The "Lastboss" series

The "Lastboss" series is a dedicated one turning around all the music from or commissioned by Tate McNeil aka Lastboss.

<Lastboss> is a China based music project exploring electronic music in a variety of forms. Through workshops, performance, collaboration and content creation the project aims to share a passion for creativity, music, and technology. 

Highlights include performing at the @Hoodootechno Aquaticism festival in sumptuous Yangshuo, releasing cassettes via Guangdong based @Jyugam_label, providing mixes for Vogue+, doing workshops and contributing to the Beijing based ‘UnicatAttack!’ Project.

The project continues to seek out and manifest opportunities for creative expression and collaboration.

OLB001: Lastboss / DarkestOur1 - HaveYouSeenTheHate?

Listen and download here

OLB002: Lastboss / DarkestOur2 - CloakingDevice

Listen and download here

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