Friday, 2 October 2020

OJP047 : SPACE808 / Multidimensional Memory


Cover art by Takuro Hinokio

OJP047 : SPACE808 / Multidimensional Memory

SPACE 808 is a jazz combo of 5 musicians all involved in different avant garde/ contemporary / electronic jazz or even experimental bands ( Hiroshi Nakamura and Hiroto Uezi being both members of Pulse Convention, see OJP038 and OJP042). 

Pic by Kenichi Iwai

The purpose of their music is first to find back the concept of human origins and the universe in a space like soundtrack that they built from scratch through very long live 15 to 25 minutes improvisations. The music is then edited in various tracks. It can take time to enter in their universe but once you're drown in their music you may recall the common consciousness of all human beings and all living things that have been in us since we were born. 

Space jazz to float in your mind! The final track is a very introspective close encounter with the famous George Gershwin song 'Summertime'. Enjoy!

The band, pic by Kenichi Iwai

Sax : Hiroshi Nakamura Guitar : Taku Tajima Piano : Eisuke Kato Contrabass : Noboru Ando Drums : Hiroto Uezi

Digital release on the 2nd of October 2020.

Track listing:

1.Reflective Bloom 
3.Start to Move
4.4Beat Ambience
5.Human Hertz and Programming 
6.Our Roots 

And on Bandcamp:

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