Friday, 4 September 2020

OJP051 : momo's paw / Clutter distorted

Cover art by mom's paw

OJP051 : momo's paw / Clutter distorted

Mizuki Kataoka aka momo's paw is a Japanese electronic musician who started using computers and daw to compose and produce music when she was 16 years old. Since then she never stopped and released already 2 albums before 'Clutter distorted'. Her music is a mix of dubstep, experimental, avant-garde, contemporary, future techno but has a definitive Japanese spirit behind the music which reminds at times the Japanese electronic scene from the 80ties/90ties but with a modern and updated feel and an anticipation of the now and futur electronic sounds.

Another big love of momo's paw is painting which she started at the age of 25. Now, being 27, her new challenge is to produce video works.  'Clutter distorted' is her unique creative world view and anomalous rhythm of life.

momo's paw

Mix and mastering: CaseK(ocstract).
special thanks: drowsiness, Kazuhito Havu and all the listeners.

Digital release on the 4th of September 2020.

Track listing:
01. Reindeer march in the desert
02. Thought and hope to jump
03. You will feel your eyes closed
04. Ceremonies for the toast
05. Countless faces and shouts
06. Expectations for dynamics and collapse
07.  Distorted virtue
08. Impulse of destruction
09. Destroy it
10.  Reflected on the moon
11.  I was dreaming
12.  Heart beat fast
13.  Why is this world
14.  How Wild Nature is... (Yao Chung-Han Remix)

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