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OJP057 : Ruben Van Rompaey feat. Toshinori Kondo / Tokyo Fusion


Cover art by A.L., original painting on canvas by Rachelle van Rompaey 

OJP057 : Ruben Van Rompaey feat. Toshinori Kondo / Tokyo Fusion

In loving memory of Toshinori Kondo 15 December 1948 – 17 October 2020 

"I first met Kondo during my 2011 tour in Japan where we did three memorable concerts together, in Kyoto, Sasebo and Fukuoka. It turned out to be a unique encounter: an exciting first meeting between Kondo’s amazing electric trumpet and the captivating beats of Middle Eastern drums and percussion. 

Toshinori and Ruben in 2011

This album, named Tokyo Fusion, serves as a reflection of the synergy originating from our collaborations. It’s a compilation of tracks I have written and produced between 2014-2020, all of them featuring Kondo's brilliant electric trumpet improvisations. 

The album captures the essence of Kondo’s free spirit electric trumpet, regularly blending with oriental soundscapes, crossing borders of space and time. Some of the original recordings from 2014 were featured on the album Mirage and specially re-edited and re-mastered for this album. 

The music can be roughly divided into two parts: the first part contains previously unreleased tracks, the second part mainly consists of remixes and remastered tracks. 

In October 2020 Toshinori Kondo sadly passed away. 

I feel honored to releasing this album as a dedication to Kondo's super-creative dimensions, whose sounds will keep astonishing the universe forever!" -Ruben Van Rompaey

During the recording sessions


The complete original painting

Written, performed and produced by Ruben van Rompaey, Bergen op Zoom Holland 2014-2020. 
Featuring Toshinori Kondo - electric trumpet 
Executive producer: Frans C.M. van Rompaey 
Guitar solo 'Ginza Lounge - Part 2' by Rutger van Rompaey 
Vocal samples by Maarten Zweers 
Mastered by Rutger Verberkmoes @ Accent Audio Studio Bergen op Zoom, Holland.
Cover painting (acrylic on canvas) Toshinori Kondo and Ruben van Rompaey by Rachelle van Rompaey (site).

Digital release on the 4th of June 2021.

Track listing:

1: Dream Warriors            

2: Ginza Lounge               

3: Shibuya Crossing        

4: Darbuka Lounge           

5: Ginza Lounge – Part 2 

6: This Ain’t Lounge         

7: Corona Avenue            

8: Mister Tabla                  

9: Coming Up                   

10: Rainbow Bridge           

11: Lunar Eclipse               

12: Kyoto Nights                

13: Tribute

14: Shibuya Crossing (V2.0) - Bandcamp only release

15: Downtown - Bandcamp only release    

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