Friday, 26 May 2023

OVD070 : Pierre Vervloesem / Let Fans Pay More If They Want


Cover art by A.L.

OVD070: Pierre Vervloesem / Let Fans Pay More If They Want

A simple sentence is the title of the new Pierre album which says everything about the modern time of music, the industry around, the world of djs and computerised compositions by anyone... So you know what to do! Enjoy!

Pierre says:
"Very old drumboxes, dub basses and beautiful weird melodies is what I need this month."

Digital Release on the 26th of May 2023.

Track listing:

1: And Then The Technicians Became Artists
2: Download This
3: Golden Retirement
4: I Like Money
5: Donnez
6: Spotifible
7: Wonders Of The Modern World
8: Huge Hit Somewhere
9: Do You Still Make Music ?

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Friday, 19 May 2023

ODG171 : Horselover FAT / Four Carefully Crafted Courses of Action


ODG171 : Horselover FAT / Four Carefully Crafted Courses of Action

Introducing Horselover FAT's debut EP, Four Carefully Crafted Courses of Action. This collection brings together the first four singles from the duo, which operates between Brussels, Belgium, and Bari, Italy. 

Four tracks that transcend the boundaries of jazz, electronica, drone music, improvised music, delving into diverse techniques and directions, with the idea of pushing each time a different process or musical choice to its extreme consequences. 

In the words of the authors: 

“FANS” floats in the whirls of the air moved by huge blades. In this exercise of displacement influenced by spectralism, we find an architecture of ambiguities that questions the listener’s identities in the perception of rhythm and harmony.

Inspired by a museum letdown, “nopipa” [IPA: nɔˈpipä] is a continuous process of slow and constant change, where one can only breathe rapidly two times before plunging for good in pursuit of concealed melodies and shifting hues.

“ya” is the paroxysmal, reiterated manipulation of a solo guitar recording, featuring accurately tuned resonances that lead the listener to a never-happening climax.

Finally, “valhalla” is a picturesque forest tableau featuring small fauna with aspirations of divinity."

Horselover FAT is Giancarlo and Piergiorgio Pirro.
Composed and produced by Horselover FAT.
Mixed and mastered by Horselover FAT, except “FANS” mixed and mastered by Luca Piovesan.

Digital release on the 19th of May 2023.

Track listing:

2: nopipa
3: ya
4: valhalla

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Friday, 12 May 2023

ODG169 : John Americus Witt / Hils


Cover art by Silas Plum

ODG169 : John Americus Witt / Hils

A new album by John Americus (see also  ODG115OUC026OUC033, OUC034 and OUC036) is always a thrill and an adventure.  
So here we go with his new concept:

Hils is Danish.  A quick message to send regards to a friend.  So is this, in its way.  The structural conceit is the gradual increase of dosage of some unspecified thing.  The songs are the results of this regiment.  Hold tight.

5 ml is the start.  There is no control song.  We begin at the beginning.

Run is the initial urge to flee.  Fight this.  You gotta go through, not back or around.

10 ml is the first real threshold.  You made it.  Congrats.  It gets rougher

Cortisol is the pure fear.  In your gut.  Your body rebels

15 ml is the pocket.  This is where you want to be.

An Unexpected Arrival is the natural endpoint.  But we are willful creatures, born to chase.

20 ml is the first true misstep.  Should have quit while you were ahead, bud.

Articulated Language becomes strained.  Racing.  Best stay quiet.

25 ml is the internal world.  It is huge and unfamiliar.  Explore.  You will not return.

Viridian/Crimson/Gold is all you see.  Colors and shapes.  Self begins to recede.

30 ml is the true killswitch.  Stop now, and you have a chance.

Georgia is the most remarkable thing about you.  She is patient, and kind.  She beckons.

50 ml (End) is a choice, impetuous and swift.  A mistake.  This is the end.  Goodbye.

Digital release on the 12th of May 2023.

