Thursday, 18 December 2014

OVD011 : Pierre Vervloesem - john Litton Baroï / Shanti (Remastered)

OVD011 : Pierre Vervloesem - John Litton Baroï / Shanti (Remastered)

Eighth in a chronological series of 11 digital only remastered releases (6 solo (5 augmented with bonuses, lives and remixes), 1 duo, 1 unreleased duo and 3 pots-pourris (with absolutely every tunes possible ever recorded by Pierre and never released)) and coming at the pace of one every month is the never released second duo album from Pierre Vervloesem and John Litton Baroï: Shanti (2003).

In 2001, Pierre Vervloesem (bio) met John Litton Baroï (bio) in Brussels. 
The result: Zala Zala (OVD007), an album that mixes with subtlety west and east instruments, modern beats and tradition, pulse and emotion, never loosing his Asian roots.

In 2003, John came back to Pierre with new songs and asked him to arrange and produce again his next album. Only this time, he decided to sing in English to reach more people and gain a better access to the 'pop' world.

For whatever reason, the album was finally never released.
Here it is at last completely remastered.

John Litton Baroï: Vocals, Keyboards, Harmonium 
Pierre Vervloesem: Guitar, Bass, Programming 

Digital release on the 22th of December 2014.

Track listing:
1) Shanti
2) I Have Touch
3) No I Don't Want 
4) I Sing
5) You Will Be Blessed 
6) After All 
7) No One
8) In My Mind 
9) This Is My Life 
10) Provou

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