Friday, 17 August 2018

OAR001: Instead Of / Jungle Journeys In Sarawak - People & Penguins from the faraway Falklands:

Cover art by Stephan Barbery

OAR001: Instead Of / Jungle Journeys In Sarawak - People & Penguins from the faraway Falklands: 

The new 'Archive' series is based on K7 tapes that were released between 1979 and 1985. They come mostly from the Camera Obscura collection (see complete discography here), a label created by Stephan Barbery then guitarist of the defunct Belgian band Digital Dance. Some are from various personal collections. When possible, the original sound will be remastered by Pierre Vervloesem.
All the releases will be available only through Bandcamp except this one.

First release is the amazing K7 from Instead Of.
Instead Of was founded in 1982 by Stephan Barbery and Tvic, then respectively guitarist and bassist of Digital Dance (see bio ans discography), as a platform to try other musical experimentations. They released 2 cassettes and this is their third release, only this time as a trio with the addition of Robert Leff (also from Digital Dance) on drums, TR 606 and casio. 

The album was recorded live in a garage in one afternoon of 1983 and was completely improvised. The recording was done then with very little, a cassette recorder in the middle of the room. 2 more tracks recorded at home on a 4 tracks cassette were added later. The whole stuff was then mixed with a few guitars overdubs by Stephan who added vocals as well. 

Instead Of music is a mix of post-punk, heavy dub, avant jazz and experimental!

It was then released on 50 K7 on the Digital Dance label ' Digital records' under the number K006. 

It has been remastered by Pierre Vervloesem.

Original cover and booklet:

Digital release on the 17th of August 2018.

Track listing:

1: Faraway Falkland
2: Jungle's hard monster
3: Jungle journey in Sarawak
4: Only penguins
5: People & penguins
6: Special dub version
7: Special journey in Sarawak

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