Friday 3 January 2020

OJP040 : Itachi Mode / Daily Life

Cover art by Hajime Maruyama

OJP040 : Itachi Mode / Daily Life

Before starting to record at home, Agito Maruyama aka Itachi Mode (see also his another album OJP037) collected lots of daily life sounds as he considers them to be the music created by nature.

His work is a fusion of  "digital sound" (inorganic) and "sounds of nature" (organic). 
It is also a fusion of reproducible and non-reproducible sounds combining elements of nature and entertainment music: various daily life scenes along with daily life sounds.

The idea behind his songs, from 'Artificial Nature' to 'Exit' is to show his town Tokyo becoming urbanised and convenient while nature being destroyed giving you the feeling that you want to get away from your daily life trough an emergency exit.

Field recordings, electro, minimal house and J pop at its best! Enjoy and dance! Yoyo Toshi o!

A joyful 'Changed My Life' song in an almost empty Tokyo:

Itachi Mode

Digital release on the 3rd of January 2020.

Track listing:

1: Artificial Nature
2: Daily Life (feat. Shokora)
3: Don't Be Swayed By (feat. Sergey Yarochevsky, Yona Marie)
4: Maze
5: Changed My Life (feat. Kana)
6: Exit

And on Bandcamp:

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