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OPV007 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à tartines

OPV007 : Les Boucles Absurdes / Boîtes à tartines

This is a story going back in 1982 when Pierre Vervloesem used to play with a band called Itza Uchen.
Jean-Pierre Jonckheere was the guitar player and since then never really stopped playing music and composing dozen of tracks at his own studio Zottecrolle.
In 2012 he finally selected 15 of them and asked different players to join him and add what was needed to finish them.
He gave the result to Pierre who added a little bit of everything everywhere and did the mixing and the mastering.
Pierre is happy now to release it on his P.V.Presents Series.
Digital and physical releases on the 5th of August 2013.

Les Boucles Absurdes are Jean-Pierre Jonckheere featuring:
Pierre Vervloesem: a little bit of everything everywhere
Valentine Garand, Isabelle Bats & Mariam Ben Ajiba: additional vocals and lyrics
Albert Marcoeur: loop
Morgan Ägren: additional drums
Serge Michiels: additional guitar

From United Mutations bogspot: here

" I mentioned this new album by Les Boucles Absurdes a bit over a month ago in a short newsflash. In the meantime, I've received the shiny disc and I have played it like crazy.
"Boîte à Tartines" ('Brooddoos' in Dutch, or 'Bread Box' in English) is collection of catchy melodies. All of the melodies and its variations are repeated in loops (Boucles = Loops). Performed on guitar, synthesizer and tuned percussion. Strange Music. I love it."

Here's what my friend Harry replied after he had given the album a listen:
"having listened to the entire "Boite a tartines" album - let me say, it's one of the craziest albums I have ever listended to in my entire life:-) But I love it -  it's funny, crazy and beautiful. Fuck - forget about the Residents, Arthur Barrow and Marcoeur influences I mentioned in my Email earlier - it's beyond categorization. I heard a lot of Marcour references throughout the album on various pieces, but not him participating on the piece he is mentioned - it's probably just a "boucle" - the ringtones he offers on his site and that's on my mobile...But I heard a lot of Trent Reznor influences on the album as well. Some songs reminded me of "How to destroy angels" - Trent Reznor's side project...Goddammit,  we fucking Germans try to analyse things over...Analyzing is - auf gut deutsch: für'n ARSCH!"

Track listing:

01. Purple Line
02. Dartagnan 
03. Crac
04. Pervertion
05. Pique-Nique
06. Boîte à tartines
07. Ballade pour un apprenti
08. Old complaining beast
09. Jazz de schiste ( Feat. Morgan Ägren )
10. Absurde Gunzor 
11. No place to learn ( Feat. Albert Marcoeur )
12. Foggy Morning
13. Ballade pour un expat
14. Date de péremption
15. La Petite Maison dans les cailloux ( only available on the digital release)

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