Track listing: 

1: 5 ml
2: Run
3: 10 ml
4: Cortisol
5: 15 ml
6: An Unexpected Arrival
7: 20 ml
8: Articulated Language
9: 25 ml
10: Viridian/Crimson/Gold
11: 30 ml
12: Georgia
13: 50 ml (End)

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Friday, 5 May 2023

ODG170 : Leonhard Huhn / The well electrified saxophone


Cover photo by Joanna Broda  

ODG170: Leonhard Huhn / The well electrified saxophone

Leonhard (see also ODG145) about his album:

"Ten years of experimentation and research lie behind me: bending sound spectra, adding harmonics or mixing oscillators and pitchshifting, varying spaces by an electronified „saxophone cyborg“. Based on the natural sound of the saxophone and its handling without loops or overdubs. My solo album "The well electrified saxophone" presents the first results of my new „cyborg“. I play it the way I create my music on the wind instrument by breath. Control voltages serve as additional synapses, a second brain so to speak. They extend the modulation of the electronics while I am limited to two hands.

The nine songs were created during long improvisations and sound researches in 2020. My „cyborg“ and circle around a musical idea until we bring it to an essence and record a final version. The titel of the songs tell the stories of my visual journeys while playing."

Leonhard Huhn - alto saxophone, (semi) modular electronics, voice
Recorded in 2020, mixed and mastered by Leonhard Huhn

Digital release on the 5th of May 2023.

Track listing:

1: Welcome
2: Really
3: Gone into a red dimension
4: Can you see their tongue?
5: Schreitende Glocken
6: Living at a train station
7: Bug on a wire
8: Yesterday's always free
9: Lithium Branch

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Friday, 28 April 2023

OVD069 : Pierre Vervloesem - Teun Verbruggen / Chicxulub


Cover art by P.V. and A.L.

OVD069 : Pierre Vervloesem - Teun Verbruggen / Chicxulub

Pierre meets again the fantastic drummer Teun Verbruggen(see OCD002 and OVD052) for 2 long tracks of extreme and powerful end of the world music! Nothing to add, just listen and go amok!

Pierre Vervloesem: everything
Teun Verbruggen: the drums

Digital release on the 28th of April 2023.

Track listing:

1: Chicxulub 1
2: Chicxulub 2

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Wednesday, 26 April 2023

OVD071 : The Claude Zac Ensemble / SHWSSSSZZZZ (Live Studio Pyramide)


Cover art by Manu Ribot

OVD071 : The Claude Zac Ensemble / SHWSSSSZZZZ (Live Studio Pyramide)

Incredible live in the studio performance by The Claude Zac Ensemble intended to be a demo to find gigs, but none were interested in those days...
See OBX001-OPV004 for the original and final studio album.

Didier Fontaine - Dums 
Gilles Mortio - Bass 
Eric Dory - Guitar 
Laurent Stelleman - Guitar 
Manu Ribot - Guitar 
Pierre Vervloesem - Mix And Production 
Renaud Houben - Recording Engineering

Recorded in 2011.

Digital release on the 26th of April 2023.

Track listing:

1: Fortiutous Hymn
2: Shoelace
3: Unauspicious Move
4: Dano The Dumb
5: Ironmongerie
6: Save Me From Aldi
7: Volkswagner

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Friday, 21 April 2023

OUW018 : Mac Dunlop featuring Escritor Subzero / Un Soir à Tavira


Cover art by A.L. from a still of the film 'Un soir à Tavira'

OUW018 : Mac Dunlop featuring Escritor Subzero / Un Soir à Tavira

Un Soir à Tavira adapts its title from Fernando Pessoa’s poem and the musical composition, “Un Soir à Lima”. Inspired by Pessoa's heteronym Alvaro de Campos -who wrote the ‘sensacionista’ manifesto. 

Mac says:
"This inspired me to think of the very non-sensationist world we lived through – our COVID pandemic world of isolationism. Masks, gloves, disinfectant, cleaning, social distancing, etc. left me aksing us asking: what is left for the senses to appreciate? 
Perhaps we all find ourselves living remotely, and in the shadows of how we remember things should be."

“ I am virus to earth, a nothing, a mote, a crown…” 
excerpt from ‘para o vento’ – part of 'Un Soir à Tavira' 

Writer/ composer/ producer: Mac Dunlop
Portuguese translations and voice overs: Escritor SubZero
English voice over: Mac Dunlop
Recorded at: Casa Alvaro de Campos (CAC), Tavira, Portugal
and Blauhaus Falmouth, Cornwall, UK

Mac (see also ODG150 and OUC031) is a composer, producer, and performer based in Cornwall, UK. His poetry publications include Solarium -written while Poet in Residence with the National Trust in 2017, and The Enigma Deviations published by the Poetry Point Press in 2015. 
His recent albums include  Somewhere Nearby and MDQ – Live at the Aberfal, both available from Off Record. His latest projects, An Ambient Year, and Esboços can also be found on bandcamp and streaming services . 
His music ranges in style from experimental ambient to modern classical and jazz. He features on BBC Sounds, Resonance FM and other independent music and sound art broadcasters. Mac is a regular contributor to the Poemus series of music and poetry events at Casa Alvaro de Campos throughout the year.

link to film: HERE

Digital release on the 21st of April 2023.

Track listing: 

1: A Onda / The Wave
2: Canto da Alvorada / Dawn Chorus
3: O Vento Sopra / The Wind Blows
4: Tabacaria
5: Aliada Mentirosa / Lying Ally
6: Para O Vento / For the Wind

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Wednesday, 19 April 2023

OUI009 : SPACE808 / Multidimensional Memory - Dimensional Stairs


Original cover art by Hiroto Uezi

OUI009 : SPACE808 / Multidimensional Memory - Dimensional Stairs 

A special Ugoki! Bandcamp with their 2 albums - OJP047 and OJP067

SPACE 808 is a jazz combo of 5 musicians all involved in different avant garde/ contemporary / electronic jazz or even experimental bands. The purpose of their music is first to find back the concept of human origins and the universe in a space like soundtrack that they built from scratch through very long live 15 to 25 minutes improvisations. The music is then edited in various tracks. It can take time to enter in their universe but once you're drown in their music you may recall the common consciousness of all human beings and all living things that have been in us since we were born. Space jazz to float in your mind! The final track is a very introspective close encounter with the famous George Gershwin song 'Summertime'. 

Dimentional Stairs new album was recorded on January 19, 2022 at Nakano Pignose in Tokyo. 5 long tracks that navigate through ambient experimental space jazz. The sax, the guitar and the piano weave a spiritual fabric that make you float in your mind while the rhythm section bring a smooth but solid texture. The whole performance is again a total improvisation but a steady and thrilling one! An album that you can listen over again and again and always discover something new, being sounds or spirit! Enjoy!


Sax : Hiroshi Nakamura 
Guitar : Taku Tajima 
Piano : Eisuke Kato 
Contrabass : Noboru Ando 
Drums : Hiroto Uezi

Friday, 14 April 2023

OUI006 : Paul Dunmall - Faith Brackenbury - Tony Bianco - John Pope / Sentient Beings


Cover art by Kathryn Preston

OUI006 : Paul Dunmall - Faith Brackenbury - Tony Bianco - John Pope / Sentient Beings 

When four friends reunited after a few cover years to celebrate John Coltrane and come out after a heavy improvising session with a powerful album!

Faith about the album:

"On 23rd September 2022, anniversary of John Coltrane’s birthday, we got together in a hilltop studio in rural Shropshire to record. It was our first meeting as this quartet. Tony came up with the title ‘Sentient Beings’ because of the camaraderie around our meeting and he and Paul haven’t been able to meet up for a few years. The unreserved outpouring of spontaneous music was full of fire, sensitivity and passion."

Paul Dunmall: Sax (bio)
Faith Brackenbury: Violin and viola (bio)
Tony Bianco: Drums (see also OCD049bio)
John Poe: Double bass (bio)

Paul Dunmall

Tony Bianco and Faith Brackenbury

John Pope

Digital release on the 14th of April 2023.
The band made a cd as well.

Track listing:

1: As it was - 19:50 minutes
2: Is now - 23:28 minutes
3: Ever shall be - 17:32 minutes

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You can also order the cd here: 

Friday, 7 April 2023

OUI008 : Daniele Morelli / Ars Musica


Cover art by Daniele Morelli

OUI00 8: Daniele Morelli / Ars Musica

Third album from Mexico based Italian jazz guitarist Daniele Morelli.

What he says about his album:
"In the beginning was Rhythm and rhythm was in my mind when I started the album.
I wanted to record just myself exploring a lot of potential sounds of my electric guitar and 
let the ideas flow by themselves.
The songs were driven by my emotions, not by chords progressions or story telling but only
by rhythms and melodies.
This led me to explore an infinite variety of sounds and noises on my guitar that were the base and soundscape for each song.
Each song is dedicated to a different god or goddess of creativity, art and music who have inspired humans all over the world. Enjoy! "


Daniele Morelli: all guitars

Digital release on the 7th of April 2023.

