAKE, the MORTON FORK GANG, ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE, ACID MOTHERS GURU GURU & GONG (with Daevid ALLEN), Morgan AGREN, Simon STEENSLAND, UNEVEN ELEVEN. 
Recent activity:
- Emergent Sea with, among others, Andy Kirk
- Uneven Eleven an international trio with Makoto Kawabata (Japan) and Charles Hayward (UK).
- Has begun a systematic review and computerized arrangement of all his past compositions since the end of the seventies, which amount to several dozens.

Dirk Wachtelaer: drums, head arrangements (discography):
In the past:
- Has played in different theatrical performances 
Recent activity:
- Vanishing Pictures is his personal project, a mixture of acoustical and electronic approach of the drums with other percussionists from a wide variety of musical horizons.

Digital only releases on the 18th of September 2015.

Trak listing:

1: D Rag
2: Pour Francine
3: Souvenirs du Japon
4: Black Mood
5: Ases Tod
6: Kimigayo
7: Infinity
8: Black and White Kika
9: Kermesse de village
10: To David
11: Wise On
12: Pour Guy
13: Madness
14: Naïma

Listen to Black Mood here:

Wednesday 2 September 2015

OCD028-ODG041-OUI020 : Marco Bardoscia / Tutti - Solo Contrebasse

Cover art:Philip Dansar & Sara Laé

OCD028-ODG041-OUI020 : Marco Bardoscia / Tutti - Solo Contrebasse

Marco Bardoscia (bio, discography, collaborations and concerts) is one of the most promising Italian double bass player and composer at the moment. 
Born in the Salento area, he was surrounded by music from his earlier age thanks to his grand-father who was an instruments maker and who played guitar and mandoline, delivering serenades on demand in exchange for cheese, wine and olive oil.
During his childhood he listened to all sorts of music, messing with the records collection of his brothers when one day he finally discovered Jazz.
While listening to an album by The Jazz Renegades, he was fascinated by a double bass solo and decided on the spot that one day he would be a contrebasse player and do solo too!
He started with an electric bass, playing blues with his brothers, before joining the academy and learning the double bass, always obsessed by that solo from years ago.
Moving a lot between France and Italy for more learning and a lot of playing until 2009, he now divides his time between Brussels and Italy where he composes and gives concerts.

Tutti is his third album and the first one on which he plays solo.
Loving both jazz music and classical one, he naturally turns his music into a fabulous marriage of traditional jazz playing and avant-garde tunes. 
Except for two covers and one traditional song, this album is completely composed by Marco. 
The double bass is the only instrument used and played without almost any effects and overdubs. Enjoy!

a quick teaser of one of the songs played live with a little surprise at the end: 

Impro 1 video:

Cantatina video:

pics by Gianni Cataldi

Physical and digital release on the 1st of December 2015.

The digital cover is slightly different:

Track listing:

1:   Non smettere mai di pensare al violetto 
2:   Round Midnight 
3:   Mi do 
4:   Paperino 
5:   Mr. Hopkins 
6:   Pregheria 
7:   Paperoga 
8:   L’importanza della carta 
9:   Cantatina 
10: Impro, pt. 1 
11: Alleluja I Love Her So 
12: Impro, pt. 2 
13: Damme nu ricciu 
14: Impro, pt. 3 
15: L’uomo nero di idrusa 

Itunes, Spotify, etc.:

And on Bandcamp: