Thursday 25 December 2014

OCD022 : Philippe Tasquin - Bandes originales des films de Gerlando Infuso (Les pécheresses / L'œil du paon / Milovan circus)

Covert art: Thierry Mondelaers

OCD022 : Philippe Tasquin - Bandes originales des films de Gerlando Infuso (Les pécheresses / L'œil du paon / Milovan circus)

Philippe Tasquin is a composer, musician, singer and comedian born in 1965.
He composed a dozen albums, all from improbable different musical genres like clownesque glam-rock, symphonique pop or songs with a string quartet.
He has collaborated with as many various personalities as the singer Vincent Trouble (‘Tasquin vs Trouble), producer and multi instruments Pierre Vervloesem ( soon to be re released on Off ‘My Skinny Wonderland’), stage director Charlie Degotte (various ‘Revues’ or the opera ‘Youpi’) or the singer Julie Jaroszwski (‘Furia’).
His musical style is often tinted by mystery, strangeness or concern.
He loves to use pastiche and to re conciliate the extremes: burlesque and lyrisme, severity and self-deprecating, complex and pop music.

Philippe Tasquin (pic by Julie Jaroszewski)

Gerlando Infuso, born in 1986, has been studying visual arts and animation in La Cambre in Brussels.
Since then, he has forget a dark and poetic universe. His first school movie ‘Margot’ has won the junior price at the Annecy animation international festival in 2008.
In 2009, ‘Milovan Circus’ has won 14 prices. The same year, he also directed the clip of the song ‘Ange et Démon’ for the French singer Robert which was used a Givenchy parfume commercial.
2010 sees is terminal school movie ‘L’Oeil du Paon’ which will won more than 15 prices in various festivals.
2012 sees him again directing a clip for Emilie Simon.
2014 is the year of his first short movie ‘Les Pécheresses’.

Gerlando Infuso (pic by Emilie Montagner)

What Philippe is saying about the album:
‘ A une époque submergée par la technologie et l’ère numérique, il est réjouissant de voir surgir et de reconnaître l’expression de l’artisan. Dans les films de Gerlando Infuso, qui auraient presque pu être réalisés à l’époque de Mélies, l’amour du détail, le soin apporté à chaque accessoire, chaque costume et chaque décor laissent pantois. Quant aux cadrages et à la mise en scène, ils sont l’oeuvre à la fois d’un peintre et d’un authentique cinéaste.
Je me suis senti instantanément familier de l’univers sombre, baroque et poétique de Gerlando.
Mettre en musique ses films intemporels et singuliers représentèrent un sacré défi, et voir ses créatures s’animer sur ma musique furent un pur plaisir.
L’auditeur attentif percevra peut-être ici ou là des échos de Bernard Herrman, John Barry, Ennio Morricone… j’écoute leurs musiques depuis l’enfance. Mais j’ai aussi convoqué, parmi quelques fantômes du passé Sibélius et Duke Ellington, quand le besoin s’en est fait sentir!
Qu’ils soient donc tous ici remerciés et crédités.’

' At a time overwhelmed by technology and the digital age, it is gratifying to see emerging and recognize the expression of the craftsman. 
In the films of Gerlando Infuso , which could almost have been made ​​at the time Mélies , attention to detail , the care with every accessory , every outfit and every setting give startling results . As for the framing and staging , they are the work of both a painter and a genuine filmmaker.
I felt instantly familiar with the dark, baroque and poetic univers of Gerlando .
To create music for his  timeless and unique film represented quite a challenge, and see his creatures come to life on my music was pure pleasure.
The attentive listener may perceive here and there echoes of Bernard Herrmann, John Barry, Ennio Morricone ... I listen to their music since childhood. But I also convened among some ghosts of the past Sibelius and Duke Ellington, when needed !
So they are all here thanked and credited . '

Additional musicians:
Jean-Paul Estievenart: Trumpet on 3 and 6.
Edward Wallyn: Trombone on 3 and 6.
Julie Jaroszewski: Singing on 13 and 16.

Digital release on the 26th of December 2014.
Physical release on the 23th of January 2015.

Track listing:
34 tracks including various bonuses and never released tracks from the 3 movies.
Les Pécheresses:
1) Les pécheresses
2) Le pianiste de cabaret
3) Cerise au cabaret
4) Joséphine en cuisine
5) La tentation
6) Le grand escalier
7) Le couloir
8) La poursuite
9) La chute
10) Le châtiment (inédit)
11) Le néant (inédit)
12) Les pécheresses (reprise)

L'oeil du Paon:
13) L'oeil du paon
14) La capture
15) Le théâtre
16) Danse du paon
17) Les oubliettes
18) Les douves
19) Les sept portes
20) L'hallali
21) Epilogue
22) Danse du paon (version piano solo inédite)

Milovan Circus:
23) Milovan circus
24) L'enfance de Iakov
25) L'audition
26) Le numéro
27) Le monstre
28) Pantomime
29) Milovan circus (1ère version inédite)
30) L'audition (1ère version inédite)
31) Le numéro (1ère version inédite)
32) Le monstre (1ère version inédite)
33) Pantomime (1ère version inédite)

34) Les pécheresses ( version longue inédite)


Thursday 18 December 2014

OVD011 : Pierre Vervloesem - john Litton Baroï / Shanti (Remastered)

OVD011 : Pierre Vervloesem - John Litton Baroï / Shanti (Remastered)

Eighth in a chronological series of 11 digital only remastered releases (6 solo (5 augmented with bonuses, lives and remixes), 1 duo, 1 unreleased duo and 3 pots-pourris (with absolutely every tunes possible ever recorded by Pierre and never released)) and coming at the pace of one every month is the never released second duo album from Pierre Vervloesem and John Litton Baroï: Shanti (2003).

In 2001, Pierre Vervloesem (bio) met John Litton Baroï (bio) in Brussels. 
The result: Zala Zala (OVD007), an album that mixes with subtlety west and east instruments, modern beats and tradition, pulse and emotion, never loosing his Asian roots.

In 2003, John came back to Pierre with new songs and asked him to arrange and produce again his next album. Only this time, he decided to sing in English to reach more people and gain a better access to the 'pop' world.

For whatever reason, the album was finally never released.
Here it is at last completely remastered.

John Litton Baroï: Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonium 
Pierre Vervloesem: Guitar, Bass, Programming 

Digital release on the 22th of December 2014.

Track listing:
1) Shanti
2) I Have Touch
3) No I Don't Want 
4) I Sing
5) You Will Be Blessed 
6) After All 
7) No One
8) In My Mind 
9) This Is My Life 
10) Provou

And on Bandcamp:

Wednesday 10 December 2014

ORT011: Stalhmus Delegation / When stoke stokes (Live at Rockerill Charleroi)

ORT011: Stalhmus Delegation / When stoke stokes (Live at Rockerill Charleroi) 

One more time, Teun Verbruggen (bio and all), probably one of the best Belgian jazz drummer in another formula! 
This time joined by multi star Mauro Pawlowski (biohome, Deus, Evil Superstars, The Love Substitutes) on guitar and Jean DL (bio) on second guitar. 
This is a live recording in Charleroi. 
Total improvisations, total madness, total pleasure!

Already released as a 98 numbered K7 copies (RAT029) on Rat records Here
Digital release on Off on the 15th of December 2014.

Track listing:

1) SD1
2) SD2
3) SD3
4) SD4
5) SD5
6) SD6
7) SD7

Sunday 7 December 2014

ODG032 : Incidental Music Vol.3 / Sense Station

                                                               cover art by A.L.

ODG032 : Incidental Music Vol.3 / Sense Station

In August 2014, Off records was fortunate enough to find back K7 tapes recorded back to a 4 track cassette by Jack Ison in Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo between 1987-1998. 
Jack plays all: guitar, found sounds, drum machine, effects. It's a private work and demos, experiments and moments of sensitivity conjured from humble sources. 
It refers to other worlds or dream worlds as songs, ques, excerpts, montages and loops and it is perhaps a soundtrack for kinetic art ...... music for mobiles.
Ambient music? Possibly. Interesting sounds? Definitively. Exciting tracks? Absolutely!
This is the volume 3 in a series of 3.
You can read about Vol.1 here and Vol.2 here.

Digital release only on the 8th of December 2014.

Track listing:

1) 5th
2) 7th
3) Acts
4) Appearance
5) Atom
6) Chance
7) Cryptic
8) Cube
9) Curve
10) Described
11) Diminishing

12) Expiration
13) Fabric
14) Film
15) Guise
16) Impulse
17) Last
18) Layer
19) Locust
20) Minus
21) Of Motto
22) Ornament

23) Quieter
24) Shorthand
25) Silver
26) Substitude
27) Temporary
28) Theory
29) Traders
30) Transport
31) Unit
32) Verb

And on Bandcamp: