Friday, 16 May 2014

ODG024 : Blanchet - Borghi - Chevallier - Paganotti Quartet

covert art by A.L.

ODG024 : Blanchet - Borghi - Chevallier - Paganotti Quartet

After committing a splendid album as a trio (here), Emmanuel Borghi comes back, only this time as a quartet. With the addition of Boris Blanchet (bio much too short as he has been playing with more than 60 big names and bands) on tenor and soprano saxes, Emmanuel Borghi on keys, Blaise Chevallier on bass and Antoine Paganotti on drums deliver a perfect contemporary jazz album. This five tracks album sees 3 new compositions from either Boris or Emmanuel, one song that was already on the trio album and one cover of John Coltrane.
This is jazz as we love it, so don't miss the chance to listen to those fantastic musicians!

Digital only release at a bargain placeon the 9th of June 2014.

Track listing:

1) Maria Callas ( Boris Blanchet )
2) Giant Steps ( John Coltrane, arr. Boris Blanchet )
3) Untitled 2 ( Boris Blanchet )
4) 18 Years Later ( Emmanuel Borghi )
5) Sac De Noeuds ( Emmanuel Borghi )

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