Saturday 17 March 2018

ODG077 : Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film

Cover art by Erik Vermeulen

ODG077 : Deadman Orchestra / Mix Tape for Film

Since 1996 Youri Van Uffelen (Antwerp) makes music and soundscapes for theater, comic novels, art installations, film, ... Thanks to his studies in audiovisual arts, he is inclined to think in images, resulting in atmospheric music that tells its own story.
This time, it's another type of music than his 'Drawings In Sound' (see ODG062patronyme, as he composed 12 tracks for imaginary movies. The music mixes classical piano, guitars, sounds and at times some beats or drums. 
It's subtle and brings you quickly in another dimension!

Music by Youri Van Uffelen 
Keys & vocals on 'daughters' by Liesje & Yanna Van Uffelen 

Mastering by Uwe Teichert

Available as a limited edition tape released by Zesde Kolonne records , with custom artwork by Erik Vermeulen & concept by Luk Sponselee. Write to

Alternative cover

Digital release on the 19th of March 2018.

Track listing:

1: 5 Am
2: Fuse
3: We Think
4: Shallow
5: For Aiko
6: Daughters
7: Too Much
8: The Machine
9: Pictures
10: And Feel
11: Lost Day
12: Too Little

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