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OCD028 / ODG041 : Marco Bardoscia / Tutti Solo

Cover art:Philip Dansar & Sara Laé

OCD028 / ODG041 : Marco Bardoscia / Solo Contrebasse - Tutti

Marco Bardoscia (bio, discography, collaborations and concerts) is one of the most promising Italian double bass player and composer at the moment. 
Born in the Salento area, he was surrounded by music from his earlier age thanks to his grand-father who was an instruments maker and who played guitar and mandoline, delivering serenades on demand in exchange for cheese, wine and olive oil.
During his childhood he listened to all sorts of music, messing with the records collection of his brothers when one day he finally discovered Jazz.
While listening to an album by The Jazz Renegades, he was fascinated by a double bass solo and decided on the spot that one day he would be a contrebasse player and do solo too!
He started with an electric bass, playing blues with his brothers, before joining the academy and learning the double bass, always obsessed by that solo from years ago.
Moving a lot between France and Italy for more learning and a lot of playing until 2009, he now divides his time between Brussels and Italy where he composes and gives concerts.

Tutti is his third album and the first one on which he plays solo.
Loving both jazz music and classical one, he naturally turns his music into a fabulous marriage of traditional jazz playing and avant-garde tunes. 
Except for two covers and one traditional song, this album is completely composed by Marco. 
The double bass is the only instrument used and played without almost any effects and overdubs. Enjoy!

a quick teaser of one of the songs played live with a little surprise at the end: 

Impro 1 video:

Cantatina video:

Preghiera video:

pics by Gianni Cataldi

Physical and digital release on the 1st of December 2015.

The digital cover is slightly different:

Track listing:

1:   Non smettere mai di pensare al violetto 
2:   Round Midnight 
3:   Mi do 
4:   Paperino 
5:   Mr. Hopkins 
6:   Pregheria 
7:   Paperoga 
8:   L’importanza della carta 
9:   Cantatina 
10: Impro, pt. 1 
11: Alleluja I Love Her So 
12: Impro, pt. 2 
13: Damme nu ricciu 
14: Impro, pt. 3 
15: L’uomo nero di idrusa 

And on Bandcamp:


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