Wednesday 15 July 2015

Summer holidays and digital streamings

Dear all, summer is there and Off will be quiet for the next 7 weeks.
Coming starting September will be a bunch of exciting digital and physical albums, so be ready to discover jazz from Italy, jazz and avant-garde from Belgium (with ex Univers Zero members), doom jazz from Germany, avant pop from Japan and more!
As you all know, streamings have a new member now: Itunes! 
So though you can continue to stream via Spotify, Deezer and now Itunes, I remind you all that streaming brings absolutely NO MONEY to the artists, so whenever you like a song or an album, please download it or buy the real thing.
 Download prices are a bargain generally at Off and physical cds come cheap as well, so if you want to continue to discover new music,please give the label and the artists the possibilities to do so!