Friday, 1 January 2016

ODX004 : Women Voices (Songs to Dream On / Songs to Die For)

Pic and cover art by A.L.

ODX004 : Women Voices ( Songs to Dream On / Songs to Die For )

Women Voices is a compilation of some of the best female voices on Off since the start of the label.
Time to discover or re discover some of the most beautiful voices on so many releases.
The mood is smooth , perfect for a mid summer afternoon or a sunday late hour!

Digital release on the first of January 2016.

Track listing:

1: Glow (feat. Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock) / Les Boucles Absurdes (see OPV010)
2: Wonder Live (feat. Jessica Constable, Philippe Gelda) / Live in Toulouse (see ODG007)
3: What's the Damage / Clara Engel (see ODG058)
4: Never Let Me Go (feat.Himiko Paganotti) / Jazz Songs (see ODG023)
5: Supernova, blackhole, eternity and the space / Excessive Visage (see OCD037)
6: Birthday (feat.Mai Lev) / Birthday (see OCD012)
7: Sign (feat. Delphine Sdika) / Harakiriad (see OVD012)
8: I Cannot Sleep in My Room ( feat. Himiko Paganotti) / SLuG (see OCD011)
9: Die (feat. May Lev) / Birthday (see OCD012)
10: Mistaken for a Dream (feat. Christine Hanson) / The Organ Of Corti (See OCD015)
11: Insane / NOMMO (see ODG073)
12: Infinito nero, pt. 2 (feat. La Diva Christina Van Peteghem) / Quasi Una Fantasia (see ODG046)
13: And the Rain (feat. Dominique Van Cappellen-Waldock) / Kate No Longer (see OCD021)

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Fa said...

Oh mon Dieu mais que c'est beau.
Un seul bémol: tout est en english