Track listing:


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Wednesday, 5 April 2023

ODG172 : Nühn / Computer Band


Cover art by Julio Gutiérrez aka Nühn

ODG172 : Nühn / Computer Band

-Computer Band- 

Recreation of drums synthesys figured like real band members, three tracks expressing the vertiginous fact that drums could sound in a computer sequential works. 

Electroacoustic music computered by several machines; (software plus hardware). The Mathematician process of construction beats, from zero to elevated value. 

Titled ironically to show how's nowadays electronic could have audio imagination 

This is a split label release with NühnRecords:

Written, produced, composed, performed & recorded by Julio Gutiérrez aka Nühn.
Mastered, mixed & processed at Scala Studio. Nühn's laboratory (Gerona) Spain.


Digital release on the 05th of April 2023.

Track Listing:

1: Dead Singers
2: Riff Too Much
3: Drummers Around

On Bandcamp: 

Friday, 31 March 2023

OVD068 : Pierre Vervloesem / Expected Noises

Cover art by Pierre Vervloesem

OVD068 : Pierre Vervloesem / Expected Noises

"Expected Noises" is the complete reconstruction from the English band Brian Brain sole album "Unexpected noises" released in 1980 on Secret Records. 

It was the band of Martin Clive Atkins, drummer for Public Image Limited for the albums "Metal Box," "Flowers of Romance," "Commercial Zone" and "This Is What You Want...".

The original cover

For this project Pierre asked his faithful friend Bruno Vansina to play a handful of saxes and divers instruments. Jordi Geuens (drummer of Selah Sue) added his drums and Gaëlle F her vocals to arrive to a perfect hit album mixing new-wave, post-punk and modernity from 2023! 

Gaëlle says:

'De original lyrics were sometimes difficult to understand so we tried to come up with something that resembled them close enough. When we couldn’t be true to the  original words, we tried to at least make it phonetically coherent. It was a great album to cover - hope you’ll enjoy it as much as us!'

Gaëlle F. : vocal.
Bruno Vansina : saxes, flûtes, castagnets, melodica, megaphone, glockenspiel, ship bell, clarinet, percussion, xun.
Jordi Geuens : drums.
Pierre Vervloesem : bass, guit, keys, vocals.

Digital release on the 31st of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: Another Million Miles
2: Our Man In Hong Kong
3: They'Ve Got Me In The Bottle
4: Got The Hots For You
5: The Asthma Game
6: Brainstorm
7: Unexpected Noises
8: I Get Pain
9: Dirty Dealing In The Lone Star
10: Turn It Into Noise
11: I'M Suffocating
12: Jet Boats Up The Ganges

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Friday, 24 March 2023

ODG168 : Parallel Worlds feat. Kostas Boukouvalas / Intermodulations


Cover art by Kostas Boukouvalas

ODG168 : Parallel Worlds feat. Kostas Boukouvalas / Intermodulations

During the 90s and 00s, Kostas Boukouvalas participated in several lives of Parallel Worlds (the main project of Greece’s pioneer of electronic music Bakis Sirros). 

Between the rehearsals Kostas and Bakis recorded two sets of live-in-studio improvisations. 

Here is the second set (see also ODG156) consisting of five electronic improvisations which expand the  gloomy and dark universe of “In Respect…” adding some IDM and Berlin school elements.

Bakis and Kostas live

Bakis Sirros (Parallel Worlds) plays: Yamaha CS15, CS5, CS01 & BC2 breath controller, Roland SH101, JX8P & PG800, Akai AX80, Novation Bassstation Rack, Korg Wavestation, Mono/Poly, Native Instruments Generator.
Kostas Boukouvalas plays: Piano, Korg Wavestation, Akai AX80.

Digital release on the 24th of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: Intermodulations l
2: Merging Structures
3: Sequence Of Events
4: Possible Chaos
5: Intermodulations lI

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Monday, 20 March 2023

OUI007 : Daniele Morelli / Marimba


Cover art by Daniele Morelli

OUI007 : Daniele Morelli / Marimba

First single from the forthcoming 'Ars Musica' album from Mexico based Italian jazz guitarist Daniele Morelli.

Using only guitars and a few effects to translate an ode to Marimba.

Digital release on the 20th of March 2023.

