Friday 29 March 2019

OPV014 : Pierre Vervloesem / Artiste Belge

Pic by Pierre Vervloesem 

OPV014 : Pierre Vervloesem / Artiste Belge

52nd album from Pierre Vervloesem ( Flat Eart Society, Orchestra Exotica, X-Legged-Sally…) and his 23rd solo in 28 years!!! (see all his albums on Off here and here!).

Pierre spent 2 months, 7/7 and almost 16/24 editing, mixing, playing a lot of guitars and basses, keys and noises, spices and magic for what he calls ‘ His best ever played and produced ‘ album.

The album is a follow up of his ‘ Not Even Close’ one, only this time he plays a lot of guitars and not only synths.
The results is the album ‘Artiste Belge’ which is a versatile mix of Vervloesemesque guitars, basses, funky keyboards, heavy programmed drums and crazy percussions, experimental avant pop and even re recordings of his first ever solo track ‘Phillip!
Take your time to listen as there are so many little variations in each songs that you’ll need at least ten hearings before enjoying those 13 amazing compositions and the monstrous work in mixing the album! Enjoy!

The album itself has 13 tracks while the digital version comes with 5 extra bonuses!
The racks on the digital version are also slightly different mixes from the cd album.

Lee Henderson in Big Beautiful Noise magazine:
"On Vervloesem's planet, there is always space for growth, new germination of experimental seeds, and permission to invent as one sees fit. THAT HE DOES!  This new solo is packed with all sorts of technical goodies, and a mindset far above the clouds. 13 tracks of anything can happen. The album is all instrumental, as fans might expect, but remember no one can predict until it is released. 
With hermetic mind control, Vervloesem played, recorded, mixed, and mastered this imaginative hurtle of libertine document. All in a selfless act, so his true fans could partake of more brilliance by the one of a kind inventor. If you think I am laying it on heavy, just buy the album and take a listen, but pay close attention, and keep a focus on what is going on at all times. This is music from a sordid think tank of checkered bickering between melody lines, prickly notes across a set of measures, often invading the sanity of the norm (and normal), finally throwing pale hands up in the air with surrender, in the acknowledgement that Mr V. will have his way, no matter what. RECOMMENDED."

enjoy 2 videos, directed and edited by Pierre himself!

Olé Hop!:


Physical and digital release on the 29th of March 2019.

Track listing:
1: A Great Composition
2: Olé Hop!
3: Tango Tango
4: Fet
5: Onze à Table
6: Le Mulet
7: Fish Eye
8: Statut de Point Artis
9: Über-Mensch Tango
10: Stravinsky & Hutch
11: Phillip
12: Oui mais…, Non
13: Another Reich

Digital bonuses:
14: Almost Chinese
15: Angor De Prinzmetal
16: Canicule mon cul
17: Removal
18: The Void

CD is a 200 copies limited edition!


And in Bandcamp:

Friday 15 March 2019

A new Spotify playlist for you to enjoy: Jazz on Off!

Cover art by Al.

Here it is for you to enjoy this week-end and all the moments you will feel like it!
Some of the best Jazz tunes from the Off catalogue! 28 titles for a bit more than 2 hours of music!
Just click on the player and enjoy!

Friday 8 March 2019

ODG100 : Ghost Cities / Joyhunter

Cover art by Regina Zhelezniakova

ODG100 : Ghost Cities / Joyhunter

Debut album of Mykola Lebed for his solo-project Ghost Cities. 

Mykola is a part of the no-jazz trio H.Soror (see the exciting ODG064), performs with the Ukrainian Improvisers Orchestra and collaborates with a wide range of bands, making him a well known figure in the local Ukrainian scene.

His debut live album "Joyhunter" is a musical journey through layers of personality, through disorders and polarity of mind. 
Always using his powerful sax playing but this time adding a lot of effects and electronics. This gives us a mix of jazz, noise, drones, kraut and ambient.

"Taking the full improvisation as a language, and public performance as one-way ticket to the depth of myself - I've got this piece of sound that truly represents me. However, it was recorded at the very start of my "delirium" and it took more than a year to understand all the things I was trying to tell through music at that moment."
All music was recorded during a live performance at the Mezzanine Club in Kyiv and was spontaneous improvisations.

Mykola in action!

Mykola Lebed - sax, electronics 
Ing Var - live mixing and effects
Sasha Galianov - mastering 
Dmitriy Kachan - editing

Art by Regina Zhelezniakova

Digital release on the 8th of March 2019.

Track listing:

1: Eyes Open
2: Deeper, Deeper
3: Taming the Beast
4: Shoot the Sun
5: Concrete Heartbeat

Thursday 7 March 2019

Radian Imprints is back in stock!!!

Finally reprinted but only a few copies left already, so you know what to do!!!


OCD038 Radian Imprints album #8 in best Jazz albums in The New-York Times and #11 in the best Jazz albums 2018 in Rolling Stones Magazine!

Best jazz albums of 2018:

Friday 1 March 2019

ODG096 : Ben Sluijs Quartet / Seasounds

ODG096 : Ben Sluijs Quartet / Seasounds

Another reissue from the Ben Sluijs Quartet ( see also OCD039ODG086 and ODG095) originally released in 2001 on the W.E.R.F. label, Seasounds was recorded live at the famous little Brussels jazz club 'Le Travers' days before it closed.  

Except for one standard composition 'My Foolish Heart' from Chet Baker, the five remaining songs are from Ben Sluijs, typically composed in his 'bop' style of that time. A pure pleasure!

‘Dit kwartet is intussen heel hecht geworden met vloeiende stokwisselingen en een bijzonder zwierig samenspel. ....Dit kwartet mag dan wel veel idiomen tegelijk omarmen, het doet dat altijd met inzicht, overgave en stillistische verfijning.’ (D.Wijnants)

Originally released as W.E.R.F. 024.

Digital release on the 1st of March 2019.

Track listing:

1: Zin-Zen
2: My Foolish Heart
3: Tikidanke
5: Seasounds
6: Daydreaming