Friday, 11 September 2020

OJP048 : Hidetoshi Kawanaka - Ryouko Aomasa / INSIDE

Cover art by A.L., pic by Hidetoshi Kawanaka

OJP048 : Hidetoshi Kawanaka - Ryouko Aomasa / INSIDE

The return of Japanese pianist Ryouko Aomasa, this time along harmonica player Hidetoshi Kawanaka. 
They both teamed to compose subtle melodies that remind nature (hasu- lotus), weather elements (ame- rain), time or events of the passing year. 
The music is at times very easy going or at times extremely fast and battling between both instruments. 
It can also reminds soundtracks or anime music typical of Japan though it is closer of a special mood from both composers. 
Alinovsky (see OVD038) added some synthesizers waves and far away rhythms and twisted electronically the general sound with added effects, mixing and production.
Pierre Vervloesem did the mastering.
Five songs to make you travel and relax!

Hidetoshi and Ryouko

Hidetoshi Kawanaka

Hidetoshi Kawanaka started playing harmonica at the age of 20 and playing live almost only his original songs.
While working as a harmonica instructor mainly in Tokyo, he also played live and recorded with various artists.It has a reputation for a delicate and emotional tone that goes beyond the boundaries of the blues harp.
He has released solo works on the Tears Label:
-2006: "a place to call home" 
-2016: "early bird" 
-2019: « HERE"

Ryouko Aomasa

Ryouko Aomasa (see also OJP024, OJP025 and OJP033) has played traditional Japanese music (koto and shamisen) for a long time before playing the piano.  
It's no wonder that her piano approach and base are extremely influenced and take their roots in this traditional Japanese music.
On the side of her solo activities, she collaborates often with various musicians and singers or plays along live readings or paintings in little cafes.

A trailer:

Digital release on the 11th of September 2020.

Track listing:

1: Ame (Ryouko.A)
2: Forget Me (Ryouko.A/Hidetoshi.K) 
3: Summer Train (Hidetoshi.K) 
4: Hasu (Ryouko.A)
5: Over Now (Hidetoshi.K)

And on Bandcamp:

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