Friday, 1 November 2019

ODG113 : Domenico Solazzo / Kino

Cover art by Domenico Solazzo

ODG113 : Domenico Solazzo / Kino

Best known as the man behind PaNoPTiCoN, the free electric jazz improvisational collective (including most members of The Wrong Object and JJ Duerincjx from Ze Zorgs also on Off), Domenico Solazzo has also a great bunch of solo recordings behind him. 

Ten years after the acclaimed « Deadend », he surprisingly signs his return in 2019 with « Kino », another very personal affair but also his tenth installation so far. 
A new attempt in 14 crafted songs at defining a kind of atmospheric pop with blends of dark atmospheres, progressive hints, electronic landscapes and sheer melancholy.

The Inward secret :

Filling the Whole:

Never Tomorrow:


The album exist also in cd that you can order from Domenico's website here.
Two very good reviews to read in Bruit de fond and Guts of darkness

Digital release on the 1st of November 2019.

Track listing:

1: I Should Stop
2: Bohemian Grove
3: At the Core
4: A Benevolent Threat
5: Slow Down
6: The Expansion Suite A
7: The Expansion Suite B
8: The Expansion Suite C
9: The Expansion Suite D
10: Filling the Whole
11: Just Another Fix
12: Dive in Darkness
13: The Inward Sacred
14: Never Tomorrow

And on Bandcamp:

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