Itunes, Spotify, etc.:

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Friday, 10 March 2023

ODG167 : The Sad Bandits / Nobody Believes in Happiness Anymore


Cover art by Silas Plum

ODG167 : The Sad Bandits / Nobody Believes in Happiness Anymore 

The Sad Bandits is a Mexican duo formed by two ex Zapatistas brothers: Emiliano and Pancho Ribero. 

'Bandits' because that's what they were for a while in their search of revolutionising their place and politics. 'Sad' because they never really succeeded and lost their faith in the today's society. 

They send a demo with 17 ideas of songs to another revolutionary American friend John Americus Witt (see particularly his political gesture in his fabulous Pangloss album - OUW012) who added some textures. 
John then emailed the files to Alinovsky who was at the time recording streets noises in Mexico and who added some spices and noises. 

Nobody Believes in Happiness Anymore is indeed a sad soundtrack of a drifting world...

Emiliano Ribero: everything 
Pancho Ribero: anything 
John Americus Witt: forever 
Alinovsky: whatever

Emiliano and Pancho

Digital release on the 10th of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: Emergence From The Sea
2: First Tentative Steps Upon The New Land
3: Build Build Build Build Grow Grow Grow Grow
4: The Sun Is God. The Tree Is God, The Sky Is God
5: Industry Tears Through The Land
6: The Golden Age Rises
7: Machines Begin to Speak
8: Progressing Ever Onward, Towards A Small Moment Of Peace
9: The First Great Schism
10: Revolution!
11: An Empire Of Cold And Darkness
12: Different Trains - People Become What They Are Told They Are
13: Propaganda - Poison The Well
14: After Many Years, A Quiet Peace
15: The Edges Fray, We Decay
16: Collapse, Deconstruction, A Splintering of Will
17: A Wake At The End Of The World

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Friday, 3 March 2023

OCD053-OUI005 : We Will Intersect feat. Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Nick Calligeros - Nicholas Meredith - Miles Thomas / We Will Intersect


Cover art and design by Eddie Boyd 

OCD053-OUI005 : We Will Intersect feat. Adrian Lim-Klumpes - Nick Calligeros - Nicholas Meredith - Miles Thomas  / We Will Intersect

Adrian (see also OCD036) and Nick originally met 15 years ago under the dynamic of teacher and student, respectively. After finishing school, Adrian became a mentor to Nick and 15 years on from originally teaching him the fundamentals of improvisation, they have formed this group together. 

This album was conceived in one take, with only one simple, predetermined structural element guiding them. Everything you hear on the album is completely improvised.

Nick says: "I feel my musical approach is very much influenced by Adrian, having been taught improvisation by him at an early age and listening to all his projects for so many years. And so, because of this, it felt like we immediately had a strong shared musical language and this natural sympatico when playing together. Listening back to the takes, I could nearly convince myself we were playing a written tune, it's so together in some moments. This is partly because Adrian is such a strong musical listener in these settings and his ability to catch and react to so much, as well as playing some of the most beautiful passages you'll hear from an improvising pianist."

The band also brings together two of Adrian's close collaborators in electronic artist Nicholas Meredith, who from a single drum rigged up to his laptop, is able to get an entire palette of otherworldly electronic sounds, and drummer Miles Thomas, who always brings a fresh and unabashed approach to drumming in these open setting.'

Nick and Adrian

Adrian Lim-Klumpes: piano, composition, editing 

Nick Calligeros: trumpet, live electronics, editing 

Nicholas Meredith: percussion, live electronics 

Miles Thomas: drums 

Adrian-Lim Klumpes: Adrian Lim-Klumpes (formerly Adrian Klumpes) is a performer and composer from Sydney, Australia. He per-forms primarily on piano with electro acoustics and preparations. Adrian has composed a range of works and has undertaken commissions for chamber ensembles, choreographers and filmmakers. As a member of several improvising post-modern jazz ensembles including Triosk, 3ofmillions and currently Tangents, he plays piano, rhodes electronics, and mallet percussion. Adrian has released several albums including two solo albums, Be Still and Yield. 

