Friday, 16 October 2020

ODG131: The Raw Materialists / Belows


Cover art by Scott McFarlane

ODG131: The Raw Materialists / Belows

Kevin Kermack & Scott McFarlane are UK & NZ Post-Punk, Ambient, Tape Manipulation & Noise veterans who resumed activity in 2015 after a long hiatus. 

Kevin: "Living at opposite ends of the planet means opportunities to record are marathon sessions, with the resulting raw material dissected, edited & reassembled into the electroacoustic Ambient, Drone & Concréte sounds that we love. We hope U like it too."

Live in New-Zealand

Kevin about their new album:
"'Belows' is our 9th release and is typical of our approach. Modular synths and vintage keys tangle with live percussion, electric guitar, tape collage and found sound to tell a story of the parallel world existing below our feet."

'Belows' is one 23 minutes track build in 9 parts:
I Astatine
II Barbarous
III The Cats Below
IV The Piss Test
V Schmiridium
VI She Goin' Good
VII Motion Detectors
VIII Cave Paintings
IX Enitasta

Promo video for the album:

Digital release on the 16th of October.

And on Bandcamp:

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