Wednesday, 30 December 2015

ODG048 : Internal Sun / Internal Sun ( Remastered + Bonus track )

ODG048 : Internal Sun / Internal Sun ( Remastered + Bonus track )

Internal Sun is the audiovisual live project of Andrew ‘Chi’ Claes & Vj Natché. 
Live they create a personal, largely improvised take on the Warp back catalogue and its pioneering sound of hi-tech jazz, the cinematic live acts of Nosaj Thing or Amon Tobin, and the Flying Lotus brand of esoteric instrumental hiphop which created more possibilities for live electronic music performances.
Andrew Claes is most famous for being the sax/ewi/percussionnist/composer of Brzzvll, Stuff and Chaos of the Haunted Spire ( see ORT010ORT012 and ORT014among others.
This release is a compilation of his first Ep, single, remixes and a new track.
All the tracks have been remastered especially for this project.
Be ready to party and dance!

the video for Unseen Mystery Speed:

and for Mindcoat:

The original artwork for the single Unseen Mystery Speed:

artwork by Natché

And for a very special new year's eve, a video for the new track Alcyone:
Written, produced and directed by Internal Sun, lyrics by Carsten Van Moorhem.
Vocals by Carsten Van Moorhem and Laura Huysmans.
Sculptures and lights by Kenisman. Audio mastering by Jerboa.
Filmed on location in Berchem and Mortsel, Belgium.
Additional footage from 'Discovering Line' (FAC 1963) and Nasa. 

Digital release on the 31h of December 2015.


1: Mindcoat 
2: Spacedropper
3: Anionic Hunt
4: Sciencefriction
5: Altsequoia
6: Montauk Chi
7: Unseen Mystery Speed
8: Alcyone (new bonus track)

And in Bandcamp:

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