Nick Calligeros: Nick Calligeros is an improvising trumpeter, sound artist and educator from Sydney, Australia working at the intersection of jazz, exploratory music and electronic music. He co-leads esteemed composer-improviser collective Microfiche, as well as ambient/post-rock group Soft Spot, and more recently improvising quartet We Will Intersect. He is a sought after trumpeter for recording and commercial sessions, and can be heard on records for some of Australia's most popular music acts including Tangents, Middle Kids and Human Noise. Nick also creates ambient electronic music under his own name, with the release of an E.P in 2019 and growing list of contributions to various original projects. 

Miles Thomas: Sydney based Miles Thomas is one of Australia’s first call session musicians, from an orchestra, singer songwriter, jazz ensemble, modern improvised music, to a punk band. This versatility has come from working in the studio from the age of 15, both as a studio drummer and a recording engineer. This ability to be “both sides of the glass” has given him an enormous amount of experience playing and tweaking sounds to get them “just right” for the given work. He has performed and/or recorded with Montaigne, Lior & Nigel West-lake, Winterbourne, Japanese Wallpaper, Clayton Thomas & Chris Abrahams, Ronan Keating, Sons Of The East, Clare Bowen, Gus Gardiner, Timothy James Bowen, Gerard Masters, Brett Hirst, Hamish Stuart, and many many more, as well as the numerous film and television cues. 

Nicholas Meredith: Kcin is the solo project of Australian drummer/producer Nicholas Meredith. His sound-world, although wet through with electronic and digital elements, draws significantly from the natural world: monolithic structures, human biology, water. Working with themes of uncertainty and environmental change. His music is deeply personal and highly visceral. Moving from moments of stillness to complete sonic de-struction. Meredith's history as a jazz drummer and improviser combined with his embrace of the infinite op-portunities offered by technology infuse these compositions with a freedom of rhythm and structure that is energising.

3 small good reviews: Herehere and here.

Physical and digital release on the 3rd of March 2023.

Track listing:

1: We Will Intersect I

2: We Will Intersect II

3: We Will Intersect III

4: We Will Intersect IV

5: We Will Intersect V

6: We Will Intersect VI

7: We Will Intersect VII

8: We Will Intersect VIII

9: We Will Intersect IX

10: We Will Intersect X

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Friday, 24 February 2023

OVD067 : Pierre Vervloesem / Underwater Adventures


Cover art by Thierry Mondelaers 

OVD067 : Pierre Vervloesem / Underwater Adventures

Digital release on the 24th of February 2023.

The new imaginary soundtrack from Pierre. A reminder of our childhood when instead of Netflix we had those black and white series like Nautilus etc... Lot's of vocalises as well in an underwater language! Enjoy!

Track listing:

1: Underwater Adventures
2: Love Shark
3: Deep Blue
4: King Swing Fish
5: First Dive in the China Sea
6: The Brazilian Cave
7: De Funes vs Byrne
8: Bad Deal with Mermaids
9: That Time We all Died
10: Don Cabillaud

Itunes, Spotify, etc.:

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Friday, 17 February 2023

OJP070 : Wananabani-en / Third Garden


Cover art by Yuichi Onoue

OJP070: Wananabani-en / Third Garden

Third album from this original Japanese combo (see also OJP003 and OJP032) including 2 bass players, a drummer and the fantastic Yuichi Onoue (see also OJP017OJP019, OJP026 and OJP030) playing his hand made instruments.

Once again the band plays a polyrhythmic music which mixes rock with Japanese influences to give us a unique sound.

8 new tracks going further than their previous albums.

Bani Invader:

Tadashi Kumada : Drums
ALI : Fender Bass
Yukiya Taneishi : 5 String Bass
Yuichi Onoue : Ribbon Controller(M1,2,3,4,6), Kaisatsuko(M5,6,7)

M1,2,4,5 are written by Onoue 
M3,6 by ALI, Kumada, Onoue, Taneishi
M7 by Chumei Watanabe
M8 by ALI, Taneishi
All songs are arranged by Wananabani-en  

Recorded at G-ROKS studio on Aug 2021 & June 2022
Mixed by Onoue
Front Cover by Onoue
Back Cover by Over Light Show(Liquid Light), Rokka Ando(Photo)
You can buy the cd on their website:

Digital release on the 17th of february 2023.

Track listing:

1. Door Door 
2. Bani Invader 
3. Wanna NOH 
4. Small Mountain 
5. Carnivorous Plant 
6. Flow 2.4
7. SAZAE Goes to Wananabani-Garden 

Itunes, Spotify, etc.:

And on Bandcamp: